How To Wear A Skirt To A Wedding: 3 Style Factors

Those who are unsure about how to wear a skirt to a wedding should consider three factors. Skirts are among the staples for guests dressing for weddings because they are versatile and easy to dress up or down based on formality.

We’ll also discuss the etiquette of wearing a maxi and midi skirt to a wedding if they’re the ones you’ll need for the dress code. And speaking of the skirt to wear for weddings, are you curious about how to wear a tulle skirt to a wedding?

how to wear a skirt to a wedding


Wedding Skirts Etiquette: How To Wear A Skirt To A Wedding


Length of the skirt for wedding guest outfits

The first consideration for wearing skirts in your wedding guest attire is the length of the skirt. The style of the skirt should match the expected formality of the wedding guest outfits to ensure that you’ll follow the dress code, similar to selecting dresses for a wedding. 

So how do you decide on the skirt length that’s appropriate for the wedding? First, check the wedding dress code, theme, and venue, and consider the culture and religion of the couple. 

Conservative weddings are held in the place of worship, and formal weddings usually require skirts that go beyond the knees. You may even need to wear tights with the skirt to cover the ankles.


Wedding dress code

Weddings come in different dress codes, and they affect not just the length but also the style of the skirt. For example, patterns like florals and stripes are acceptable in semi-formal to casual weddings, while solid colors and dark tones suit formal and black-tie weddings. 

The dress code and what to wear at the wedding are also dictated by the wedding venue and season. For example, consider skirts that are not very flowy, or you risk getting upskirted in the venue if it’s windy. 

Couples also usually select a dress code based on the wedding season. That being said, use the summer, winter, spring, or fall wedding as inspiration for choosing the color and style of skirt. 


Color of skirts

The final factor in choosing what skirt to wear at a wedding is the color of the skirt itself. For example, while white is a no-no wedding dress color, combining a white non-bridal skirt with another color of blouse or top is acceptable. 

Just make sure that it’s not bridal or has features like tulle, voluminous shape, pearls, and other decorations reminiscent of a wedding dress. Black skirts are also versatile for most weddings, but introduce color to other pieces of your outfits. 

And, of course, flashy and eye-catching colors like neon, bright red, and distracting color combinations will be tacky for a wedding skirt. To be safe, opt for solid dark colors or pastels. 


Can I Wear A Maxi Skirt To A Wedding?

You can wear a maxi skirt to a wedding, and it’s even the most popular length for weddings. Maxi skirts have hems that reach the ankle or the ground, perfect for formality and modesty. 

Depending on their style, color, and material, you can also wear a maxi at all types of weddings. Make sure that the length you choose is convenient for the wedding venue, and it won’t drag uncomfortably when you move around. 

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Can You Wear A Skirt To A Casual Wedding?

You can wear a skirt to a casual wedding. However, please remember that you should still exert effort and class even if the dress code is casual. 

You can pair a skirt with a similarly-colored top for casual weddings and create the illusion that you’re wearing a dress. Skirts that go above the knees or A-line skirts are also favored in casual weddings for comfort and style. 

But to maintain wedding formality, it would be best to avoid denim skirts. Skirts with high slits or too short ones might also seem disrespectful for a wedding where the bride should be the center of attention. 


Can I Wear A Skirt And A Shirt To A Wedding?

Shirts are not ideal for weddings because they are too casual. However, it’s possible to wear a dressy shirt and skirt for some wedding receptions. 

For example, some couples opt to have a simple backyard reception to save on expenses. A shirt and skirt might work for this type of event as long as the former is not graphic or looks too distracting. 


Is It Okay To Wear A Short Skirt To A Wedding?

It would be respectful to wear a short skirt to a wedding. Modesty should be practiced, especially in conservative weddings, cultures, and religious wedding venues. 

Furthermore, it would seem like you’re trying to upstage the bride, and a very short outfit can be tacky, especially for a formal wedding. And even if you asked the bride for permission, a very short skirt can feel uncomfortable for moving, especially if it’s an outdoor or destination wedding. 


Can I Wear A Midi Skirt To A Wedding?

If you find maxi skirts too long, the next option is a midi skirt. It is slightly below the knees, so it’s not too short for a wedding. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to wear a skirt to a wedding by considering its length, the wedding dress code, and the color of the skirt. 

The best wedding skirts include the midi and maxi because their lengths are formal and classy for most weddings. Finally, please avoid bridal skirts like those made with tulle or similar to the skirt of the wedding gown. 

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