How to Water Orchids in Moss

If you want to learn how to water orchids in moss, know that they work just like your regular houseplant – you only have to find the perfect time to water your plants. If you put too much water or too little, your orchids will not thrive.

Growing orchids can be quite tricky. Rather than using regular potting soil, they’re often grown using bark or moss.

How to Water Orchids in Moss

Instead of watering them by schedule (like every Monday), how frequently you water depends on the potting medium you use. You’ll know it’s time to water when you by how your potting medium looks and feels.

Orchids in Sphagnum Moss

As mentioned, some orchids are grown in sphagnum moss. There are two ways you can water orchids in moss.

The first method is to water them from the top the way you water other plants grown in soil.  The second method is a comfortable and more effective in watering orchids in moss because all you have to do is to soak the moss in a basin for a few minutes.

Mosses retain water better than bark, so it’s important to remember that the upper part of the plant could feel dry, but the moss may still be damp. Stick your finger up to the knuckle to see if the moss is completely dry.

Make sure not overwater your orchids, particularly if they’re placed in a pot that retains water. Since orchids’ roots need air to grow, too much of it can lead to root rot.


Frequently Asked Questions About Watering Orchids

Here are some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to watering orchids:


When is the best time to water your orchids?

The ideal time to water your orchids is in the morning. In this way, the water that’s left on the foliage will dry out by the evening. Water that stays in the pot or on the leaves encourages bacterial or fungal problems. Additionally, watering in the morning ensures that your plants stay hydrated during the day when they need it most.


How much water do orchids need?

Orchids need a lot of water. Make sure to water the upper part of your plant and then place the moss in a basin of water for a couple of minutes until it’s soaked.


How often should you water your orchids?

How often you water your orchids mainly depends on several factors: The type of orchids you’re growing, the time of year, and the size of the pot. You don’t have to water your plants if the moss is moist to the touch. You don’t need to water orchids in larger pots as much as you would for smaller containers. As the winter season approaches and the days become shorter, you won’t need to water your plants as much.


What are the different types of orchid plants?

There are different types of orchid plants, but the most common ones are the following:



These are some of the most popular kinds of orchids, and you should keep them somewhat moist all the time. Otherwise, the leaves will be dehydrated, and it’ll droop. For phalaenopsis planted in moss, you’ll need to water the plants every two weeks.



These beautiful orchids prefer to dry out before watering them again. The leaves of cattleyas store the water in their long pseudobulbs. Keep in mind that these orchids would rather be a little dry than become wet.


Odontoglossum and miltonias

Similar to cattleyas, these orchids also have water-storing capabilities. Their pseudobulbs and thin leaves can help store water, which is excellent because these orchids need to be moist all the time. Check the pseudobulbs. If they’re starting to wither, you may need to water them as soon as possible.


Why Should You Use a Mini Greenhouse?

There are several reasons why you need a mini greenhouse. It’s an excellent investment for gardeners who want to plant flowers or crops. Here are some of the reasons why you can benefit from a small greenhouse kit:


Perfect for people with limited garden space

If you’re into growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers, but you don’t have enough space, a mini greenhouse is a great alternative. You can place them anywhere – in your living room, balconies, decks, and even on tabletops. Even though they’re smaller than your regular greenhouse, they offer the same benefits.


Protect your plants from insects

Your plants, including orchids, are susceptible to pesky insects when they’re out in the open. Placing them inside a greenhouse keeps them safe from critters like aphids, beetles, and other harmful bugs that want to eat your produce.


Start planting early

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Final Thoughts on How to Water Orchids in Moss

It’s essential to know how to water orchids in moss to be able to grow beautiful orchids. You’ll be able to enjoy colorful blooms all year round if you plant them inside a mini greenhouse.

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