How To Watch TV In Bed Comfortably? 6 Best Positions!

After you have worked the entire day.

You would want to know how to watch TV in bed comfortably and get away from your professional environment.

Most often than not, you would jump directly on your bed and switch on your TV and watch your favorite TV show.

The main goal is to be comfortable as you do this and it is not about just lying down.

Instead, it would help if you found the most comfortable position possible.

With that being said, you need to read until the end of this post.

You are about to know the comfiest positions while watching TV in your bed.


6 Ways To Watch TV In Bed Comfortably

Needless for you to wait any longer, here are the various positions to comfortably watch TV in bed.

So, how to watch TV in bed comfortably?


Way #1. Sphinx position

Among the comfiest positions is to lie on your stomach.

The Sphinx position requires you to move your neck up so that you can face the screen.

It can be very comforting to end your day this way.

But you have to take note that your neck must be kept comfortable.

If you feel that the position is getting awkward, you need to pause the show for a while.

Then try moving your neck in a circular motion before you get back to watching the show.


Way #2. Stretching before getting in your bed

This is not a workout.

It is rather a quick exercise that you can do before watching TV to be more comfortable.

Just perform a few stretches so that your blood circulation will be improved.

You may bend forward and try to reach your toes.

Other than that exercise, you can also stretch your arms as high as you can.

Do these two exercises twice before you get back to your bed.

For sure, this is something that your body will thank for.

Also, ensure that the TV is positioned somewhere at a reasonable height.

Preferably aligning with your eyes so that you will not strain your neck as you stretch.

Remember that you should not place your TV too low or too high.


Way #3. Using the bed frame for support

One of the most common ways to position yourself as you lie in bed.

To extend your leg with your back being supported by the frame of the bed.

You are basically positioning your body 90 degrees against the mattress.

With this position, you can binge-watch longer.

Like with any other positions listed here, the key to being comfortable is moving from time to time.

More so, it would help if you also did not place the screen too far or too close to you.

Experiment with where you should position it.

If you prefer to watch TV with dim lights, you should also consider the screen’s brightness.


Way #4. Using a pillow to support your position

It would help if you did not watch TV while without anything supporting your body.

According to health experts, using a pillow can increase your comfort as you lie in bed.

If you start feeling uncomfortable, you can place a pillow at your back or below your legs.

You can also rest your neck on a pillow while keeping your eyes on the screen.

The key to keeping yourself comfortable as you watch TV in bed is not stationary the entire time.

After each episode, you can use the time to move around just very quickly.

Doing this will help your body to prepare lying on the bed once again.

Keep this as a habit, and for sure, watching TV will be a lot more comfortable.


Way #5. Lay on your side

Although some would feel awkward watching TV in a side sleeping position.

Others would guarantee that it can be very comfortable.

For as long as you position yourself correctly, you will surely enjoy optimal relaxation.

In case your position starts to get a little awkward, you need to get up.

Then try to stretch or move around a bit before you lay on the other side.

Ensure that your neck has the right support.

That is because if you keep it bent for too long, it might be difficult for you.

You might as well stretch your neck as you watch the show.

Do this while still keeping your eyes on the screen.


Way #6. Do not remain in the same position

The most important of all is not to remain in a static position the whole time.

I keep saying that through this entire post.

That is because being stationary can affect your comfort level.

Furthermore, it will also make you feel uncomfortable as you lay in bed.


It’s A Wrap!

How to watch TV in bed comfortably?

The last place where you should feel any sort of discomfort is in your bed.

With that being said, it is important to find the position that you are most comfortable with.

By the time you feel some stiffness, you need to stand up and then move around.

I know after a tiring day, you just wanted to enjoy not moving a bit from your bed.

But your comfort will be affected if you will not follow the tips above.

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