How To Watch Phone In Bed? 4 Best Gadgets!

Are you one of the many people who have their phones with them even in bed? If so, you must know how to watch phone in bed?

Perhaps, you may be playing games before you sleep, or watch a movie, check your social media account, read an E-book, online shopping, or video calling your friend.

how to watch phone in bed

You can do many things with your phone; maybe that is why you can hardly get off it.

But the longer you hold it while you are on your bed, the sooner you’ll realize how uncomfortable it is.

For sure, you have noticed that lying on your side tends to sore your shoulders, and lying on your back.

Your arm will definitely get sore.

What’s even worse is the tendency that it will drop onto your face, especially when you are too sleepy.

Correspondingly, if you choose to lie on your stomach, you can either hurt your jaw or neck.

With that being said, there seen to be no one position that can make you comfortable while watching your phone in bed.

But that is why we are here today; we will tell you some methods that can solve your problem, so read until the end.


Why Do People Use Phone In Bed?

But before anything else, let us first discuss the common reasons why do like to use their phone in bed?


#1. Tiredness

After working the entire day, people like to combat their tiredness with their mobile phones.

Most of them would just lay in their bed and play mobile games to relieve fatigue.

Others would browse on different social medial networks until they can fall asleep.


#2. Laziness

This is probably the reason that most people are guilty of.

We admit it or not; we are mostly lazy to get out of bed.


#3. Cold

People living in areas where winter is almost around finding everywhere too cold except under their covers.

So what people tend to do is just to lay in their bed almost the entire day as they are playing with their phones and getting both fun and warmth.


#4. A sofa is not available  

This is usually for students staying in dorms.

It wouldn’t be comfortable staying on the sofa if three or more people are crouching in it with you.

But if you opt to stay in your bed, you can be comfy all by yourself.


4 Different Gadgets To Use

As stated earlier, it can be very uncomfortable to use your phone in bed using your bare hands only.

Fortunately, some gadgets are invented to make life easier for you.

Below are the things that can free the stress from your hands and neck.

Here are the ways on how to watch phone in bed:


#1. Bed tray

This type of gadget is beneficial when you are watching movies from your phone.

You can even have space for your snacks so that you can watch or play and eat simultaneously.

However, a bed tray can be a bit heavy.


#2. Gooseneck mobile phone holder

This is said to be the best gadget to use when watching a phone in bed.

Aside from the fact that it is lightweight, it can be installed easily onto your night table or on the bed itself.

It has long arms that let you adjust the gadget to any angle and height.


#3. Prism glasses

This looks a bit funny. But it is handy.

It will turn your view 90 degrees downward, so you no longer need to move your head.

This is not only used for a mobile phone, but it is also good for reading books and watching TV.


3 Tips To Remember To Watch Phone In Bed

In this section, we will tell you how you will watch your phone in bed in such a way that you can keep yourself comfortable.


#1. Do not lie flatly

Lying on your back with your phone above you can stain your eyes.

It would be better that you sit up a bit.

To do that, put some pillows on your back to ensure that you will be comfortable.

Then, use any gadgets mentioned above.


#2. Distance

This is applicable no matter where you are using your phone, may it be on your bed or not.

It would help if you kept a 25-centimeter gap between your eyes and your phone.

This will prevent you from having headaches or from being nearsighted.


#2. Keeping the lights on

Your eyesight tends to be affected if you keep on using your phone in bed with the lights off or even dim.

As much as possible, keep the lights in your room turned on.


It’s A Wrap!

Since you already know how to watch phone in bed, it is important for you to also keep in mind putting away the phone before you sleep.

Sleeping with your phone is associated with a lot of bad effects.

It may lead to headaches, sleeping problems, and more.

With that being said, you must put it somewhere far, per se, on your bedside table to avoid any potential harm.

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