6 Simple Steps on How to Wash Your Joovy Double Stroller

Joovy is a company that makes strollers, car seats and other baby gear. They also make a double stroller called the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Double Stroller. This blog post will show you how to wash your Joovy Double Stroller so it stays clean and safe for your children.


How to Wash Your Joovy Double Stroller

Steps on How to Wash Your Joovy Double Stroller

Step 1. Start by removing the seat and fabric from both sides of your stroller. Make sure to remove it in such a way that you’ve left with just the metal frame, so you can clean all parts individually.

Step 2. You’ll need two buckets for this part. Fill one bucket with warm water and use soap or detergent (we recommend using Joovy’s brand Double Stroller Soap). Put some of the soap into another empty bucket as well because we are going to put our dirty seats back in here when they’ve been washed!

Step 3. Wash each fabric piece separately in the first bucket containing warm soapy water while scrubbing them down with your hand gently, then move onto rinsing and drying.

Step 4. Once all the fabric pieces are clean, submerge them in soapy water to loosen up any dirt that is embedded in them from wear and tear.

Step 5. Next, put your dirty seats back into the bucket with soap or detergent, scrubbing it down gently with a small hand brush while not forgetting about nooks and crannies like around handles or wheels using a toothbrush!

Step 6. Rinse off the seat covers once again by running over each piece of fabric with more warm water then pat dry as much as you can without putting too much pressure on wet parts.

Pick out any remainders of fuzz balls with an old lint roller before tossing everything into a clothes dryer on low heat.

The dry cycle may take a few hours to complete the drying process so plan accordingly!

For easy washing and caring of your Joovy stroller, we recommend that you use cool water when possible and do not submerge in hot or boiling water as this can cause warping or shrinking of certain parts like fabric handles that could render them unusable for future use.


How to take the wheels off a Joovy double stroller

Step 1. Remove the front wheel by taking off the bolts and removing them. They are located on either side of each wheel, near where they meet with your frame’s handlebar stem. The same is true for the rear wheels too!

Step 2. Once all four wheels have been removed from their counterparts in the back or to be more specific, replaceable plastic axle caps that attach onto those metal axles.

Step 3. Gently slide these plastic pieces out from underneath said bolt head at a downwards angle until it pops right off to reveal two open slots outlined into which you can then push down with both hands firmly upon these new protrusion like ends (these are called ‘axle nuts’) before pulling up towards yourself as if you were trying to take the wheel off.

Step 4. Next, you will be removing these two bolts that are situated in front of each handlebar stem with a Phillips screwdriver or open-ended wrench and after which point, remove this entire metal axle cap assembly from your frame’s upright pole like support piece through its bottom side where it connects onto the said base plate by wiggling back and forth about until there is enough space for it to come free.

Step 5. It should now look something similar to when both halves of an Oreo cookie have been removed from their package but without all those gooey brown filling bits inside! Now pry up on the underside of this plastic bolt head to disengage it (you can use either a flat head screwdriver or the blade of a kitchen knife if you need to)

Step 6. Once loosened, flip said bolt head over and give it one hard tap with your fist. This should free its connection from that plastic washer beneath it

Finally, use some dish soap (or laundry detergent is an emergency), hot water and a small amount of mild liquid bleach to thoroughly clean each side of this frame’s upright pole like support piece. Let dry completely before reassembling.


How long does Joovy double stroller take to assemble?

It takes approximately 30 minutes for two adults without any children present on average but can be as little as 15 minutes when both are working together! Keep these instructions handy, as the process can seem overwhelming at first.


What is the Joovy double stroller?

The joovy deluxe double stroller has all of the features parents want for their children. It includes two large storage compartments with parent cup holders and a child tray. It also accommodates children up to 55 pounds each or 90 inches tall

This sturdy steel frame contains quick-release wheels that are easy to lock in place when you need them and breaks down quickly into one lightweight piece. Joovy Deluxe Double Stroller: The perfect choice!

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