How To Wash Sofa Covers Like A Pro In 2 Steps

It’s easy to understand how to wash sofa covers correctly because it’s only two steps. First, you will vacuum the covers and then treat the stains. But how often should you clean them? 

We will also discuss some common FAQs regarding sofa covers. By the end of this article, you should be equipped with the dos and don’ts of couch cover cleaning and maintenance. So without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Wash Sofa Covers


How To Wash Sofa Covers At Home


Step 1. Vacuum the sofa covers

The safest way to clean and maintain couch covers at home is by vacuuming them regularly. You don’t need to deep clean the covers often because vacuuming and removing dirt build-up will suffice in most cases. Install the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner and clean the sofa thoroughly. 

Make circular motions and work one section of the furniture at a time. Don’t forget to work on the cracks and crevices where most dust or pet fur can accumulate over time. You can even sprinkle some baking soda on the covers, let it sit for an hour or two, then vacuum it off to freshen the sofa covers further. 


Step 2. Treat the stains accordingly

For stains and giving your sofa covers a deeper cleaning, refer to the cleaning code of the cover material. Some might require water-based cleaners, some use solvents, while others must only be dry cleaned. The most common cleaning method is with a water-based solution, and you can make a safe yet effective mixture at home using warm water and dish soap. 

You also want to use the right products, depending on the stains, like removing ink on the sofa. First, mix the cleaning solution accordingly and dampen a microfiber cloth with it. Next, dab the stain on the sofa cover until it transfers on the cloth and rinse the area with another damp cloth.


How Often Should I Wash My Couch Covers?

The frequency of washing the couch covers depends on the material and how you use the sofa. A monthly wash is recommended, but it can be more often or not if it is soiled or you vacuum the covers weekly. If you’re unsure about the couch cover type, we recommend getting it cleaned by a professional to avoid damages.

You can also test the cleaning solution on a small and hidden portion of the cover. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe the area to know if it can fade or transfer color. This test is called colorfastness and is often done with DIY cleaners such as alcohol or vinegar, commonly used when removing nail polish on the fabric


Can You Put Sofa Covers In The Washing Machine?

You can put sofa covers in the washing machine, especially if it’s not a material that can pill, shed, fade, or shrink with the washer’s agitation. However, delicate materials and those with embellishments or zippers are better hand-washed to prevent damages. That being said, how do you use the washing machine to clean sofa covers? 


  1. Vacuum the sofa covers and pre-treat the stains with the proper cleaning solution or a paste made with water and baking soda
  2. Set the washing machine with mild detergent and use the delicate cycle with cold water
  3. After washing and rinsing, check the covers if they allow the use of the dryer
  4. If you can use the dryer, take the covers out from it while still damp and finish them with air-drying
  5. Check the sofa covers’ material as some are better dried flat to avoid stretching

Can You Wash Upholstery Fabric In The Washing Machine?

You can wash upholstery fabric in the washing machine, especially if it’s removable. However, read the cleaning code of the upholstery as some require dry cleaning. You also want to check for colorfastness and only proceed with the washing in the washer if the fabric is preshrunk. 

What are the advisable practices for washing upholstery fabric in the washing machine? First, avoid using hot or warm water because high temperatures can ruin some materials. Additionally, opt for dye-free and bleach-free products and read the detergent’s label before using it. 


How Can I Dry Clean My Sofa At Home?

If your upholstery fabric notes to dry clean only, avoid using a solvent or water-based cleaners because they can lead to staining, shrinking, or even deforming. The best way to dry clean the sofa is by bringing it to a professional. However, you can also do the process yourself using a dry cleaning agent.


  1. Place the sofa somewhere ventilated to help aerate out the fumes from the dry cleaning solvent
  2. Add a bit of product on a cloth and test the sofa for discoloration
  3. If there is no reaction, follow the dry cleaning solvent’s instructions 
  4. You’ll typically blot the sofa all over, let it dry, and repeat all over
  5. Remove the cleaner with a damp cloth and then air dry the sofa


Keeping the sofa upholstery clean is a practice you must never overlook. In this tutorial, we have discussed how to wash sofa covers at home. You start by vacuuming it off and then treating the stains. 

Then, you can check if the material is machine washable. Be sure to refer to the upholstery’s cleaning code to know what cleaning agent is recommended. 


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