How To Wash Sherpa Blanket? Best 3 Steps To Learn

If you want to know how to wash Sherpa blanket, you’ll be pleased that it only requires three steps, and you’re done! One of the best things about a Sherpa blanket is that it looks like a sheepskin, but it’s easier to clean and maintain. You only need to spot treat the stains, put it in the washer, and dry the blanket completely. 

However, always check if your blanket has specific cleaning indications. You might be using a blanket with other materials that aren’t machine washable. Nonetheless, this three-step guide is full of tips you can use for Sherpa material maintenance.


How Do You Wash Sherpa Blanket Without Ruining It?


1. Check the Sherpa blanket for stains

You don’t need to wash your Sherpa blanket often, so take the opportunity to spot-treat stains when you do. One of the risks of not checking your blanket for stains is it may seep deeper into the material and become harder to remove. You can avoid this by soaking the discolorations for 10 minutes with a bit of dish soap to loosen the fibers and help the washer cycle remove them later. 

For trickier stains, you can also sprinkle some cornstarch over them. Blot the soap off and before proceeding to wash the blanket. Don’t forget to check the tag if you can put the blanket in the washer. 


2. Place the blanket in the washing machine

Use warm or cold water with some mild detergent when washing your Sherpa blanket. It’s also ideal to set the washer in the gentle cycle to keep the fibers intact. Keep these tips in mind, and you don’t have to worry about your blanket fading or getting deformed. 

Another tip worth emphasizing is only to wash the Sherpa blanket alone. Other materials can stain it, or it may matte. And finally, avoid bleach and fabric softeners because they can cause the Sherpa material to shed. 


3. Dry the blanket thoroughly

After washing and rinsing, you can dry the Sherpa blanket naturally. Remember that heat is not ideal for this synthetic material, so it’s best to hang and let it air-dry on a clothesline. If you don’t have space or the weather outside is not ideal for drying, you can also use a drying rack as long as the blanket dries thoroughly. 

Be sure to flip it once one side is dry and hasten the process if necessary with a circulating fan in the room. Can you use a dryer on a Sherpa blanket? Check the manufacturer’s tag, but you can expect only to set the dryer on the tumble dry setting if they allow.

Get the blanket out while still damp and then finish drying it outside. 


How Do You Keep Sherpa Blankets From Matting?


1. Wash the Sherpa blanket alone

Perhaps the most common issue that you must avoid with Sherpa blankets is they are prone to matting. However, following our tips discussed should easily keep your blanket soft and even shed and clump-free. More so, a reason that Sherpa blankets matte is when you wash them with other materials. 

The friction inside the washing machine with other items can cause the Sherpa fibers to get tangled. Refrain from washing your blanket with other things that use a different material like wool or cotton. Remember that Sherpa blankets are synthetic, and they won’t quickly soften like other materials. 


2. Follow the blanket tag

Finally, keep your Sherpa blanket from matting by checking and following the care tag diligently. Your blanket might be incompatible with specific settings, detergents, or even water temperatures. More so, exposing the Sherpa blanket to high heat will eventually damage it.  


How Do I Make My Sherpa Blanket Fluffy Again?

If you find your Sherpa blanket feeling coarse, do not fret because you can still restore its fluffiness. But before you grab a fabric softener, let us stop you because this might ruin your material further. Instead, here is how to make your Sherpa blanket fluffy again, the right way:


1. Restore the blanket’s stretched fibers

Your blanket might feel coarse because its fibers are broken down. You can treat it by washing in cold water on the machine’s gentle setting and then dry thoroughly. Another reason why your blanket no longer feels fluffy is it sheds, so wash it inside a laundry bag.


2. Rinse off the detergent and avoid static cling

We also want to mention that you must do multiple rinse cycles if necessary because your blanket might have a coating of soap that made it feel sticky. And if you can use a dryer on your blanket, remember to put it with a tennis ball to prevent static cling


3. Line dry to prevent pilling

What about pilling and lint balls? These can affect the texture and integrity of the Sherpa material, but they are easily preventable. Remember to wash the blanket alone and line dry instead of using the dryer. 



Proper maintenance of Sherpa blanket will keep it soft and fluffy. You have just learned how to wash Sherpa blanket, so let us do a quick recap. What are the two main things to avoid when washing a Sherpa blanket?

You can use a washing machine, but always wash the blanket alone and avoid high heat. Friction and high heat are the two most common reasons why your Sherpa blanket sheds or matte.