How To Wash Puffy Mattress: Complete 3-Step Guide

Those who want to know how to wash Puffy mattress at home can do so in three simple steps. You don’t need special products or equipment, and the process is relatively simple too. We’ll also talk about the maintenance of your Puffy bed.

Speaking of which, you can consider giving this separate tutorial on how to care for the Puffy mattress a quick read. It has some useful hacks and tips that are not included in this article. 

how to wash puffy mattress


How To Wash Puffy Mattress At Home


Step 1. Spot treat stains

Similar to other mattresses, you don’t soak the Puffy mattress to wash it. Instead, deep cleaning is done by spot-treating stains. This way, you won’t oversaturate the memory foam with liquid since it can take long to dry. Remember that you’re not supposed to get memory foam soaking wet because of the risk of mold growth

Back to Puffy, you target and remove the stains and discoloration on the bed with distilled white vinegar. Mist the affected spots and let the vinegar sit on the mattress for several minutes. Then, sprinkle baking soda over the treated areas and vacuum it off the next day. 


Step 2. Deodorize the mattress

Baking soda and vinegar are not only effective stain removers. When you spray vinegar and pour baking soda on the mattress, it will be deodorized, especially when left overnight. You only need to vacuum it off, and both the smell and stains should be removed. 

You can also ventilate your Puffy mattress outdoors to freshen it further. If there is natural sunlight, it can even help disinfect the bed as well. Use this as an opportunity to check if the mattress has dried thoroughly since Puffy is 10 inches thick.  


Step 3. Vacuum the mattress

Washing or deep cleaning the Puffy mattress is not always necessary. So how often should you clean a Puffy mattress? You can spot treat it with household items every three months.

However, please keep it clean by vacuuming the bed thoroughly every week. Install the upholstery attachment on your vacuum and work in sections. Make sure to reach the cracks and crevices as well to remove the dirt and dust build-up. 


Can You Wash A Puffy Mattress?

Among the reasons that make Puffy, the best mattress is that it’s low-maintenance. This includes not needing to wash it for deep cleaning. Furthermore, it’s a memory foam bed with a high-density foam layer, so it’s not recommended to soak or oversaturate it with water. 

You can deep clean the Puffy mattress by spot treating the stains, but even then, the brand uses a patented stain-resistant cover called the Cloud cover. So the only cleaning practice you can expect with your Puffy bed is vacuuming it weekly to eliminate dust and dirt. You can also freshen it with baking soda if needed. 


How To Wash Puffy Mattress Cover

You can wash the Puffy mattress cover the same way as other covers. Use cold water and set the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Never use bleach and other harsh cleaners, but you can tumble dry the mattress cover in low heat afterward. 


How to wash the Puffy mattress topper

You can clean the Puffy mattress topper by removing its cover and washing it on a gentle cycle with cold water. It is also compatible with the dryer as long as you use low heat or tumble dry. However, avoid bleach and other harsh products that can damage the material. 


How to wash the Puffy mattress pad

The Puffy mattress pad is machine-washable. You must use the gentle cycle and cold water, but never dry clean the pad. On the bright side, you can tumble dry the Puffy mattress pad on low heat for your convenience. 


Can You Machine Wash A Puffy Mattress Cover?

You can machine wash the Puffy mattress cover, which applies to the mattress topper cover from the brand. Avoid bleach, and remember to use the gentle cycle on the washing machine and low heat on the dryer. Furthermore, the Puffy mattress cover is relatively low-maintenance, to begin with since it’s waterproof and dust-mite resistant.

What about the other accessories and bedding from Puffy? Both the Puffy sheets and comforter are machine-washable. The comforter washes the same way as the Puffy mattress cover, and remember only to wash the Puffy sheets in cold water to retain the bamboo’s silky texture. 


How Do You Treat Puffy Mattress?

Puffy mattresses use the Cloud cover, which is stain-resistant. But if you must address spills and other discoloration, you can use household cleaners like vinegar and baking soda. For more stubborn issues, you can even mix dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and soap. 

The key is targeting the affected spots with a spray bottle then dabbing the stain off. You don’t want to spread the mess further, so make sure to absorb any residues with a paper towel first. Then, dry the Puffy mattress entirely before using it. 



Was this article helpful? To recap how to wash a Puffy mattress, you can spot treat it with vinegar and deodorize it with baking soda. Then, vacuum the bed for maintenance since the mattress uses a stain-resistant cover anyway. 

If you also wonder when Puffy mattress started, we discussed the brand’s history in a separate article. It can be an exciting read to understand the story behind this product. Then, you might be even more inspired to maintain and keep it clean. 


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