How To Wash Handmade Crochet Blanket: 4 Easy Steps

Caring for crochet items may be demanding…or maybe not? However, you can easily learn how to wash a handmade crochet blanket without sacrificing the quality of its fibers and stylish appearance.

Clearly, you need to follow every safety tip to save your handmade crochet blanket from minor to significant damage while grooming it.

how to wash handmade crochet blanket

So, can we get started?


Step-By-Step Guide On How To Wash Handmade Crochet Blanket


Step #1. Determine the yarn type

Just like any other ordinary clothing, crocheted items have caring instructions. These instructions depend on the type of yarn your crochet is made from.

You can find it in tags, or you’ll need to do a little search.


Types of yarn and washing requirements

If you’re using one you got as a gift or from a store, you can easily spot the tag near its corner. 

If you crocheted that pretty blanket and know what material you used, you can search on the internet for its washing requirements.

In case you don’t recognize the yarn label of your crochet blanket, you may refer to the yarn identifier tests and do a little experiment.


Step #2. Determine your detergent

The next thing is determining which detergent you’ll need in washing. Again, there are precautions in place when doing laundry of crochet items.


What detergent matches your material

For a wool blanket, avoid using strong detergents or one with bleaches. Instead, wash it with cool water to prevent shrinkage.

For cotton or synthetic fiber, choose a mild or pH-neutral detergent and use warm or cool water.

Also, mild detergents made for delicate skin are one of your choices if you choose to wash by hand.


Step #3. Choose between hand or machine washing

In determining whether you’ll have the blanket hand-washed or machine-washed, go back to your crochet blanket’s yarn label.

Again, the best method for your laundry depends on what type of material it is made from.

If the material is cotton, acrylic, or polyester, you use a washing machine. If the material is wool, it is safer to wash by hand.

If the material cannot be recognized that it doesn’t come with washing directions, handwashing is recommended.


For machine wash:

When using a washing machine, you should separately wash your crochet items from clothes having buttons or zippers as crochets easily thwart on them.

Before placing the blanket in the washer, put it in a mesh bag to secure it while washing. Pour an adequate amount of water and detergent into the washer. Soak it for at least an hour.

Pre-soaking helps stains to be removed easily. Once the laundry is ready for washing, placing the settings according to the best level of care is next.

Crochet items should be spun gently and should not be in the cycle for a long time.


If hand-wash:

Handwashing will not require a lot work as it seems. Besides, it’s the best way to reserve your quality crochet.

The first step needs a basin to be half-filled with water. Pour in the detergent. Sink in your blanket and gently flip its parts back and forth.

The lather created by flipping shall clean the fibers. Let it soak for 15-20 minutes. Then, drain the basin and refill it with water.

Wash the blanket until soap suds are totally removed. Next is to gently lay the blanket on dry towels and roll up the towels with pressure to remove excess water.

Don’t press too much as it can deform the blanket’s shape.


Step #4. Drying

The recommended way to dry crochet is to lay-dry. First, lay the blanket with a vinyl sheet under it and dry towels around the surface.

The towels will absorb the water coming off the blanket. 

Let it dry for at least 24 hours. Then, speed up drying time by running a fan across the blanket.

If the blanket doesn’t dry after 24 hours, change the towel sheets and make sure to reshape it whenever it’s moved or flipped.

Once it is dry, you can now fold and properly store it.


Should I Wash The Crochet Blanket Before Gifting?

Well, it’s better if you can carefully launder it before giving it to someone; the cleaner and more fragrant, the better.

If you’re in a rush to hand it as a present, perhaps you can provide the receiver a set of instructions on how to wash a handmade crochet blanket instead.


How Do I Block A Crochet Blanket?

Blocking, especially after washing your crochet blanket, actually does good for its form. You start pinning it to a blocker in the shape you wanted the blanket to stay and look when it dries.

Spraying starch to damp areas also helps for a good result.



Steps on how to wash handmade crochet blankets are a bit challenging. However, you should take every reminder to not ruin its fibers and maintain its crafty look.

If you ask how often you should bring your crochet blanket into cleaning, it’s alright to not wash it as frequently as you wash your regular blankies.

Nevertheless, it’s always good to remember the safety precautions whenever you do crochet laundry.