4 Ultimate Steps on How to Wash Graco Double Stroller

As a parent, how often do you find yourself washing your Graco Double Stroller? It’s not always easy to keep the stroller clean and pristine. There are many steps involved in how to wash your Graco Double Stroller. Here is How to Wash Graco Double Stroller.


Washing Your Graco Double Stroller

Steps on Washing Your Graco Double Stroller

Step 1. Clean the Graco Double Stroller with a damp cloth or sponge. Get in between all of the cracks and crevices, including under the buckles on both seats as well as underneath any removable car seat straps.

Step 2. Use an upholstery shampoo for more stubborn stains (like coffee spills). Apply it to either spot or take care when how you are applying so that it is not overused because this can lead to being too wet which would then make it even harder later!

Allow time for long recommended before washing off excess soap with a hose outside if possible. If using indoors allow about 30 minutes from the application before beginning the process below.

Step 3. Fill up a bucket with water and the detergent you need. Add soap, salt or baking soda if desired to the bucket (you can also add softener) ‌and stir well with your hands before pouring into Graco double stroller through the front flap openings.

Step 4. Wash all nylon fabric parts separately in mild soapy water on a delicate setting with a sponge or cloth; rinse thoroughly after each step and then lay flat to dry when done.


How do you fold up a safety first stroller?

Step 1. Lay stroller on the ground with handlebar towards you.

Step 2. Pull up at the feet of the safety first stroller to create a crease where the footboard folds and place your hands inside the open area to brace fold in progress.

Step 3. Straighten out how the back seat so it lays flat against the rear right how of how stroller. Fold the back seat over to meet the footboard and place buckle strap around folded section so that how folds are secure.

Pull handles from either side up towards you, at the same time as pushing in on the front bar to create a bow in the fabric along the centerline of where the back seat and footboard meet.


How to fold up a Graco stroller 

Graco strollers are convenient, but how do you fold them up? It’s actually really easy. Here is a quick tutorial on how to fold up your Graco Stroller:

Step 1. Unbuckle the straps of the seat that is being used and then pull it down; remove any items from underneath or in front of it.

Step 2. Remove any items from the other seat. Unbuckle the straps of both seats and remove them from the stroller frame.

Step 3. Turn the handlebars and push them down to fold them up into a compact size; tuck in/secure any loose fabric or material with elastic bands that may be attached near your handles.


How to fold a Baby Trend playpen

A Baby Trend playpen is a great accessory for your home. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and secure while they sleep or if you need to keep an eye on them from another room in the house.

Although, how do you put it away when it’s not being used? You can’t just toss it into a closet or under a bed because then the baby becomes at risk for suffocation. This blog will give easy instructions on how to fold up this product so that it won’t take up any space!

Unzip both zippers

Remove all items which were inside

Pull two sides together towards the centre until meeting in the middle with Velcro strips touching one another 

Fold both sides vertically over the top of one another

Take a few steps backwards while pulling on each side until it folds up and is in shape. It’s now ready to put away!


How to close a Baby Trend tango stroller

The Baby Trend Tango is a great option for parents who want an affordable, lightweight stroller. However, how do you fold it up and how to close the Baby Trend tango stroller?

Step 1. Unlock the wheel locks by pushing on each of them (both sides) until they click open.

Step 2. Unbuckle both straps that are attached to your child’s seat. Remove their seats from the frame if necessary. Afterwards, unbuckle all other straps and remove any items under or in front of where you will be placing your child’s chair when done with this step

Turn handlebars down so that they lay flat against the backrests of the two chairs at either side; push handles down towards the bottom of the frame.

Step 3. Unlock the locking pins at the back by lifting on them and pushing down to release

Step 4. Hook one side of each strap onto a hook from either side; tuck remaining loose straps underneath right in front of your baby’s seat

Step 5. Tilt handlebars upward again, then push handles forward until they click into place (if you did not unlock these locks before). Push until both are locked securely with no gaps between seats or stroller bodies.

Step 6. Repeat process for another set of hooks on the opposite side of the frame. Lock all four pins when done correctly. Turn the knob at the rear slightly to tighten everything together as much as possible for more stability during transport.

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