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How To Wash Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pad In 2 Steps

Mastering how to wash egg crate foam mattress pad only requires two steps! Remember that mattress pads also need regular cleaning to help them last longer and to maintain bed hygiene. However, an egg crate mattress pad might not be compatible with a washing machine. 

We will talk about the safest way to wash it, including for those that will fit inside a washer if yours is smaller. Everything you need is even at your home already and they should effectively remove stains and odors. So without further ado, here is how you can keep your egg crate foam mattress pad clean and fresh!


How To Wash Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pad

How To Wash Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pad Correctly


Step #1. Vacuum

Because of the overall bulk of an egg crate foam mattress pad, you can’t typically fit it in a washer. Instead, you’ll just spray or treat specific areas to ensure that you’ll get the material thoroughly. You also want to pre-clean it using a standard vacuum cleaner like you would with cleaning mattresses. 

Attach a smaller attachment on your vacuum model, such as an upholstery attachment, to help you reach the mattress pad’s crevices. Vacuum each side while ensuring that you get all the dirt and built-up throughout. A helpful technique to do this is to vacuum in a circular motion per section. 


Step #2. Spray

After you have pre-cleaned your egg crate foam mattress pad, you can target the stains or do a deep cleaning using a homemade cleaning solution. You must schedule a deep cleaning with this step regularly besides the vacuuming to ensure that your bed stays hygienic and free of irritants.

Make a solution of water and fabric cleaner and pour it into a spray bottle. Mist your pad thoroughly without oversaturating and let it sit for an hour. Do this on both sides before rinsing the fabric cleaner in your shower. 

Once done, you want to squeeze the foam to get rid of excess water. There’s no need to wring the foam harshly as you can just fold the pad and press it to release the water absorbed. Finally, set the pad outside to air dry and ensure that it’s not damp before you use it.


How to dry egg crate foam mattress pad

Excess moisture or even dampness can cause mold or mildew on an egg crate foam mattress pad. Therefore, you want to ensure that you place it somewhere warm and ventilated for the material to dry completely. A slatted surface would be helpful because the bottom side of the pad will also get reached by air. 

If the manufacturer allows a dryer, it’s best to select a heat-free setting since heat can deform the foam. You might even be able to use a blow dryer as long as it’s not hot. The emphasis is on checking the label if you can use these types of equipment with your pad. 


Is A Foam Mattress Pad Machine Washable?


Egg crate foam

The two-step guide above is helpful for those with more extensive and thicker egg crate pads. However, some products are machine-washable if you have the right size and type of washer. You might risk tearing the foam in a standard machine, so it’s better if you use an oversize load type. 

Select the most gentle cycle with some mild detergent to do the job. If you’re not sure about this method, it’s best to follow our guide earlier and then rinse the foam. You can also add lemon juice and distilled vinegar to the cleaning solution if you want to disinfect the pad. 


Memory foam

Generally, you can’t machine wash a memory foam mattress pad as you risk tearing the material. Instead, it would be best if you vacuumed it and then spot treat the affected areas like the steps we discussed earlier. Depending on what’s allowed by the brand, you can make various cleaning solutions using common household ingredients. 

The most common solution is water and mild laundry detergent for treating most stains or for general cleaning. You can also remove odors and discolorations with baking soda and cold water. For more stubborn issues, mix distilled white vinegar and water for spraying or sprinkle some boric acid on pre-moistened areas. 


How Do I Clean My Egg Crate Foam Dog Bed?

Did you know that pets can also benefit from egg crate foam? Compared to humans who use it as a mattress topper, the bumpy surface makes a functional bed, especially for dogs with arthritis. The egg crate foam dog bed should also be easier to clean because of its size than a mattress pad for humans. 

To start, take out the cover and wash it separately according to the tag. Usually, you’ll just put it to cold water temperature with laundry detergent in the washing machine. As for the egg crate foam itself, you can also vacuum it first before placing it in the washing machine’s gentle cycle with mild detergent. 



Egg crate foam makes a useful mattress pad or topper because of its structure. Therefore, it’s helpful to know how to wash egg crate foam mattress pad to keep your bed clean and fresh. Simply vacuum it off and then spray thoroughly with a mix of fabric cleaner and water. 

Rinse the mattress pad and wring to remove the excess water, and you’re done. Be sure to dry it thoroughly before using the foam again. 


What is a short queen mattress

What Is A Short Queen Mattress? 3 Best Reasons To Buy This!

What is a short queen mattress? It’s mainly known for three things: convenience, comfort, and hypoallergenic; these traits make this mattress one of the best options out there.

Yes, I know for a fact that you are familiar with queen mattresses.

But do you have any idea about a short queen mattress?

You cannot commonly see this among mattress stores not unless you are specifically looking for this.

Some people opt to get this for particular purposes.

Now to answer the question lingering in your mind, a short queen mattress, as per its name, is also a queen-sized mattress.

It’s only that this one is slightly shorter than a standard queen mattress.

If we go into the specific measurements, the standard queen measures 60 inches in width and 80 inches in height.

Whereas a short queen is also 60 inches wide but only measures 75 inches tall.

So yes, we are only talking about the five-inch difference here.

Maybe the difference only seems irrelevant to you and would never matter for some – depending on their height.

But for people that make a lot of movement in bed or what we call active sleepers, or even for tall sleepers, such a slight difference could mean great.


Reasons Why People Like Short Queen Mattress

The primary reason people want to get a short queen mattress is to use it in an RV.

There are a lot of reasons why RV mattresses are made shorter. Size and weight are the major ones.

As we all know, there is only a maximum of weight that a vehicle can pull when towing an RV.

Everything inside it contributes to the total weight, and that includes the mattress.

For that particular reason, RV manufacturers intentionally cut the weight wherever possible.

Just imagine a memory foam-type queen mattress that can weigh up to a hundred pounds. That’s quite heavy.

And since mattresses belong to those that are pretty heavy, they are included in those cut-offs.

Talking about cutting corners, the RVs are made tight and narrow with all their space efficiently utilized to maximize their capacity.

You can use the five-inch space provided by the mattress being cut off to expand the bathroom or the kitchen.

So even if the short queen looks like something that is a tight fit, at times, this type of mattress is just what you need.


Is It Comfortable To Sleep In A Short Queen Mattress?

Of course! Sleeping on a short queen mattress is completely as comfortable as the standard queen mattress.

That is especially true if you know what to buy.

Some RVs come with a subpar mattress that cannot offer you a good night’s sleep, but you may choose to switch it into a short queen mattress.

You might want those memory foam that NASA invents for astronauts.

They are intentionally made to minimize pain caused by strenuous travel.

So, if you wonder how, the memory foam eases the pressure points by cradling your body.

It conforms to your body, so the mattress equally cushioned, starting from your hips towards your shoulder and neck.

However, too snug-fitting memory foam can sometimes lead to overheating.

It happens when the mattress overly absorbs the shape of your body.

That is precisely the reason why people opt to get memory foam.

The gel beads integrated into the memory foam can diffuse heat, thereby taking away the sweaty feeling and providing you a good night’s sleep.


3 Advantages Of Buying A Short Queen Mattress

As mentioned earlier, there are specific reasons why people opt for this type of mattress.

Why is it good to get a short queen mattress? It can also be the reason why you wanted to get one. What is a short queen mattress?

Here is the list of advantages.


Reason #1. Convenience

Short queen mattresses are specially engineered to fit on limited spaces, just like in your RV.

Despite being made five-inch shorter than a regular queen mattress, it can still provide you with maximum comfort all the same.

Much more, this is a better option than air mattresses, especially when you intend to use them as a travel companion.

That is because this type of mattress can perforate or deflate as the altitude changes.


Reason #2. Comfort

Most travelers like to have a short queen mattress in their recreational vehicle.

Why so?

It can give them the comfort they need after traveling or camping for the entire day.

Short queen mattresses are specially designed to provide you a relaxed night by providing pressure relief and support.


Reason #3. Hypoallergenic

Your RV or trailer can be exposed to debris, mold, bugs, and dust when camping. All of these can significantly impact your health.

Luckily, short queen mattresses are made hypoallergenic.

This type of mattress prevents mites, dust, mildew, and other allergens that often infect your sleeping area.

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Regardless, that is all.


It’s A Wrap!

What is a short queen mattress?

A short queen mattress, commonly known as an RV mattress, is manufactured mainly to fit recreational vehicles, campers, and trailers.

People purchase this primarily due to its convenience, comfort, and size.

It measures sixty inches wide like the regular queen mattress but is five inches shorter in length at about 75 inches only.

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