How To Wash Converse In Washer? 3 Easy Ways!

Do you want to learn how to wash Converse in washer? If yes, follow the simple steps to remove the laces and inserts first, brush off the loose dirt, apply stain remover, place the shoes in the mesh laundry bag, start the washer in warm and cool water, and low, gentle cycle.

Converse shoes are indeed an excellent choice of footwear among people, especially teens. They intend to appear in their stylish outfit and look.

how to wash Converse in washer

For your pair of converse, you should still maintain them. Cleaning is one key element to do it. Wash the Converse inside the washer and follow the steps below. So, are you excited to know how? Without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Wash Converse In Washer

Here are the ways in how to wash converse in washer:


#1. Wash the Converse using your hands

Prepare for the solution when you wash the Converse shoes. It may be some regular detergent, dishwasher, shampoo, and or window cleaner. Then, prepare a bowl with some warm water but measure it with a cup. Add two one-fourth cups of detergent powder and water to the bowl. Make more solutions for excessive dirt. Then, prepare a bowl with water. Fill your small bowl with water. Then, use warm water or freshwater. Use this water when you rinse off the solution. Next, pat a clean cloth in the mixed solution. Place your Converse shoes on the table. Go from one to another. Then, dip the cloth in the mixed solution. Twist it softly if you want.

Scrub the shoes using cloth. Begin from the shoe rubber soles. Search for the dirty spots there.

Add some pressure on the cloth to clean the dark places. Apply the mixed solution onto the upper part of the shoes. Clean up the area the easy way possible. After that, apply the very same procedure for your next shoe. Follow this process as it is excellent for your shoe color. Grab some fresh cloth and dip it in the freshwater in a small bowl. Wipe your shoes with cloth dip in the solution. Just use fresh water when you clean up the solution. Be sure there is no single sign that the solution is still in the shoes. Afterward, dry up your shoes before you wear them, so place them in the open air. It takes twenty-four hours before you dry it up naturally. You may also be interested about knowing how to hand wash clothes.


#2. Use brush and stain remover for black and colored Converse

Get a magic eraser that can be helpful when cleaning up stains and dark spots in the rubber. This eraser works with the rubber sole. Then, prepare for a solution. Use the most common ingredients like shop water, detergent, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda as a solution. These are effective when used for washing shoes. If you want, ignore the hydrogen peroxide and the baking soda.

Afterward, get the magic eraser wet. Dip the magic eraser in the mixed solution and use it only in the rubber. Never apply it to your shoe’s upper sole. Clean rubber as you scrub it with a magic eraser. Then, dip the brush. Wash the entire Converse shoe but dip the brush in the mixed solution. Use old brushes in this case and ensure they are clean enough. Scrub the Converse using a brush. Just do not just push that much. Pressure in excess only damages the shoe joint. So, scrub it smoothly. Next, rinse the shoe with fresh water. Use some warm water as you want and place them in the air. Then, dry your shoes in the natural way possible. Also, read about how to use bleach in the washer.


#3. Use a washer when you wash the Converse

Get your shoes prepared. Remove the shoe’s shoelaces. Pre-treat the shoes if there are stains or dark spots and follow the instructions on removing stains and dark spots. Next, place the shoes inside the washable bag. Grab some washable bags inside the local market, often made from net materials. Place the shoelaces and shoes inside the bag. This bag will safeguard the shoes from possible damage. Place the washable bag in the washer. Ensure you empty the washer and insert the bag in it gently. Operate the washer after you warm the water. The temperature should be enough for washing shoes. Then, set it at a regular cycle and sprinkle some detergent powder. Dry it up. Let the sun outside dry up your shoes where you feel the open air. Do not worry as this will not bring damage to the shoes. You may want to know how to use a washer


Tips To Protect Your Converse

Since you already know how to wash converse in the washer, maybe you also wonder how to protect it from stains and dirt. There is no single shoe protection product Converse sells, but they endorse products. Lots of people used Scotchguard products, both upholstery, and fabric. Remove the shoelaces first before you spray the shoes. Tape the shoe rubber with painter’s tape as Scotchguard can turn it yellowish after repeated use. Then, spray the shoes in long and even strokes like 6-inches away from it. Coat them completely. Dry so that it becomes stain-proof and waterproof fully.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to wash Converse in washer, so do not make the mistake of rushing things. Wash your shoes, whether it is black, white, or colorful. Then, place them in the open air where the natural wind will not damage the shoe material. After that, clean up the Converse shoes to become stylish! 

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