How To Wash Clothes With Bed Bugs? 4 Easy Steps!

How to wash clothes with bed bugs? Are you having a hard time washing and rinsing off your clothes that bed bugs may have infested?

Worry not because we can help you in getting rid of them without the need to worry furthermore.

Other than shelter and food, clothes are also essential things that a human being has to own.

You can mix and match it with pants or anything, depending on your mood and feeling today.

As of today’s society, clothes are everywhere on the market right now.

Different brands across different countries offer a wide variety to choose from.

But what if these clothes of yours get infested by those harmful bugs?

And these that can usually be seen on cracks and underneath your mattress?

Please sit back and relax for a moment because we are willing to give the best possible to help you do it with ease.


Steps To Wash Clothes With Bed Bugs

Many people today desire to have a lot of clothes so they can wear and style depending on what they want.

This is also a way for some to express themselves.

Yes, it’s through the form of wearing different types of clothes along with any accessories that suit them.

Though what if these bed bugs infested the closet that you use to store your clothes on?

These insects usually inhabit cracked or dim surface areas where they can infest and lay down their very own territory.

Isn’t there just one place that comes to mind when you think about bed bugs?

Though it isn’t always the case that the bed is the sole place they will call home.

They don’t just dwell in furniture and mattresses; filthy laundry sitting for a long time can also become a bed bug’s playground.

So, to get rid of these pests that are ready to spread infestations and harm, we’ve put up a list of actions that you can do to prevent this from happening.

This can also be considered a home remedy as this will not cost you a lot of money to do it.

Here are the steps on how to wash clothes with bed bugs:


Step #1. Spraying the clothes with isopropyl alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is one way to eliminate bed bugs as they are flammable and has chemicals that insects cannot stand.

To do this, spray alcohol around the area where bed bugs have infested to reduce harm furthermore.

Though known to kill bed bugs and their eggs, it is not the most effective way to eliminate an infestation.

You can also try other methods like steaming and heating to get rid of an infestation in no time.


Step #2. Sorting of clothes

Now that you are done spraying all your garments with alcohol to eliminate the insects.

The next thing that you should do is to sort them one by one.

In this way, you can keep away the ones that can hold the heat from those that cannot withstand extreme temperatures.

Because it may ruin the garments throughout the washing process, you will have another issue to cope with.

Keep the clothing in a set of garbage bags once you’ve finished sorting them one by one to avoid live bed bugs from crawling into other rooms in your house.

We recommend that you do the sorting in an infested area to prevent roaming and inhabiting bed bugs around your house.

They may cause another problem that will be a threat to you and your family and will cause you problems.

Also, do not forget that when you are done putting them in the garbage bag, try not to let them be associated with the infestation as much as possible.


Step #3. Washing of clothes

Once you have finished carrying them all over to your washer, start by unpacking all of the garments that are inside the trash bag.

Also, take action to spray them all again at once with alcohol to make sure that there will be no live insects inhabiting your place.

Wearing gloves can be an option to avoid any insect bites that may cause skin rashes or even diseases.

Place them all in the washing on the highest setting possible, as bed bugs cannot resist extreme temperatures such as freezing or heating.

Once all of the clothes are inside the washer, you may choose a detergent of your choice to make it smell good.


Step #4. Drying all of the clothes at extreme temperatures

For our final step, you’ll want to dry your clothes at the hottest temperature possible, whether from the sun’s heat or a dryer.

Because once it can reach the temperature of one twenty degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs will not handle the heat and will end up dying.

Once you have dried them all up, it is now time that you put them in a clean laundry basket and place them back on your shelves.



Now that we’ve addressed the topic of “how to wash clothes with bed bugs.”

I hope you have gained some insight from this article that we’ve tackled.

Also, bear in mind that if you wear something, you should wash it the next day to avoid bed bugs from harming you or your belongings.

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