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How To Wash Biddeford Electric Blanket: 2 Quick Methods

Learning how to wash biddeford electric blanket would keep it clean and comfortable, extend its lifespan, and also remove your anxiety of breaking it.


Cleaning your electric blanket is not as scary as it may seem. You can clean it like a regular blanket using mild detergent and spread it out to dry instead of hanging it.


Understandably, some would be afraid of putting their electric blankets in the washer because of fears of electrocution or starting fires. However, these products are easy to clean.


You only need to follow a few rules, and you’re good to go. For a handy, detailed guide to washing your blanket safely and appropriately, read on!


how to wash biddeford electric blanket

How To Wash Biddeford Electric Blanket Properly


Machine washing

First and foremost, you should note that it is not water that damages electric blankets. What harms the wires inside are harsh chemicals, high heat, and acts of pinching and pulling.


Before doing any method of washing, examine your electric blanket thoroughly. Look for frayed cloth or exposed wires, as these damages may get worse when you put the blanket in the washer.


  • Step #1. To wash the Biddeford electric blanket, you must first unplug it from the socket. Remove all cords attached to the blanket by following the steps according to the manual.


Remember that you should never drench or plunge the power box or any of the blanket’s outside cords in water.


  • Step #2. Prepare your washer by filling it up with water. Dilute the right amount of mild detergent. It should be enough to wash away the dirt, but not too much to create too many suds to harm the wires.


  • Step #3. When the washer is ready, submerge the blanket in the water and wash it in the coldest settings for up to 10 minutes. If your washer has a “delicates” or “gentle” setting, use that for your blanket.


It would be best if you skipped out on going to laundromats to wash your blanket. Laundromats’ washing machines usually get very hot, which would damage the delicate connections in your blanket.


You should also avoid dry cleaning your electric blanket. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals, and that is a big no-no for wires.


  • Step #4. Afterward, spread it out to dry on the floor or on a table to dry. Do not wring the blanket dry because it may pinch the cords inside.



If your washing machine does not have a delicate setting or your blanket does not fit well in it, you may opt to use hand wash your blanket. It’s simple, and it shares the same rules as machine wash.


  • Step #1. First, fill a tub with lukewarm water. Make sure that your tub is big enough to fit and properly soak your electric blanket.


  • Step #2. Add your mild detergent and dilute it properly. Afterward, put the blanket in it and allow it to soak for up to 30 minutes. Agitate the water once in a while to remove dirt.


  • Step #3. Do not twist, pull, or fold the electric blanket. Instead, gently rub or pinch areas with dirt or stains.


  • Step #4. Afterward, remove it from the water and spread it out on a table or on the floor to dry.


How To Properly Dry The Electric Blanket?

Of course, what gets wet must become dry. However, electric blankets are delicate, so it is essential to dry them properly.


Spreading out the blanket over a flat surface to dry is preferable compared to hanging it out to dry or putting it on a clothesline. The latter two ways of drying do the most harm to the wires inside the blanket.


Hanging it out to dry and using pins may pinch and pull the wires inside, causing them to break. Folding it over a clothesline does the same damage to the blanket. 


Avoid putting the electric blanket under the sun. The intense heat from direct sunlight may melt the wires. 


How Often Do You Need To Clean An Electric Blanket?

Like other blankets and sheets, you should wash your blanket monthly. Washing every 30 days or so keeps them clean and comfortable to use.


Sometimes, electric blankets get stained by spills or get dirtied by pets. For these instances, you can spot clean the stain using a damp cloth or using a lint roller for the fur. You can either continue to use it or wash it immediately.


You should always pre-clean the electric blanket before washing it. Pre-cleaning includes spot cleaning and lint rolling, as well as removing hardened stains with a butter knife. 


The process of pre-cleaning streamlines your washing process. Immediately acting and cleaning off dirt helps you keep your blanket neat and spotless.



Washing and cleaning electric blankets are not as dangerous as they may seem. Water does not harm the blanket; a strong detergent and high heat can do the most damage.


Learning how to wash Biddeford electric blanket is important. It gives you peace of mind and helps you increase the longevity of your electric blanket, ensuring more snuggles, warmth, and comfort for years to come.

how to fold a blanket for display

How To Fold A Blanket For Display: 4 Easy Stylish Methods

Neatly draping it over your couch is the best way on how to fold a blanket for display. It’s a way to keep your living room stylish and clean.


Who doesn’t love having a blanket handy at home? You can snuggle up in them when the weather is chilly.


There’s just one problem with having several blankets; they make your house look messy!


Imagine when you walk into your living room and see mounds of multicolored cloth all around. Isn’t the thought revolting?


That’s why blanket folding tips come in handy. You will be able to organize your sheets in clever hiding places.


What better place to hide them than in plain sight?


Why Should You Fold Your Blanket? 

So, you know that leaving your blankets spread around the house can make it look like a pig-sty. Proper folding and display methods can add a unique style to your home.


It will look more neat and cozy, and you won’t be embarrassed to invite friends over!


Proper blanket folding can also help you save space. You may not realize it, but a spread-out blanket can take up a sitting room and make your area look smaller.


A few folding tricks can work wonders for your living space. With a bit of patience and creativity, your place will be the talk of the town.


Methods On How To Fold a Blanket for Display 

There are a variety of methods you can use to fold your blanket. You can choose which one is the best for you, depending on your space and blanket type.


Method #1. Flip-and-flop

This method is terrific if you want to make your space feel casual. Medium-sized blankets made of cotton or wool look great like this.


  • Step #1. Fold the blanket in half vertically.


  • Step #2. Match up the corners.


  • Step #3. Place it over your forearm and flop it over the sofa.


Method #2. Tidy folding

This is the most common folding method used for living rooms. It gives a clean feeling, and it’s great for larger blankets.


  • Step #1. Fold the blanket in thirds lengthwise.


  • Step #2. Fold it in half so you have a neat rectangle.


  • Step #3. Drape the blanket over a corner of your sofa.


  • Step #4. Place some throw pillows in front if you desire.


Method #3. Pinch-and-toss

This is another casual folding style. As the name suggests, you gently toss the blanket around until it settles in a position you like.


  • Step #1. Fold your blanket in half vertically, once more.


  • Step #2. Pinch the middle of the fold.


  • Step #3. Gently toss it on to an area of your furniture.


  • Step #4. Repeat the process until it lands just the way you like it.


  • Step #5. Add pillows to complement the blanket.


Method #4. Rolling 

Yes, you read that right. Rolling is another excellent way to fold your blanket neatly.


This method is suitable for blankets made of thick material.


  • Step #1. Lay your blanket flat on the floor.


  • Step #2. Tuck 1 foot of the blanket underneath to make a “pocket”.


  • Step #3. Fold the blanket into three sections.


  • Step #4. Lay another foot of the blanket on top.


  • Step #5. Start rolling your blanket.


  • Step #6. Fold the pocket over to keep it rolled up. Be careful that the blanket doesn’t come loose


So, are you the neat and organized, or the laid-back and casual type? You’re free to choose whichever style matches your furniture and house the most.


The tidy folding method is one of the most popular because it keeps your blanket accessible. When you feel the chills, just flick open your throw!


What Is The Best Type Of Blanket To Fold?

Blankets can be made of any type of material. The most common are wool, linen, and cotton.


There are even some man-made fabrics like polyester and acrylic.


You can fold blankets of any material, but fabric made of cotton goes great with casual looks since it doesn’t wrinkle easily.


Try to observe if your blanket has a unique design or pattern. Fold it in a way that you can still appreciate the fabric itself.


A tidy or rolling fold may hide these patterns.


Is It Important To Compliment The Colors?

Let’s say you want to up the designing game for your house. What other things can you do with your blanket?


Choosing the right color can make a significant impact on how your living room will look. Make sure the shades of the blanket complement those of the sofa.


For example, light green or blue blankets are for the best effect if you have a dark green couch.


Make sure your colors also match the aesthetic of your room. Traditional or farmhouse styles go great with Earthy colors, while a minimalist style needs a monochromatic scheme.



So, there you have it! Your comfy blanket can bring the room together and make it beautiful.


If you know how to fold a blanket for display matched with the right colors, you can transform your home into a magazine cover.

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