How To Wash Barefoot Dreams Blanket: 5 Surefire Steps!

If you are owning one or even planning to own one expensive blanket, let us teach you how to wash Barefoot Dreams blanket. Aside from feeling the warmth, sniffing just the right amount of fragrance from your freshly cleaned blankets are what makes the experience cozy. With enough care, your $200 will never go to waste!


how to wash barefoot dreams blanket

What Is A Barefoot Dreams Blanket?

Although it is expensive, the material of Barefoot Dreams blankets are usually not the luxurious type. Commonly, they are made of 100% polyester microfiber. Nonetheless, their plushy touch and feel make them worth every single penny.

Being made with such fiber, Barefoot Dreams blankets do not pill, tear or shrink. These factors also make them good cover-ups since they are slightly stretchy with a satisfying heft. However, these beddings also come in ones made with wool, and some are knitted and ribbed.

Do you know that Barefoot Dreams do not just produce blankets? They also make sweaters and cardigans, which are made with the same material as the blankets. Imagine how soft and warm they can be.

Keep reading as we will go into the instructions on how to wash them properly and preserve their huggable nature.


Washing Your Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Washing your precious blankets is not as costly as they are. It is actually easy to clean them— you won’t even sweat a lot. Just follow the process and we will teach you how to do it.

Barefoot Dreams blankets can be machine-washed. However, they do not go well with heat.

Step #1. Prepare your blanket that you want to wash. Shake it off to remove dirt and specks of dust before washing.

Step #2. Set up your washing machine. Pour in cold water and add gentle detergent.

Step #3. Throw in your blanket and wash using a delicate cycle. Take note that you should not use a fabric softener. It is essential to follow the recommended setting unless you want it damaged.

Step #4. For drying, you can tumble dry it with the lowest setting and low heat. Although it works, Barefoot Dreams blankets are better with air fluff or flat drying.

Step #5. After all the work, you can just wait for it to dry and enjoy its comfort!

Just for a knack of the truth — it is impossible for your Barefoot Dreams blanket to be as soft as it is when you bought it. Even so, do not be disappointed. The comfort and warmth that you paid for will always stay the same for a long time.


Is it worth the price?

With everyone going crazy about Barefoot Dreams blankets and knowing its eye-popping price, we cannot help but wonder whether Barefoot Dreams blankets are worth buying. Is it really worth it to spend around $200 just for a piece of bedding?

Well, to answer the question, yes. Although its material is commonly not of the premium kind, the comfort it gives is undeniably good. Being made of polyester, you will not expect the extra cozy feel it exudes.

It is that good to the touch that the moment you put your hand on it, you will head straight to the cashier to buy it, not minding the price. Although its price is not a joke, comfort and quality are not something you would mind investing in, right?

Barefoot blankets are costly for a reason. Among their selections and categories of products, they also have licensed items such as Disney Blankets. This is why the brand is known almost everywhere.


Can I just buy a dupe?

We all want to experience the comfort of a Barefoot Dreams blanket. However, it is just so expensive and not everyone can afford it. Maybe you are thinking of searching for a dupe just to save money.

Based on popular opinion, dupes are not worth it. If you want cozy yet affordable cover-ups, you can just find less expensive brands. There are a lot of brands that have quality blankets with a wallet-friendly price.

Moreover, dupes may save you some money, but in exchange of what? Imitated products are often cheap because workers are underpaid, materials are substandard, and manufacturing processes and plants do not follow safety standards. Imagine saving money at the cost of unfair human labor and compromising the environment!

It is indeed very tempting to search for dupes, but it is best to avoid this decision. It is better to aim for the higher-quality products than to compromise your overall comfort.



The comfort that the Barefoot Dreams blanket gives is undeniable. Since these beddings keep us company, we can return the favor by keeping them clean and well-maintained.

We have invested; therefore, we must make every single penny worth it. Owning one does not end with paying for it. Keeping it fresh and fragrant comes hand-in-hand with using it.

Now that we’ve given you instructions on how to wash Barefoot Dreams blanket, we hope you can lovingly apply it with the ones you have. With the right amount of care, your money will never go to waste.