How To Wash An Electric Blanket? The 2 Best Ways

It would help if you learned how to wash an electric blanket either by hand or in the machine. Remember that even though this blanket is modern, you must still ensure that it’s always clean. However, extra care and precaution are necessary to avoid damaging its internal wiring.

This article will quickly explain how to clean your electric blanket using two ways, so you can select the method that suits you most. The emphasis is also necessary on checking the blanket’s label and instructions that might be unique to a specific brand

How To Wash An Electric Blanket


How To Wash An Electric Blanket By Hand Or In The Washing Machine

You can wash an electric blanket either by hand or via your washing machine. However, you might notice that the former method is preferred because it’s more controlled and gentle. Still, we will discuss both ways, so you can select the ideal one as recommended by the blanket model.


1. Check the blanket cords

Check that your blanket is disconnected from the outlet and remove the cords and cables that must be detached before washing. You can also inspect the blanket for any exposed wires or damages that you must fix. 

2. Fill the tub with water

Prepare your tub for washing by filling it with lukewarm water so that it’s gentle enough for the product’s internal wiring. You should have enough water to submerge the blanket thoroughly and still move it around. 


3. Submerge and squeeze the blanket

Pour in some mild detergent and mix it in the water to create suds. Submerge the blanket in the tub for about 15 minutes before giving it a few squeezes without wringing. This will allow the soapy water to clean the material without you accidentally damaging the wires inside. 


4. Rinse and dry the blanket

Finally, rinse the blanket under lukewarm water and allow it to air-dry. It’s not recommended to use the dryer because heat can damage the wiring. And if you can’t hang the blanket, allow an hour of drying for each side when you lay it on a flat surface. 


Can You Wash An Electric Blanket In The Washing Machine?

You can wash an electric blanket in the washing machine as long as the manufacturer labeled it as machine-washable. This means that it will withstand the cycle inside and allow the washer to do the work. However, caution is still necessary, and your appliance at home mu a gentle cycle that’s ideal for washing an electric blanket. 


1. Disconnect the cables of the blanket

Much like when washing an electric blanket manually, you must ensure that nothing is still connected to the power source. Check for any cables that might be exposed. 


2. Prepare the washing machine

Then, you can fill the washer with lukewarm water and mild laundry detergent. Allow them to mix before starting the cycle.  


3. Turn the washer on

Select your washing machine’s gentle cycle since normal settings can damage the inside of the blanket. After 2 minutes, you can turn it off or according to the tag instructions of the blanket you use. 


4. Rinse the blanket

Begin the rinse and spin cycle to ensure that there is no leftover soap on the blanket. These cycles will also ensure that you will get rid of excess water to hasten the blanket to dry. 


5. Dry the blanket

You should still avoid the dryer unless it has a heatless setting. And even if some brands allow their blankets to be in the dryer, it’ll only be for 15 minutes before you air-drying them to finish. 


Can You Put An Electric Blanket In The Dryer?

Most of the time, you can’t use a dryer on your electric blanket. But for those that allow it, they still recommend partial drying only in a heatless setting. High heat can damage the blanket’s internal structure, and you risk having it twisted if left in the dryer for a long time.

Therefore, our recommendation is to dry the blanket on a clothesline naturally. You can also lay it over a flat surface, but ensuring that both sides will dry thoroughly. Remember only to use your electric blanket if it’s no longer damp. 


What Happens If An Electric Blanket Gets Wet?

If you accidentally poured liquid on your electric blanket, there’s no need to panic. Nowadays, manufacturers have insulated the cables to still be safe for these instances. However, you must immediately unplug the blanket and check its instructions for drying. 

The blanket should dry thoroughly before you use it again to avoid the dangers of electric shock. Even though you’re not at risk for circuit damage, you should still allow the blanket to dry in case the water seeps deeper. Additionally, damp beddings and blankets can develop mold or mildew, which is also dangerous to the health. 



Electric blankets shouldn’t give you anxiety when it’s time to clean them. In this article, we have taught you how to wash an electric blanket safely. You can do it by hand or use a washing machine as per the model’s instructions. 

The main takeaway is always to use gentle detergent and never wring the blanket in both methods. Furthermore, it’s crucial to dry the blanket completely before reusing it.