How To Wash Alpaca Wool Blanket: 4 Critical Steps

Knowing how to wash alpaca wool blanket is easy, and if you don’t believe us, here are all the tips, simplified in four steps! In general, washing an alpaca wool blanket is as quick as soaking it in water, adding the detergent, rinsing, and drying. However, we also added some care instructions for alpaca products at the end of this article. 

Should you even use a washing machine? Some alpaca blankets allow the washer, but you have to check the tag beforehand. Don’t worry because you won’t accidentally damage your blanket because we will discuss the dos and don’ts for alpaca products below:

How To Wash Alpaca Wool Blanket


How Do You Wash Alpaca Wool Blankets?


Step 1. Soak the blanket in lukewarm or cold water

The secret in mastering how to wash alpaca wool blanket is to soak it in lukewarm or cold water. Add some mild detergent to the water and soak the blanket for half an hour. You don’t need to brush or rub the blanket at this step because you’re only allowing the soapy water to penetrate the fibers and keep stains from setting deeper.

The critical point to remember at this step is never to use hot water or harsh cleaners. Otherwise, you risk ruining the alpaca fiber. Additionally, only soak the blanket after you have dissolved the detergent thoroughly.


Step 2. Rinse the blanket in running water

After you’re done soaking, it’s time to rinse the alpaca wool blanket. Take note that you never scrubbed or brushed the wool because it can damage the integrity of the fibers. At this point, you will ensure that there is no soapy residue on the alpaca wool blanket. 

Take the blanket out of the water and rinse it in running water. Again, use lukewarm or cold water because heat is damaging to alpaca wool.  Repeat rinsing the blanket until there are no suds left, but never twist or wring it because the material is too delicate. 


Step 3. Remove excess water

Squeeze the blanket as gently as you can instead of wringing it to remove the excess water before drying. Water can cause the blanket to get heavy, which can deform the material. Therefore, do the gentle squeezing at the final stage of rinsing. 

After the blanket is free of soap and water, you can place it between two towels to further absorb moisture. You can also roll up the blanket sandwich to draw the water out repeatedly. However, be mindful of stretching the blanket because it can ruin the shape. 


Step 4. Dry the alpaca wool blanket

Finally, proceed to lay your blanket flat and let it air dry. Unlike other blankets, it’s not recommended to hang an alpaca wool blanket because the weight from wetness can bring it down and change its shape. Another factor to avoid is drying the blanket with direct heat from sunlight or any heat source. 

Choose an area with good ventilation to ensure that the blanket dries thoroughly. It can take a whole day to dry, depending on the alpaca wool blanket’s size. Only reuse it once it’s no longer damp. 


Can You Machine Wash Alpaca Wool?

If you want to know if you can machine wash alpaca wool, you must check the blanket tag. Some blankets allow the use of a washing machine, while others prefer hand-washing because it’s gentler and safer. Here are some guidelines for machine-washable alpaca wool blankets to keep them from getting damaged due to agitation:


  1. Set the washing machine to cold temperature and use the delicate setting
  2. Turn off the spin speed because it can ruin the fibers
  3. Use the recommended detergent or mild cleansers to avoid fading and shedding
  4. Reshape the blanket after the wash so it won’t dry crumpled

Does Alpaca Wool Shrink?

Alpaca wool is prone to shrinking, especially if it gets agitated from fiction or gets exposed to high temperatures. The fibers can even lose their shape and feel more felt-like. The use of harsh cleaners can also cause the wool to matte and get knots. 

Be sure to follow our washing guidelines and the care instructions on your blanket’s tag. And after washing, please brush the Alpaca wool lightly to help restore its fluffiness. These tips are also applicable to other materials prone to shrinkage

How To Dry Alpaca Blanket

Never use a dryer on an alpaca blanket. The heat can cause the blanket to shrink or deform its shape. The best way to dry an alpaca blanket is by air-drying it flat and then brushing the surface gently afterward. 

Bonus Tips How To Care For Alpaca Wool Blankets

  1. Alpaca wool requires cleaning less often because the fibers don’t absorb odors quickly
  2. Alpaca wool has a scale-like glossy exterior that helps repel liquid, so you don’t need to scrub it during washing
  3. The best way to maintain your alpaca wool blanket is by aerating it outside to freshen and deodorize it


Alpaca wool is one of the best low-maintenance materials. However, you should still know how to wash alpaca wool blanket correctly to avoid ruining the blanket’s shape and texture. To summarize, hand-washing is the safest method, and avoiding the dryer can prevent shrinkage. 

Furthermore, avoid harsh detergent and high temperatures. Just keep these tips in mind, and your alpaca blanket should last long. If you have more information on alpaca wool care, share some below!