How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket? Do These 3 Steps!

Knowing how to wash a wool army blanket means understanding three steps. In this article, the techniques we’ll discuss are also applicable for wool army blanket care and maintenance. However, the emphasis is still necessary on checking the tag of your blanket for additional cleaning instructions.

We’ll also talk about the dont’s in washing and cleaning wool army blankets. Do you want to know more about how to wash wool blanket? This article has it all for you!

how to wash a wool army blanket


How Do You Wash A Wool Army Blanket?


1. Prepare the blanket

Before you proceed with washing the wool army blanket, please prepare it first. This means you must shake it out to get rid of the build-up on the material. You can even hang it on the clothesline and then lightly comb the blanket to prepare it for stain removal. 


2. Spot-treat the stains

It’s also helpful to target all the stains on the wool blanket before washing it. This way, the discolorations won’t set too deeply into the material, which can happen inside the washer. Please check the recommended cleaners and stain removers for your blanket, but you can also use a bit of mild detergent and cold water. 

Soak the stains with the mixture for a bit before placing the blanket on the washing machine. You can also use vinegar since it’s an effective yet safe stain remover. However, please never scrub the wool material when treating stains.


3. Use the washing machine and dry the blanket

You can usually use the washing machine on military-grade wool blankets, but it would be best to check the tag. Remember that actual military blankets are meant to be heavy-duty and washable under field conditions, but there might be some other blankets that are better hand-washed. Furthermore, use the appropriate detergent that is recommended for wool and rinse thoroughly. 

The best way to dry the wool blanket is by hanging it on the clothesline. You can also dry it on a surface if you don’t have an outdoor space, but use a fan in the room to hasten the drying. Finally, only use the wool army blanket after it finishes drying. 


How to store a wool army blanket

Besides proper care and maintenance, it would be helpful to know how to store a wool army blanket properly. You can put it in an airtight bin for protection against dust and moisture. However, the place should be cool and dark because heat can damage the fibers or even fade the blanket. 


Can A Wool Blanket Be Washed In The Washing Machine?

It’s possible to wash a wool blanket using the washing machine as long as you check the tag beforehand. And if the blanket allows, you can expect that you must use the gentle cycle setting in the washer. It’s even more ideal if your washing machine is a modern model without a central agitator that can be too abusive to the wool material. 

Besides the washing machine, be mindful of the cleaners and water temperature ideal for your wool blanket. Some blankets prefer cold water and detergent like Woolite. Nonetheless, avoid bleach and fabric softeners to maintain the integrity of the wool. 


What is a wool army blanket?

Washing a wool army blanket is no different when you wash a typical wool blanket. The former is only military-grade, which means it can withstand challenging conditions in the field. Some of the most common wool army blankets are made to be fire retardant and provide the best warmth being made from 70% virgin wool.

How Do You Wash A 100% Wool Blanket?


In general, you don’t need to wash a wool blanket often unless it is soiled. An ideal way to keep it fresh and hygienic is to aerate it regularly. Hang it on your clothesline and let the air remove the build-up and odors to sanitize the blanket. 


You can also maintain your 100% wool blanket by brushing it from time to time. A soft-bristled brush should suffice as you work in sections to loosen the wool fibers. However, be sure to spot-treat the stains if there are any as soon as possible to keep them from soaking the blanket. 


Soak up the spill and blot the stained areas with a cloth using mild detergent and warm water. Afterward, follow the care instructions for your blanket, be it by hand-washing or with a washer. Finally, air-dry the blanket thoroughly before reusing it. 

Can I Dry A Wool Blanket In The Dryer?

The dryer might be too hot for the wool blanket, and you risk damaging the material. The blanket might fade, and the soft texture can even turn coarse. Instead, hang the wool blanket outside out of direct sunlight to dry it. 


Even though wool army blankets are heavy-duty, they still need proper care and maintenance. As this guide discussed, you can quickly understand how to wash a wool army blanket properly in three steps. To summarize, shake and spot-treat the blanket before putting it in the washing machine. 

We also want to emphasize on the importance of reading the tag for care instructions. Follow the recommended guidelines and your wool army blanket should stay warm and soft for longer.