A Guide on How To Wash A Stroller

In this blog post, we will teach you how to wash a stroller. As with most things, it is best to wash your stroller after each use. While this may not be the case for every parent out there, washing a stroller isn’t that hard or time-consuming!


Fold a Quinny Stroller

Here is how you can care for your little one’s mode of transportation – just follow these steps:

Step 1. First, take off any items that are attached to the frame. If they have clips, hooks or other attachments make sure you don’t lose them! Then give everything a quick wipe down with some soap and water on a rag.

Step 2. This will get rid of dirt and stains so nothing gets trapped in between the pads/materials or wheels where it shouldn’t be. You should also remove all fabric parts and give them a good scrubbing.

Step 3. Next, spray one part of the stroller down at a time with your hose or sink sprayer, and wipe it down using a rag. Don’t forget to get in between all the nooks and crannies!

Step 4. The most important step is thoroughly drying everything – once you think you have done so check again because there may be some damp spots leftover that could cause mould if not dried completely.

Step 5. You can use an old towel or dishcloth for this part but make sure they are mostly white as coloured linens will bleed into lighter materials when wet. Once dry reassemble any items that were removed from the frame earlier on (like cup holders).


How do you take the seat off a Quinny Zapp Flex?

Take the seat off of your Quinny Zapp Flex by pressing down on the straps that are attached to each side. Once you have pressed down, lift and pull outwards until it is no longer sitting snugly over the frame


How do you fold a Quinny Zapp Xtra 2?

To fold the Quinny Zapp with a seat attached, start by pressing down on both of the handles at once and pulling them towards you. Next, lower one side to create an angle that is comfortable for your body

Finally, roll up from the opposite end until it reaches its final form – a compact but sturdy stroller!


How do I take off my Quinny’s wheels?

To remove any wheel from your Quinny product, press in gently on either hubcap (the round part) or axle located underneath the tire while rotating anti-clockwise. It should then come out easily if done correctly. Remember not to grab onto spokes as they are fragile and can easily snap off.


How do I take the Quinny’s “seat” out of its frame?

To remove your Quinny’s seat from its frame, locate either a metal bar on one side or rear and push upwards to release it from both upper rails. To re-attach the seat, line up with corresponding positions on lower rails and press down until you hear an audible click! Then repeat for another side if necessary.


What is the Quinny rain cover made of?

The Quinny Rain Cover is made of 100% polyester that will protect your child through adverse weather conditions such as wind, heavy rain, snowfall etc., so they can continue having outdoor fun even when momma doesn’t like the look of things!


How big is the Quinny stroller?

The Quinny stroller has a folded size of 36.00″ x 11.50″ x 12.25″. It weighs only 17 lbs, so it’s easy to carry and store in compact spaces like an apartment or car trunk!


What are some features that come with this product?

The Quinny Stroller provides safety for your child as well as protection from weather conditions such as rain, snowfall etc., thanks to its water-resistant fabric cover; storage space can be expanded by removing one side panel and adding on either a grocery bag hook or cup holder which clips onto the frame.; The patented swivel wheel system offers easy manoeuvrability around tight corners and in small spaces.


Steps on Folding Quinny Stroller

Step 1. Place the Quinny Stroller on a flat surface and open it up.

Step 2. Take one side panel off of either end while holding onto the frame with your other hand, then fold inwards towards the centre of the stroller. The wheels should be facing inward at this point as well.; Repeat on the opposite side so that both side panels are now folded inwards.

Step 3. Take the Quinny Stroller by its handles and fold up from bottom to top until it is standing upright on end, then release; Push both side panels inward so that they click into place.; Place cover over the frame.


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for guides and tips.


How do you disassemble a Quinny Zapp?

Have the Quinny Zapp open and flat on a surface.

Begin by folding one side panel of either end inward, then fold towards the centre.; Repeat with the opposite side so that both are now folded inwards.

Take frame from handles and push down to unfold until standing upright on end; release frames when done.

Push both side panels inward so that they click into place. Place cover over the frame.


How do you assemble a Quinny Zapp?

Begin by unfolding the Quinny Zapp and placing it on a flat surface.; Open each end of the Quinny Stroller to reveal two long plastic frames with foldable fabric sides, open one of the ends completely until standing upright on end; Repeat for the opposite side.

Take handles from either end and pull them towards the centre while pushing down so that there are no folds in the handle area; Put handles together at the top near hinges where they just meet. Now take a frame from the other hand to hold up as well and push down firmly until connected securely.

Take a second set of handles and repeat the process.; Now, with both sets of handles hooked together at the top near hinges where they have just been connected securely, push down on one handle to fold Quinny Zapp.

This will cause two long side frames to fold inwards so that fabric covers them., Once these are folded towards the centre of the Quinny Stroller firmly, you can continue pushing down on the other handle until it is also inside fabric folds (should end up looking like a neat rectangle).

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