How To Wash A Polyester Mattress Topper Correctly

You can learn how to wash a polyester mattress topper in just three steps. First, we’ll talk about the proper preparation and pretreatment of stains before washing the topper. We’ll also discuss how to use the washing machine for this material. 

Do you also own other polyester bedding accessories? Try this guide on how to wash a polyester pillow to keep it clean without ruining the material. 


How Do You Clean A Polyester Mattress Topper?


Step 1. Check the care tag 

  • Remove the topper from your bed
  • Find the care tag on your polyester mattress topper to know the ideal practices and products
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and indications to avoid ruining the topper
  • Familiarize yourself with laundry care and washing symbols to help you read the care tag
  • Polyester is generally machine-washable, but it’s always better to read the label on your mattress topper beforehand

Step 2. Spot-treat and wash the polyester mattress topper 

  • Inspect the mattress topper for stains and treat them accordingly
  • You can use a baking soda paste or combine vinegar, dish soap, and water for spot treatment
  • Target the discolorations on the mattress topper and let them sit for 10 to 20 minutes
  • Depending on the manufacturer’s indications, you can machine wash or hand wash the topper
  • For the washing machine, you’ll usually set it to the gentle cycle with cold water
  • Avoid high temperatures or harsh cleaners like bleach or chlorine with your mattress topper
  • For hand washing, use mild detergent and cold water on a tub to help you clean the polyester mattress topper thoroughly

Step 3. Dry the polyester mattress topper

  • Hang the pad outdoors or place it over a slatted surface to let the sun dry and sanitize it
  • The heat from the sun should kill bacteria and ensure that your mattress topper will be free from dust mites
  • Be sure to flip the topper to dry it completely and avoid dampness that potentially leads to mold growth
  • If the outdoor weather is moist, you can dry the polyester mattress topper indoors but provide good ventilation by opening the windows or placing a circulating fan in the room

Can I Tumble Dry A Polyester Mattress Topper?

You can tumble dry some polyester mattress toppers as long as their care tag doesn’t recommend against it. Usually, you’ll tumble dry the mattress topper on the lowest heat setting to avoid damaging the material. You can even place a couple of tennis balls in the dryer to help maintain the pad’s structure as it dries inside. 

But if you’re unsure about the polyester mattress topper’s compatibility with the dryer, please air-dry it instead. You don’t want to accidentally damage the material due to high heat exposure. Your dryer might not also provide a temperature low enough to dry the topper safely. 


Should You Wash A New Mattress Topper Before Putting It On Your Bed?

It’s best to wash a new mattress topper before using it. Washing any new bedding or materials that you’ll sleep on should be a consistent practice to ensure their cleanliness and safety. Also, remember that these toppers are packed and stored before arriving at your home. 

Therefore, even new mattress toppers collect dirt, debris, and other residues from the factory to your home. Just remember to follow the brand instructions for washing and cleaning the mattress topper to avoid changing its structural integrity. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask the store or contact the brand’s customer service. 


How often do you wash a mattress topper?

You can wash the mattress topper as often as monthly to every four months. This duration is subject to modification, according to how you use a mattress topper. If you get the topper soiled, you must wash it immediately to prevent stains and odors. 

After all, the mattress topper acts as a layer of protection over the bed. It’s faster to get exposed to dirt and messes than the mattress itself. If your bed cover is grimy, you can assume that the topper underneath will also need deep cleaning. 


Can You Put A Mattress Topper In The Washing Machine?

There are different types of mattress toppers, which means some are compatible with cleaning in the washing machine. Confirm by checking their care tag, typically underneath the topper cover. If there are specifications such as temperature, be sure to follow them as well. 

You can only get most of the expected lifespan of a mattress topper if it is cared for properly. But besides regular cleaning and maintenance, you must follow the recommended practices to avoid ruining the material. Polyester mattress toppers are among the easiest to maintain, but it doesn’t mean you can clean them blindly. 


Can I Wash The Polyester Mattress Cover?

Do you also use a polyester mattress cover? Most of them are machine-washable as well. But if you want to ensure that you won’t shrink the cover accidentally, use cold water and check the label. 



Polyester mattress toppers are an affordable way to enhance your sleeping experience and extend the bed’s lifespan. But for maintenance, you must know how to wash a polyester mattress topper correctly. So first, check the care label and follow it accordingly. 

Then, spot-treat the stains before using the washing machine. Finally, dry the topper outdoors or check if you can tumble dry it. 


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