How To Wash A Pet Bed? In 6 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to wash a pet bed?

It’s up to you to find out.

You’ll know as you read further.

Indeed, the majority of fur parents want their pets to have a cozy bed.

However, keeping a dog bed clean and odorless at the same time can be difficult.

Some of these beds may come with removable washing machine covers, while others must be washed by hand.

So, follow this step-by-step instruction to keep your dog’s bed clean.

And regardless of its type, to keep it looking and feeling new.


Ways To Wash A Pet Bed

First thing first: know what the dog’s bed is made of.

Determine the material of the bed so you will know what the best way to clean it is.

If the cover is removable, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for washing and drying it.

If you don’t have any instructions, though, it’s advisable to play it safe.

Begin by removing all superfluous dirt and hair from the bed with a product line made up of animal-safe substances derived from plants.

This can be accomplished by tossing the bed outside or totally vacuuming it to eliminate all residues.

Then, toss the bed cover into the washer and run it on the cold cycle.

Usually, pet owners mix some dog towels to fill the load.

When it comes to detergent, go for anything that is odorless or unscented.

Washing detergent perfumes and fragrances might cause your pet’s skin to become allergic, causing irritation and itching.

Much more, it best for the bed to be treated with artificial softeners to avoid further harm.

Softeners contain cationic detergents, which can induce vomiting, drooling, oral and esophageal ulcers, and fever in animals.

These symptoms necessitate the assistance of a veterinarian.

As a result, it’s advisable to err on the side of caution.

Then, it would help if you run it in a new rinse cycle; through this.

You’re sure to get rid of the entire detergent from your dog’s bed cover.

Allowing dry air to cover your dog’s bed is also a good idea.

If you do put it in the dryer, dry it on low heat.

In this way, you can avoid shrinking it.

Anyway, use dryer sheets if necessary.

Here’s what you should take note of:

Your pet may suffer from an oral ulcer; it may occur if your pet chews a dryer sheet- whether it be old or new.

If it consumes a lot of these fresh or used sheets, its intestines can become blocked.


Steps To Wash A Pet Bed

Because washing machines are virtually always dangerous.

Dog beds can be a headache to clean without removable inserts.

So, how to wash a pet bed?

If you have to clean your dog’s bed by hand, follow these five steps:


Step #1. Aspiration from the dog’s bed

Clear every inch of your dog’s bed with your vacuum headrest, including the internal, external, and intermediate seams.

The goal is to remove every hair, debris, or filth from the dog that the naked eye cannot see.


Step #2. Clean spots

If your dog bed is stained or filthy, try to use a paper towel to absorb any liquid.

A stain may need to be sprayed or removed in some instances.

Make sure that your pet is safe.

Maybe, you can try to get a disinfecting spray; it is a solid bet to experts.

My friends, your pet may suffer from asthma, allergies, and other irritations.

You and your family members may experience either of these too.


Step #3. Soak the bed in a soapy warm water

Fill your bathroom or sink with hot water and a detergent.

But it may be depending on the size of your dog’s bed.

Now, submerge the bed in water and leave it to soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

If the bed is filthy and the water turns brown, the water must be drained and refilled.

Then, the bed must be cleaned for an additional 5 to 10 minutes.


Step #4. Sprinkle baking soda over the top

Now, you can place the bed in a bath or sink, then sprinkle baking soda on the bed without rubbing it.

Then take a scrub brush and scour every crack in the bed thoroughly.

Baking soda is a wonderful absorbent and cleaner of odors.

This is especially handy if the detergent you’re using isn’t perfumed.


Step #5. Give it a good rinse

While baking soda is in your dog’s bed, drain all the water from your bathroom or sink.

Fill it with water and submerge the bed in it.

Begin kneading the bed to get rid of any remaining detergent and baking soda.

You may need to water it many times to ensure that all of the soap has been washed away.


Step #6. Squeeze the water out and let it dry

Once the bed is clean, please note it to get rid of any excess water.

Keep in mind that the faster your bed dries, the more water you eliminate.

Once all of the water has been removed, place the dog’s bed in indirect sunshine on a mat or dry rack.

It may take several hours for you to dry out in your bed totally.


It’s A Wrap!

Dog bedding, contrary to popular perception, must be cleaned regularly.

Here’s what you should do:

It’s best to clean all bedding at least every two weeks.

But then, this will depend on how much time your dog spends outside.

Not only that, but you should also consider how much he sheds and whether anyone in the house has a pet allergy.

Anyway, you’ve already known how to wash a pet bed.

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