How To Wash A Memory Foam Pillow? In 4 Easy Steps!

Cleaning your bed regularly includes changing new blankets and pillowcases but have you ever wondered how to wash a memory foam pillow?

Especially when it does not smell so fresh anymore?

how to wash memory foam pillow

Grab a bucket and fill it with water together with a detergent because memory foam pillows are best washed by hand.

And then, after the rubbing and squeezing steps, it’s time for you to rinse the pillow with the water in your bucket and let it dry and stay in place to use it again while you sleep.

Hand washing is the best for you to rub out the stains and dirt wherever you want, unlike using a washing machine that tends to tear the pillow’s stitching and make it not look good.


4 Easy Steps To Wash A Memory Foam Pillow

Cleaning your pillow is necessary to have good hygiene, and it is essential to avoid any health problems or other breathing issues.

So here are the four easy steps on how to wash a memory foam pillow:


Step #1. Prepare the pillow bath

It is time to set up the pillow bath by filling the sink or a bathtub with lukewarm water and then add a small amount of detergent enough to wash your memory foam pillow.

You can even put a lavender scent or anything fresh that could level up the smell of your pillow.


Step #2. Start deep cleaning the pillow

Take your memory foam pillow and gently place it in the tub until it is completely submerged in the water.

Squeeze it literally like a sponge so that the water will surely soak into it. Also, this allows you to flush out all the dirt inside the pillow.

By doing this, you will notice that the water becomes polluted and has an unusual color.

Do this process twice or until it is thoroughly cleaned.


Step #3. Drain the water

Once you have already cleaned it, drain the water from the tub or sink and replace it with warm water.

Squeeze the pillow to wash away all of the leftover soap or any dirt from the pad.

Please do it again until all the bubbles are minimally gone and when the water is finally clear.

Once you are done, squeeze it for the last time, and make sure you press it gently so that it won’t damage the pillow.


Step #4. Keep it dry

Let the memory foam pillow dry for a few hours, depending on the weather, so I recommend that you should clean your pad when it is a sunny and bright day.

Make sure that the pillow is completely dry before replacing it with a new set of pillowcases.


How To Clean A Spill In A Memory Pillow?

Is your coffee or a glass of wine just spilled and ended up all over your pillow?

Liquid stains are mostly easy to remove by handwashing, but some do not have significantly stricter stains like blood and wine.

For cleaning a spill, you need to remove the pillowcase and get a dry towel to absorb all the excess liquid, if there’s any.

Fill a small bucket with water and mix it with a small amount of detergent.

Get a sponge and dip it into the bucket with detergent and gently rub it on the part of the pillow where it has spilled.

I suggest that you rub it in a circular motion until it is thoroughly cleaned.

Once you are done, allow your pillow to dry and sit for a couple of hours, or if you have a hairdryer, you can also use it to speed up the time of drying.


Steps On How To Remove Foul Odor To Your Memory Pillow?

Does your pillow not smell so fresh and seems to have a little bit of a stinky odor?

Some memory foam pillows might smell because of the packaging of the brand.

But if you think that there is another reason why it smells strange, then here is how to remove that weird odor!


Step #1. Prepare the things you will need

In this procedure, you will need a baking soda and a vacuum cleaner.


Step #2. Eradicating the odor

You have to take the pillowcase off and put your memory foam pillow on a flat surface.

Get a large amount of baking soda and sprinkle it at the top of the pillow. Make sure you spread it enough with just minimal coverage.

After that, let the baking soda sit for about 2 to 3 hours in direct sunlight.


Step #3. Vacuum the baking soda

After several hours of waiting, get the pillow with baking soda.

Finally, clean the pillow with a vacuum cleaner.


For Final Words

Now that you know how to wash a memory foam pillow with these simple steps, I hope that it helps you a lot with cleaning.

Pillows are essential, and we spend a lot of time sleeping and taking a break from long hours of working.

Finding the best memory foam pillow is necessary.

Proper and regular cleaning of pillows is essential.

Just think about all the dirt and sweat that builds up on your pillow that could result from medical issues.