How to Wash A Gravity Blanket In 5 Easy Home DIY Steps

Everyone must be asking about how to wash a gravity blanket which they have for their comfort days.


how to wash a gravity blanket

These blankets are most beneficial to people with autism, anxiety, or sensory disorders.


Keeping these blankets clean and fresh all the time adds up to their ability to comfort us.


You can wash your gravity blanket in 5 easy steps!


It can be done by removing the outer layer, using your washing machine, hand washing, and drying.


Continue browsing this article as we teach you the steps to wash your gravity blanket.


How To Wash A Gravity Blanket


Step #1. Preparation

The first step in preparing your gravity blanket for washing is by checking the label for cleaning instructions.


You must check the material of your blanket and make sure to use gentle settings and mild detergent.


For blankets that have a removable layer, you can remove them first to wash them separately.


It would be best to look first for stains and pre-treat them to prevent the colors from being baked in during the washing process.


Spot the stain and make sure to rinse it in cold running water.


Cold water must be used because it avoids the stain of a weighted blanket from setting in the blanket’s fiber.


Treatments differ based on the type of stain you have. If it is liquid-based like beverages, you must treat it with spray treatment.


For grease stains, soaps may treat it. Then, rinse again to see if it is gone or you need to repeat the process.


Step #2. Removing outer layer

Outer layers protect the inner weighted material of your gravity blanket.


As you put it in the washing machine, you must remember to use gentle settings and detergent.


You may tumble dry the outer layer on low heat for drying and hang it out. 


Step #3. Use of washing machine

Check the weight of your blankets, too, if it is appropriate for the weight capacity of your washing machine.


It would be best if you also put it in a suitably sized washer.


If your blanket is made up of cotton, you can either use warm or cold water but constantly in gentle settings and mild detergent.


Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemical-based detergents. 


Step #4. Hand washing

Now, if you prefer to wash your gravity blanket by hand, you must prepare a tub filled with water halfway.


Add gentle detergents to keep the blanket soft, and use a sloshing motion in running your hands in the water to activate the detergent.


It will give an even soap coverage when washing the blanket.


Then, rinse the blanket with fresh water until there is no soap residue left.


Squeeze out the excess water by rolling it, or you can also fold and press.


Step #5. Drying

You may lay it in the sun to dry your blanket and shake it out every thirty minutes to redistribute weight and remove excess water.


You may also use the dryer and choose a low heat setting or air pluff.


Avoid hanging your blanket because if the weight is pulled into one side, it will make the gravity blanket uneven.


How to store a gravity blanket?

There are many ways you can store your gravity blanket creatively.


If you are looking for ideas, we might have the solution you are looking for.


Rolling-storage ottoman

If you have a wheeled chair that can be opened for storage, you can use this to store your blanket and call it a moving blanket.


Just make sure to check the bottom if it can hold up the weight of your blanket and avoid damaging the chair.


Couch with built-in storage

One creative way of storing your blanket, too, is through couches with built-in storage.


Whenever you want to nap, it won’t be difficult anymore to reach your gravity blanket and proceed to your refreshing nap. 


Under the bed

Like storing it on a couch, if you have enough space under the bed, you can also place it after pushing it in a bag.


This will also lessen the risk of back injury or sore arms in lifting the blanket because you only need to pull it out.


Bottom drawer

If you have a clothing cabinet, you may look for extra unoccupied space.


The bottom ones are usually left unoccupied, and since it is in the bottom, you don’t need to worry about the weight of the blanket.


It is an excellent place to store your gravity blanket.


Bottom shelf

Just like in a bottom drawer, if you have a bookshelf that has extra space, especially at the bottom, you can use it as storage for your blanket.


You don’t have to carry it from above anymore when you need it.



Gravity blankets may be heavy as it is, but the comfort it provides is also a significant factor.


But do you know how to wash a gravity blanket? It is essential to keep them clean and fresh!


You can either hand wash it or machine washing your gravity blanket.


You must only remember to avoid using harsh chemicals and hanging them unevenly in a clothesline.