How To Wash a Fuzzy Blanket: 7 Guaranteed Steps

How to wash a fuzzy blanket without causing damage?


how to wash a fuzzy blanket

Well, fuzzy blankets use synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyester, so the answer depends. Artificial fur even includes wool or cotton, making the blanket’s fiber content a lot trickier when washing. 


You can grab the nearest laundry care manual to walk you through the specifics. For fleece items, follow general washing and drying instructions, and you’re good to go.


In the absence of one, consider this your lucky day! Just follow the simple guidelines below to keep your fuzzy blankets soft. 


What Makes Fuzzy Blankets Hard to Wash

If you don’t want any risk with your blankets’ condition, dry-cleaning, although relatively more expensive, is the way to go.


However, there is an alternative. You can wash fuzzy blankets on your own if you can follow instructions!


Although, keep in mind that there are things to remember. First, you have to be sure that the washing machine is suitable for the fabric.


Overloading and the lack of washing selections will result in poor quality of the wash.


The ideal machine should have the quickest wash cycle option, since fuzzy blankets should stay wet for a short period only. On top of this, the highest spin option should relieve the water off of it.


All the while, this will need close supervision on your side. 


Tips On Washing


  • A top-loading washing machine works best. The device must have the appropriate settings to cater to the delicate blanket. 


  • The detergent you opt for must be mild. When choosing, look for the formula crafted for delicate fabrics. 


  • It’s highly encouraged to wash with similar colors only. You don’t want to end up in a colorful mess. 


Tips On Drying


  • Do not prolong drying after washing the blankets. Fleece items, being heavyweight and full of strands, can be a breeding place for bacteria. Proceed to dry pronto.


  • Care labels differ for each blanket. If it permits the use of dryers, then it’s OK to tumble dry. Otherwise, it would be much safer to hang it on a drying rack or be left outside in the sun.


  • If you don’t know by now, heat can mess up fleece and related fibers. Please do not iron fleece items or expose them to excessive heat. This practice will keep the blanket soft and in good condition.


  • Faux-fur absorbs a lot of water so that a second spin cycle will do your blanket good. Remove as much water as you can before hanging the blanket in a sturdy clothesline. Allowing them to dry in the air is preferred rather than placing them in dryers. 


  • After drying, you can shake the blanket to make it more fluffy. Store the blankets in a regular drawer, away from heat. During summer, however, storing them in cotton sacks can preserve softness noticeably. 


Remember the tips listed above and consult them as you go over the process. Now, below are the steps in washing fuzzy blankets if you’re using a washing machine.


To help you further, we answered questions arising from common concerns, too. 


How to wash a fuzzy blanket using a washing machine

Step #1. Separate laundry and sort fuzzy blankets in one pile


Step #2. Check for stains and remove them first


Step #3. Run a lint roller over the blanket before machine wash


Step #4. Select cool water temperature and delicate cycle


Step #5. Add the minimum amount of mild detergent and skip the fabric softener


Step #6. Machine-wash


Step #7. Remove and let dry


How do I remove stains from my fuzzy blanket?

Dabbing the spot in mild detergent or soap usually does the job. Once you have treated the stain, allow it to soak in cold water for at least 10 minutes.


One helpful tip most people wish they learned earlier is not to rub the dirt. Instead, press it with a sponge or a used t-shirt to avoid burying the stain further in the garment.


How often should I wash?

Fleece items, once damaged, are unlikely to return to their pristine condition. Wrong ways of washing lead to fading softness and a worn-out look.


As such, aside from meticulously following the instructions, restrain from overwashing and only do it to remove dirt and lint.


How do I preserve the “fuzz”?

So you want to preserve or revive your blanket’s fuzzy texture, and you can still do so with a few simple tricks.


While the blanket is still wet, you can rejuvenate the fleece fibers by using a brush. Your blanket will look good as new after doing so. 


Furthermore, when it comes to the residue meddling with strands, adding vinegar can help. Take this a step during the rinsing cycle. As a bonus, offensive odors will disappear. 



Now you have learned how to wash a fuzzy blanket in the easiest way possible. We hope that this article cleared some confusion and added value to your household.


Indeed, those fuzzy blankets bring joy to you at bedtime, so take good care of them especially when washing. 


Sure, fuzzy blankets are much harder to clean than regular ones. But why go rushing to hire a professional cleaner if you can do it yourself, right?