How To Wash A Foam Pillow? In 3 Easy Steps!

I bet you love to snuggle lots of pillows but do you know how to wash a foam pillow? I hope you have because you don’t want to stick your skin on a surface filled with dirt.

How often do you wash your pillows? You know, it’s essential to wash your pads regularly because dirty pillows often cause particular skin issues.

how to wash a foam pillow

People opt for a foam pillow because it’s hypo-allergenic and comfortable, and I bet you use one since you’re reading this article.

Cleaning a foam pillow can be a tough job because it is prone to tearing when it’s wet, but you still need to clean your cushion.

If you have a hard time, worry less because this article will help you; read on!


Washing A Foam Pillow

You observe good hygiene practice when you wash your pillows regularly.

Why? It’s because dust, oil, contaminations, and different microorganisms can develop on your pillowcase snappier than you may suspect.

I know it’s kind of a hassle always to change your pillowcases and wash your foam pillow.

But trust me, if you want to achieve fair looking skin, drink lots of water and consistently clean your cushions!

But the problem for most people, especially us busy persons, we would want to place our pads in a washing machine to save time.

It’s a bad idea to wash your foam pillow with a washing machine because, again, it’s delicate, and there’s more reason for that, keep on reading.


Why Machine Washing Isn’t The Best For Foam Pillows

Foam pillows, especially for sleeping, don’t fit in a washing machine because of their size.

Unless if you’re patient enough to wash your pads one at a time. So, it doesn’t save much time at all.

Moreover, machine washing two or three pillows will reduce the efficiency of cleaning the pads.

Why so?

As the available space in the drum and the amount of water it can hold wouldn’t be enough to wash your foam pillows thoroughly.

It will require you to change the washing water more than once to make sure that your pillows are nice and clean.

Here’s another problem with machine washing foam pillows:

Washing the pillows will unbalance the spin cycle and rinse cycles after cleaning the pads as it drains slowly inside the machine.

Therefore, the machine would stop the spin cycle or.

As I had experienced when I washed one of my pillows, our washing machine vibrated so bad and produced scary sounds that it ran across our floor.

After that, I got scared of using washing machines.

Nevertheless, it would be best to stick on handwashing for your pillows as you have the control to be delicate.

And you wouldn’t vibrate and run across the floor as the washing machine did.

Kidding aside, here’s how to wash foam pillows properly:


Proper Ways To Wash Foam Pillows

You don’t want to ruin the feel of your foam pillow.

So, might as well stick to hand washing because you can be more delicate, and you can make sure that you washed it thoroughly than using a washing machine.

Again, foam pillows become sensitive once wet, so here are some steps on how to wash a foam pillow:


Step #1. Hand wash your foam pillow

First, you need to prepare a deep and large tub, make sure that your pillows can fit and manipulate the water.

Now, place warm water in the tub till it’s full and add liquid soap, make sure it is mild for your pillows not to get damaged.

After that, put your pillow in the tub filled with water and let it submerge. Knead the pad as you do with flour dough to make a piece of bread.

Don’t scrub your pillow; it’s not a shirt.

Make sure to wash it softly, and after that, squeeze the pillow but do it gently, so the air releases and the soapy water comes in.

But if you see stains on your pillow’s ticking case, a soft brush and liquid soap will get rid of it, make sure to scrub gently.


Step #2. Rinse your pad

Now that you’re done washing your foam pillow, it’s time to rinse!

You want to fill another tub with clean and warm water to get rid of soapy water.

After that, use cold water for the final rinse, or you can also put in some fabric conditioner to make your foam pillow smell good.

It’s very relaxing to lay on a comfortable and clean pillow with a pleasant aroma.


Step #3. Dry it out

The last step for this process would be drying your foam pillows.

Since pillows act like a sponge, absorbing water, you want to place your pads on a draining rack since it will give out lots of water.

You could gently squeeze your pillow to remove excess water from the pad, to speed up the drying process.

Once all the water drips out of the pillow, you can place it outside your house or hang it on a clothesline.

It would be best to dry out pillows during a sunny and windy day.

Also, you want to clip the pillow from the long side instead of its end.

Don’t try to use an electric drying machine for rushing the drying process because foam pillows are insulators.

The heat from the said machine affects the outer surface of your foam pillow.

Despite your cushion’s insulating factor being efficient, you can’t assure that your pad’s middle part is all dried up.

So, it’s better to just lay it out of the sun and dry up naturally.



Pillows are everywhere. They all give comfort and relaxation. We should consider this as one hygienic responsibility.

Washing a foam pillow is a bit more crucial than a regular pillow due to its material.

Nevertheless, we have answered, “how to wash a foam pillow?”

I hope that you’ll be able to clean yours too.