How to Warm Up A Fish Tank Without A Heater? 6 Easy Ways!

How to warm up a fish tank without a heater? Use a heavy towel, blanket, heating mat to warm it up, and choose a hood, lid, and canopy that cover the tank.

And when you change the water, use warm water. Then, put the aquarium in a heated room in sunlight or next to a heater and heat the tank using filters that can provide the heat needed by the tank.

How to warm up a fish tank without a heater

Be extra careful to create consistent temperatures in the filters and avoid low-quality and inefficient filters as they cannot work the entire day correctly. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Warm Up Your Fish Tank Even Without Using A Heater

Here are the ways to warm up your fish tank even without using a heater that you should keep in mind.


#1. Use a heavy towel or blanket

A heavy towel or blanket is an easy and fast solution to almost every home as the goal is to push fish away from the cold air that gets inside the tank. The heavy blanket is suitable for a large tank, creating insulation in the tank and the thick towel is better than a thin towel to work effectively. The blanket or towel is when the water temperature remains inside the aquarium, but be sure it is large enough to prevent freezing.


#2. Use heating mat

A heating mat is helpful for tiny tanks such as fish bowls as it increases the water temperature in a bit of aquarium., as it also serves as a buffer layer and helps safeguard the bowel against glass cracking and hot spots. You may also want to read about under tank heater.


#3. Use a hood, canopy, or lid that covers the tank

Keep the warmth level in the fish tank with no heater and cover it with a hood, lid, or canopy, as this is by far the easiest and most common way of limiting the water contact and the cold air passing through the tank. The lid safeguards it against all other elements and builds up warmth quickly, and the topmost part of the tank promises removal and access to the aquarium. The top that covers the tank reduces the oxygen supply unsuitable for fish lives, as it utilizes an air stone oxygen level and air pump, too.


#4.  Make use of warm water

Use warm water, which may seem not a solution for the long-term but may need your complete monitoring and attention, as it helps maintain the temperature. But, you will need a container that holds the boiled water quickly and put boiled water until it fills half of the container. The container should not tip over upon placing water on top of the aquarium and combine a part of the boiling water with the water at room temperature but never add boiling water in the tank. Store that extra water when it’s time that you need to change the water and increase the temperature slowly but not raise it more quickly than one degree per hour.


#5. Put the aquarium in sunlight or a heated room next to the heater

A heated room in any house is among the popular solutions, and place the consistent heater in the colds that warm up a room. The aquarium is placed inside the heated room, stabilizing the water temperature. Still, the temperature may fluctuate if no heat causes severe stress. This likewise affects the immune system and leads to illnesses and weaknesses that the fluctuations should go between 1 and 2 Fahrenheit.

So, place the aquarium on the sunny side but avoid direct sunlight or cause algae growth; those six hours a day will be enough to get natural sunlight. It warms up the fish tank, although it takes time, so be extra wary as you go and create consistent temperatures in the filter. The filters work the entire day incorrectly if they are not efficient, and the temperature also changes using different filter types, and save the receipt and the box to return or change the filter.


#6. Insulate the glass walls in a tank

Please choose whether you want to wrap the blanket for hours in the aquarium without dipping in the water, as it provides temporary insulation on top and the sides of the aquarium. Another option to consider is putting the Styrofoam container covering the entire aquarium’s glass walls, as this material can quickly wrap the aquariums, so put some heat pack inside or a reusable one to recharge it. Above all, insulating both the back and the sides is the best and most permanent solution on how to warm up a fish tank without a heater.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn many ways how to warm up a fish tank without a heater. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose from these methods you want and also ultimately keep the step-by-step guide as you utilize each of these methods. Insulate the glass walls, but the aquarium in the bright light, or use a heavy towel or blanket! Thus, it’s going to be easier warming up a fish tank without a heater. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to tell if aqueon heater is working and what fish do not need a heater.

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