How To Vacuum Under Bed? 6 Easy Steps To Follow!

Even if the entire room already looks spotless, you need to know how to vacuum under bed.

But before you start cleaning everything that is lurking beneath your bed.

how to vacuum under bed

You need to consider some things first.

In this post, you are about to know the proper way of vacuuming under the bed.

As well as why do you need it and for how often.


Why Do You Need To Vacuum Under Your Bed?

If you have peeked under your bed, for sure you realize how gross it is.

The food crumbs, hair, dead bugs, dust, and other items that are not appealing.

Just leaving them undisturbed will cause various harmful pathogens.

As well as dust mites and bacteria to breed in your room.

Imagine being exposed to such unsanitary air while you are asleep.

As you breathe, you might get sick.

This is especially true if you leave those items to build up.

With that being said, you must know how to vacuum under bed space.

Most people would just do it to retrieve items they once lost.

But that must not be the ultimate goal.

Instead, you will be doing it to improve the air quality in your room.


Steps To Vacuum Under Bed Properly

Vacuuming under your bed will be less of a chore if you know how to do it properly.

Below are the steps that you can follow.


Step #1. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner

This step is already very obvious.

If you are still using older vacuums, then it would appear like you are just using a dustpan and broom.

So it is recommended to get a modern vacuum.

It will come in very handy in this kind of cleaning.

For instance, you can get a canister vacuum cleaner that comes with a hose.

It can be detached when needed.

This offers flexibility when you are cleaning under the bed without having to break that much sweat.


Step #2. Setting the brushes

You should also not forget that you need to set the brushes to be pointing towards the wand’s end.

Connecting to the detachable hose.

The brush will help you to pick up hair so that it won’t be sticking somewhere else.


Step #3. Final preparation

Although the above steps are included in the preparation process, you will need to do more than those.

What’s even more important when choosing the vacuum to use is a setting that allows you to switch it easily.

Aside from that, you should also get a vacuum that allows you to switch the level.

Accordingly, based on where will you use it such as on the floor or carpet.

Before starting it is recommended that you pull your bed out if it is positioned against the wall.

You can get help from a local carpenter if you seem not to accomplish the task by yourself.

Just ensure to tuck the bedspread out and dust off all the dirt particles before pulling out the bed.


Step #4. Start vacuuming

Now you can proceed to actually vacuum under the bed.

Use the crevice tool or a small brush in vacuuming the baseboards as well as the sides.

The same tools can be used in cleaning the corners from under the bed.

Now in cleaning the under-bed space itself.

Keep in mind that you must be using overlapping, straight, and long strokes passing from one side to the other.

The width of the stroked across the sides of the bed must be similar.

Always take note of that.


Step #5. Using air-freshener

After vacuuming, you can also spray some air freshener under the bed.

And its sheets to prevent the spreading of unsanitary air into your room.

That can happen very fast, but with this step, you will be about to stop it.

It is good to spray it onto the corners of the bed frame.


Step #6. Final inspection

After you are done vacuuming you have to examine the space under your bed thoroughly.

Make sure that you have to go through each spot.

If you are already satisfied, then unplug your vacuum and put it back in its proper storage.

Also, wrap the hose back to the vacuum when storing.


How Often Should You Vacuum Underneath Your Bed?

Vacuuming under the bed is not necessarily needed every time you are cleaning your room.

This is especially true if you are cleaning every week.

It is ideal to do this chore at least once or twice a month.

The latter being the most ideal frequency.

This is done so that any nasty items will not have the opportunity to gather under your bed.

Also, start polluting the air that you breathe in your bedroom as a result.

Remember that the more often you vacuum under the bed, the cleaner the air you are breathing will be.


It’s A Wrap!

Knowing how to vacuum under bed is necessary to benefit from a cleanroom atmosphere.

This will result in good health and tight sleep.

It’s good to be equipped with the knowledge on how and when to do this task as well as why it is important.

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