How To Use Wok On An Electric Stove? 3 Easy Tips For You!

Are you asking if how to use wok on an electric stove? Cooking ranges or stoves are never very long the same. This gadget has a new and improved design to make your cooking time more pleasant as the season’s change. However, any change of your cooking range or oven would need the modified version of the stove for your cooking appliance.

A wok is one of the most popular equipment in nearly every kitchen.

how to use wok on an electric stove

When you had a gas burner, you used to cook on the stovetop with the wok, since it settles correctly. The electric stove nevertheless has replaced the gas burner and your kitchen has to be reorganized. Is it feasible to cook on a burner with a wok? You have to analyze the whole issue to discover the best response. Let’s get started.


2 Wok Types

There are two types of woks frequently used worldwide. The two varieties of woks are offered, a circular wok and a flat wok. Both have opposite points of view but fundamentally provide the same service, but with a few shortcomings. Let’s look at both of them more closely and observe the differences.


#1. Bottom-round wok

The circular wok makes it easier to combine and lets the heat reach every part of the pan. You only have to make some tweaks to make it function better. First, it indicates that you will require a metal wok ring, appropriate for building your round-bottom wok with an electric burner.


#2. Flawless wok

The electric furnace is more suitable for the flat wok. Heat contact is adequate, and its location on the surface is maintained. It does not additionally require the use of a wok ring to stabilize it. So, how to use wok on an electric stove?


3 Tips To Use A Wok On An Electric Stove

It’s time to learn how to utilize a fireplace wok. Be aware that two kinds of electric furnaces are available: electric spiral furnace and glass-ceramic. You should pick a flat wok with an electric coil burner, which you can put in the electric bowl on top of the coils. This permits the heat to flow evenly all around the wok, so you can cook your meal correctly. In this respect, a carbon steel wok, in particular, is ideal.

On the other hand, the circular wok is a hard-to-use stove because you can’t always keep it on the stove.

You must always grip one of the handles while completing your job.


#1. Ceramic glass stove

Use a red-bottom wok to obtain the most excellent results with the glass-ceramic burner. However, you have to put a wok ring on the burner first and keep the wok there. This stops the wok on the stove from swaying. In addition, a space between the bottom and the cooktop of the wok ring is maintained to minimize scratching. Therefore, you cannot use a flat wok on a ceramic glass stove.

Another reason why a ceramic glass burner is chosen for a circular wok is because its solid construction allows it to endure extreme variations in temperature without failure. If a hard object is dropped, a crack may occur. The carbon-steel wok thus does not function on this kind of surface.


#2. Heating technique

No matter what burner you have, you have to heat your wok for 10 minutes or more before adding oil. First, flip over, then allow the oil to coat the whole wok. When the oil is heated, add all the food components and stir to the cook. However, you must first heat your wok slowly and then increase the temperature steadily to or above 3000 watts. If you first use the maximum heat setting, your wok may distort. To cook various dishes on an electric stove using a wok, it should be at a temperature of 145 to 300 degrees.

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#3. Seasoning

If your wok is fresh and new, seasoning is an essential activity. Because before the first cooking, it needs to be removed to avoid the manufacturer from rusting away part of the oil. This objective requires the application of a method.


Advantages Of Using Wok

Both round and flat woks provide benefits that might fit your needs. All you need is dish soap and some freshwater to clean your wok once you have finished cooking, making the process much easier. If I were you, read on what is the advantage of cooking with a wok.


Disadvantages Of Using Wok

Heating below temperature using an electric stove is a significant problem. Your food will be more boiled than fried during the cooking procedure. Most woks require 1000-1600 watts to provide the necessary heat for cooking. When the time comes to pay your energy bill, your funds will indeed be strained. To understand more, know the pros and cons of a wok.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading the entire post, you have already figured out how to use wok on an electric stove. The wok is a sort of charcoal, cast iron, aluminum, and a non-stick metal pan. It is utilized to fry, boil, steam, smoke, and more in various culinary procedures. This pot not only facilitates cooking with the two types of handle loop and stick but will also prevent your hands from burning. For more articles about stove, read on how to open stove top. Thank you for reading!