How To Use Ultrasonic Repeller Pest Control: 9 Best Options

Identifying the area to plug the device is the first thing to consider in learning how to use ultrasonic repeller pest control. An ultrasonic pest repeller is a pest control instrument that produces high-frequency sounds to eliminate household pests, such as rodents and insects. 

Check a room that shows signs of pest infestation. Some of the signs are chewing marks, small tracks, rodent nests, and droppings. 

how to use ultrasonic repeller pest control

Once you have identified the area, plug the device into an electrical outlet open to the rest of the room. Ensure you don’t plug it behind furniture where it may block the sound waves.

This device can only cover the room where it’s plugged. You need to have a unit for each pest-infested room. 

Monitoring the signs of pest activity will enable you to confirm if the population is decreasing. Remember that pests can tolerate hostile changes in their environment for a short time, so expect to see a decline in activity after 6-10 days. 

Always make sure that you have suitable batteries on hand for your ultrasonic pest repeller. If your device is solar-powered, it needs solar charging for a day or two. 


Popular Ultrasonic Pest Repellers You Can Use

Pests can cause tremendous distress to anyone, so below are ten of the best ultrasonic pest repellers that can help you get rid of the pests.


1. MITAHOME ultrasonic pest repeller

This device integrates the latest ultrasonic chip technology that allows the dual speakers to produce an enhanced ultrasound pressure that damages the roaches’ nervous and sensory system. 

To use it, you need to plug the device in an electrical outlet, and once you see a blue light going on and off, it signifies that the pest repeller is working.


2. Bocianelli ultrasonic indoor pest control electronic plug-in

This package includes six devices so that you can use them for every room in your home with pest infestation. It has an 800-1200 sq. ft coverage area and can effectively repel any pests.

Each device from the package is easy to use. It only requires an electrical outlet, and you don’t need a battery to make the device work.

It has an LED indicator light that can serve as a night light. The LED light is cost-efficient since it can help in driving away pests

Remember to install one unit per room because ultrasonic waves cannot pass through solid objects and walls. When you plug the device, make sure to keep an adequate amount of space around the place.


3. Pest soldier original ultrasonic electronic pest repeller

This device can cover indoor spaces for up to 1600 sq. ft. It is easy-to-use and small so that you can carry it anywhere.

All you need to do is flip the device’s switch, and you’re now safe from pests. 


4. BRISON ultrasonic pest repeller

This pest repeller uses a combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and optical waves to repel all types of pests. It covers about 1600 sq. ft and is suitable for homes, warehouses, and offices.


5. Cravegreens dual microchip ultrasonic pest repeller

It uses a dual microchip technology that emits ultrasound waves to disrupt pests. It is easy-to-use, portable, and long-lasting, making it one of the best options in preventing unwanted critters like cockroaches and bedbugs. 

You can plug this device anywhere there’s an outlet, and it’s 100% safe around children. 


6. Esco upgraded ultrasonic pest repeller

This device involves ultrasonic and electromagnetic sound waves that damage pests’ nervous and auditory systems. It features an HD display presenting the Ultrasonic + Electromagnetic frequency being emitted. 

The frequency emitted can range from 22-66 kHz and ensures that pests’ nervous and auditory systems can never be immune to the sound waves. It includes a night light feature, using an on/off LED light to ensure protection from critters like cockroaches. 

It repels crawling insects and flying insects on the wall, but you have to make sure to keep it away from carpets, curtains, or any material that can absorb sounds. 


7. Diaotec ultrasonic pest repeller

It produces high-impact pressure waves and ultrasonic sounds that efficiently disrupt pests. It includes dual speakers, ensures 360 degrees of pest protection, and covers distances from up to 5,920 sq. ft. 

It has four built-in functions: the TEST, ULTRA, TRANS, and DUO. Each of the built-in functions varies according to the sound they emit. 


8. Radarcan pro ultrasonic advanced pest repellent system

This device features INSureit 3.0 technology, based on the emission of an ultrasound frequency designed to draw away mice, cockroaches, rats, and bats. It has two tweeters, covering distances up to 5,382 sq. ft. 

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9. Neatmaster ultrasonic pest repeller 

It has three built-in functions that enable it to be more effective than other pest repellers. Its built-in functions include green light, which deals with minor pest infestation, blue light for average pest infestation, and red light for terrible pest infestation.

It is ideal for large areas like the parking lot, warehouse, school, garage, restaurant, or big apartment. Just plug it anywhere there is a pest infestation. 



For the best answer on how to use ultrasonic repeller pest control, all you need to consider is the location where pest infestation is confirmed. Once you have the location, you can plug it into an electrical outlet and wait for the decline in pest population after 6-10 days. 

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