How To Use The Pods In The Washer? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to use the pods in the washer; pods are re-usable capsules that contain the perfect quantity of grime removal, detergents and give shine to your laundry just in a single wash.

To use pods, determine the laundry size and the number of pods you’ll need, then select the appropriate spin cycles and add the pods to the bottom of the washer bucket.

how to use the pods in the washer

If needed, you can add additional to the load or well before. Tide pods should be kept out of the reach of kids and dogs. My friends, it’s all true about pods, but this is not enough. We have complete information related to this question. So if you are interested in this topic and want to learn how to use pods, how much can you use them? Just read this article thoroughly.


How Are Pods Used?

As you may be aware, a single pod dose costs more than using powder or liquid detergent; therefore, it is prudent to use the correct quantity when you are on a budget. Here are some methods that help you on how to use the pods in the washer.


Step #1. Measure the load size

Before adding the pods to the washer, first, measure the laundry size. And according to the size, add the pods in it. A piece of additional information for you, check out how to use laundry pods in front load washer


Step #2. Add pods

Add the pods to the bottom of the washer drum or at the back of the washing machine. First, measure these one pod for small to medium loads, two pa sie if your load and ten according to this size add the suitable amount of pods.

One detergent pod is sufficient for a small laundry weight of about two pounds or washer having  ⅓ part of the load. If your laundry weight is more than the regular wash cycle, like around 20 ponds, that is the largest washer capacity. Then, in this case,e use two pods only. One thing must keep in mind is never to put the pods in the detergent or liquid dispenser. Always add at in the washer tub. To understand it further, know how to use laundry detergent pods correctly


Step #3. Dissolve pods in warm water

Standard top-load washers and high-efficiency top-loading and front-loading washers perform best with laundry detergent capsules. Unfortunately, pods don’t mix well in washers with automatic detergent or fabric softener dispensers. As a result, only put pods inside the drum, not the dispenser boxes. In both warm and cold water, single-dose capsules dissolve perfectly. The capacity of the pod to disintegrate, however, is affected by the weather.

If the water is more excellent than usual in the winter, the pod may well not break completely. If the problem persists, melt the pod in heated air first, then place it in the washing before laundering your clothing.

Whenever it comes to washing detergent pods, the most precise focus to remember has always been to add the pods to the drum before adding the garments and water. A pod put on top of clothing may not completely disintegrate. As a result of the detergent being left on wet clothes, stains and spots appear. If the machine is overloaded, there is no sufficient hot water in the washer for the pod to digest; streaking might result. If you wonder if the pods can dissolve in cold water, check out how tide pads work in cold water



How To Avoid Streaking When Using Pods?

Keeping Streaking and Spotting to a Minimum, for this purpose, try to dissolve the pods first into the water. When a pod is still not completely dissolved, the clothing Looks striped and speckled. If this occurs, rewash the garments without using any detergent.

To ensure that all of the clothing receive adequate water, use the maximum load capacity level. Furthermore, never put detergent-stained items in the dryer since the heat will make it difficult to eliminate the stain afterward.


Some Useful Tips For Using Pods

No doubt it’s straightforward to use pods. Here are some tips while using the pods.  Using pods in a high-efficiency washer is the best idea because pods make fewer suds and work well when the water in the washer is little. Deop the pods on the clothes. It may not decompose appropriately if you put it on top of a pile of clothes. It might cause streaks and detergent spots on your clothes.

Pods of laundry detergent should dissolve in the water at any temperature. If it doesn’t work, mix it in a hot glass of water first before putting it in the drum. Don’t put the pods on the silky clothes, as pods left stains on them, and it’s very frustrating to remove them.

Pods look like candy. That’s why it is better to keep them in a different place, where the children never reached. These can be exceedingly deadly if swallowed, chewed, or eaten. 


It’s A Wrap!

We were hoping that you’d learn all about how to use the pods in the washer. It’s better before using the pods; you have complete information on how to use them. Not only this, but we have also mentioned some helpful tips while using the pods. Keep it in the drum, not in n your mind to add the pods in the drum, not in washer dispenser also keep away the pods from the reach of children, then you. For more washer articles, read how to balance a washer. Thank you for reading! 

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