How To Use Round Brush Hair Dryer? 5 Easy Steps!

Not all know how to use round brush hair dryer, so we decided to come up with this post. In five easy steps, you can; these things you will know as you read further into this article. 

Many are struggling to master the blowout at the comfort of their homes only. This involves sore arms, tangled strands, and even cursing. 

how to use round brush hair dryer

For that very reason, we observed the hair experts and asked them for tricks and tips about using a round brush hair dryer. If you also want to find out what we learned from them, you better take diligent notes. Keep reading, and you will know how to do it like an expert. 


Steps To Use Round Brush Hair Dryer

Before we get started, you have to note that using the round brush on your wet hair would, of course, lead to poor results. Maybe that is why you hated this device. You must be aware that you are only wasting effort and time if you blow-dry your hair when it is not 80 or 90 percent dry yet. If you start blow-drying when your hair is not mostly dry yet, then the styling would take way longer to finish. This also means many frustrations and tired arms throughout the process. Now, here are the steps on how to use round brush hair dryer:


Step #1. Choosing the round brush

Round brushes are not created the same, which does not yield similar results. Size, bristles density, and material are the factors that significantly affect the results that you will get. Those round brushes made of vented metal are ideal for heat support while styling. 

On the other hand, boar bristle round brush is typically dense and firmer, creating more tension as you pull your hair. This also results in more lift and volume when you are done. Round brushes are relatively the same as curling irons in diameter—the smaller the brush diameter, the smaller the curl. Unless you are a pro, you should not mess with your round brush too small. Or else you will risk your hair getting tangled into the bristles. Anyway, you can check out this best hair dryer brush review guide.


Step #2. Divide your hair

If you want to get it done fast, you have to take the time when blow-dry your hair. Wrapping too large a section around your brush will not speed up the process. You will end up going back and redoing them. 

Diving your hair into smaller sections is recommended so that the dry would be even. This will also make styling faster as you would be able to move on to the next after the other. To divide your hair, begin by dividing it into four sections. Then, start working at one segment only and clip up the others so that they will not get in the way. For each section, you need to divide it further into smaller portions. This time, the subsections should be manageable to work on. 


Step #3. Changing your angles

You are sure that a stylist constantly moves as she blows out hair. This movement matters. Well, you should not blast one spot of your hair only and expect it to look perfect afterward. It would help if you changed the angle frequently. For beginners, this is a recommended technique for you. Start your round brush from the roots to the ends of your hair at your head’s base. If you have mastered this, you can already change how you angle your round brush, especially right at the ends of the hair. 

Rather than holding the hairdryer horizontally when you are done lifting the root, try to flip your dry hair with a round brush vertically. Twist or twist your wrist as you move to make the wave look softer and natural-looking. Regardless of the way you move the brush, keep in mind to keep the nozzle angled downward and paralleled all the time so that the heat being dispersed across the hair sections is even and does not fluff the cuticle up. 


Step #4. Switching up the heat settings

Another that you need to change through the entire process consistently is your hair dryer’s heat settings. High air and high heat would seem to be the best option, but the combination of the two can result in a tangled and frizzy mess – not unless you are a pro. Close to your hairline, you need to turn down the settings to medium only. Or, if your hair is curly, turn it to low heat. Rely on how you create tension with your brush in smoothing your hair out. Otherwise, you may end up over-drying your hair. This, in turn, could make it harder for you to work on your tresses. 


Step #5. Cool air blast

After you have completed one section, turn down the heat setting for a cool air blast. This helps hold the shape, prevent frizz, and seal the cuticle. The hot air is the one that is forming the air, while the cool air is the one setting the shape. But some find this step unnecessary, which is why they are skipping it. If you do the same, you will find that the results will not last that long. 


It’s A Wrap!

There you have it, folks! Those are the straightforward steps to be taken on how to use round brush hair dryer. Follow them and enjoy beautifully glamorous hair after. 

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