How To Use Peppermint Oil For Bed Bugs? 4 Easy Ways!

You might have bed bugs at home, and you want to know about “How to use peppermint oil for bed bugs?”

It is not hard to make sure that your sleep is safe and have a peaceful.

But that is not possible if there are pests under your bed.

Instead, they can be the reason for your sleepless nights.

You can lock up your house to avoid bad people, but pests are always out of control.

With different essential oils, you can lessen the infestation of pests in your home, especially bed bugs.

One of the most effective oil ones can use peppermint oil.

This one is good for bed bugs.

And we will further discuss the different ways and steps on how you can use your peppermint oil.


Ways To Use Peppermint Oil For Bed Bugs

How to use peppermint oil for bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be your worst enemy especially when you want to sleep and relax after a long tiring day.

It can cause so many inflictions and complications that you can’t handle, so it is better to know more about it.

A bed bug often strikes when you are asleep, and you couldn’t feel that they are already feeding on you.

They usually leave itchiness on your skin, and the worst is that their bites could swell right after.

It is a must to put some repellant to avoid too much infestation of bed bugs on your mattresses or even furniture.

Here are some ways and their steps on how you should do each of them. It is up to you to choose.


Option #1. Use a spray bottle

The first option that we can advise you to do is to have it in a spray bottle.

But take note that you will need a mixture for this.

You will not pour all the oil in a spray bottle because its consistency might not be good for a spray.

We have here some measurements that you have to follow to make this mixture better.

Get a spray bottle with you, and then grab a cup full of water. You can then pour the water inside it.

After that, grab your peppermint oil and then add 20 drops of it to your water, then slowly shake it.

You can spray it all around your bed lightly or spray it through the air.

In that way, the bed bugs won’t get dizzy because of the smell.


Option #2. Have it mixed in a pesticide

The second option we have is for you to mix it with the pesticide you have. Some pesticides are odorless.

And adding peppermint oil to it can make it even stronger to kill the bed bug infestation.

You can use this on your bed’s box springs, furniture, and other places where you sure have the presence of bed bugs.

Direct contact on where they usually stay with pesticides mixed with peppermint oil can kill them.

Make sure that your kids are not inside the house when you do this procedure or option if and only if you have one.

They are not safe for children, especially when they are curious enough to touch and smell every corner of your house.

Be very careful with this procedure, or else it might put you and your child in danger.


Option #3. Place it under your bed

The last option that we have is for you to place a bowl under your bed so that the scent would come up.

You can put as much peppermint oil as you want.

It is for you to decide and be practical in your ways.

In this procedure, you will not do so many things to perform it.

Therefore, this one is the easiest out of the three.

But then this is not as effective as the first two options we have given you.

So, if you are aiming for the best, here’s option number 4.


Option #4. Do all three steps

You can call it the ultra step in this option because you will join forces with the three options earlier.

After doing all three options, there is no other way bed bugs can escape.

It is one of the best ways to eliminate them.

You have to make sure that it is safe for you and your loved ones when you make these procedures.

Leave the area where you have done this for quite some time and let it sit to make sure that it would affect.

Bed bugs are one of your greatest enemies, so we have to make sure that we get rid of them in all possible ways.

Your peppermint oil is only one out of all the other essential oils you can use against pests.

Try to check all the others online. You can search it on sites and blogs for you to see what else could work.



We are now through with our article. And we answered, “How to use peppermint oil for bed bugs?”

You can safely threaten the pests in your house by sending peppermint oil all over their place.


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