How To Use Pellet Stove? 3 Steps To Start A Fire And Make Use Of Your Stove!

How to use a pellet stove? With modern technology, pellet stoves have been invented. They are more efficient and release the cleanest solid fuel by seventy to eighty-three percent more hygienic than other stoves. And for the most part, pellet stoves are a cheaper option to install than those that use wood to heat up. With that, it is an excellent choice to own one.

Though, do you know or have any idea on how to use pellet stove? If not, then you’ve come to the right place. Starting a fire with this may be relatively straightforward, but take note; you’ll have to know about proper precautions if you’re new to dealing with these. So without further ado, let us dive right into it.

how to use pellet stove


Steps To Start A Fire And Make Use Of Your Pellet Stove

How to use pellet stove? If you’re new to dealing with pellet stoves, we recommend that you take a good look first before doing things with it. It could be dangerous and harm you if you do it without precautions. So, you can use these as a guide for dealing with that:


Step #1. Readying your pellet stove

Since pellet stoves use electricity to operate, it will take some time to heat up. So now, what you’ll want to do is plug it into a power source so that it can preheat and take its time before placing all the pellets later on. Wait for at least thirty minutes to an hour at most so that it builds up heat ultimately.

Once you can feel the heat in the device itself, you’ll want to place a large number of pellets into your stove.

Though each pellet stove requires a different quantity of ammunition, you’ll have to refer to the device’s owner’s manual for its exact measurement or amount. Otherwise, overflowing will cause it to break sometimes.  Now that everything has been put into place, it is time that you push the on/off switch or button in your device to heat the pellets and create smoke slowly after several minutes. With that, let us move on to the next step.


Step #2. Heating the stove

Pellet stoves heating sometimes depends on the brand that they were made by. You can always refer to the device’s manual if you don’t have an idea. Since we’re heating the stove manually, it’ll take some time before it ultimately makes up a fire.

Usually, pellet stoves take about five to ten minutes to heat.

You’ll eventually notice that smoke will start to be emitted by the device and pellets falling from above. This is a sign wherein the shells have been heated already. This is normal. And with that, we are up to our final step, and it’ll be straightforward to finish this off.


Step #3. Adjusting the temperatures for the heating element

Now for the final step of this process, this all depends on what your preference is. At approximately ten or fifteen minutes into the process, the system light will light up on its own. This is a sign that your device has wholly heated up to the required amount of heat. The light will continue to flash.

If your device has a heat setting, you can always use the manual to reference if you’re having difficulty dealing with it, even with all the instructions. Though, if you have an idea, you will use the heat level button to change the heat to your desired amount or setting to have the comfort you need.

Also, to avoid any accident from happening and for the best usage of this, the convection blower should be left on at all times when using your pellet stove. This can reduce overheating when the furnace is turned on while still being effective or efficient at the same time while being used.



In this part of the article, we will answer some of the most common questions you can find on the internet regarding pellet stoves. Keep on reading as there might be a question in mind that is the same as yours:


Question #1. When using a pellet stove, does it require to use a specific type of wood for burning?

The answer to that question is a no. Whether you are using hardwood or softwood pellets, both will work efficiently. However, hardwood ones are more recommended since they provide longer burns than the other types of woods available due to their wood density. On the other hand, despite how tough the wood you use, the damage will still occur if it’s exposed to water. Here are some steps to repair water-damaged natural wood.


Question #2. Do pellet stoves produce lots of ash than a normal wood-burning stove?

Compared to a wood-burning stove, pellet stoves have almost little to no ash content. As a result, they are known to have a very clean burn without worrying about lots of ashes. Usually, premium-grade pellets have a one percent ash production at most, while a standard one stands at one to three percent. Read more here about pellet stove questions.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you already have an idea of how to use pellet stove. Keep these in mind as you may have one in the future. Please note that they are more efficient than any other stove and will cost you way less in the installation process. We are fond of using logs or charcoal to provide warmth to our house, but since not everyone has access to it, experts have come up with a pellet made of wood or biomass as a substitute. Regardless, you’d want to learn why your fridge is freezing. Aren’t you curious about that? I hope you are!


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