How To Use Mold Bomb Fogger (And 4 Best Places To Get It)

How to use mold bomb fogger, you say? Just place the fogger in a room, do as the instruction says to set it off, and wait till done. 

Once done, you may need to clean all mold residue and sanitize the area to be safe.

how to use mold bomb fogger

A mold bomb fogger works like the rain. It pulls down all the mold spores to the ground, making it easier to clean and get rid of.

Of course, it is better than just cleaning the mold on the surface because it can even go to every nook and cranny of your home. Even the spaces between your cabinets and furniture will get a chance to be mold-free.


Easy Tips To Use A Mold Bomb Fogger

Using a mold bomb fogger may come off as difficult to some. Worry no more because here are helpful tips on how to use a mold bomb fogger effectively.

You should always check the area where you will place the fogger first because you would not want to use it while food is in the area. Those will not be edible after the fogging.

As the mold bomb fogger pulls all the mold spores to the ground, you might want to make sure the floor is easy to sweep and clean.


Where To Buy Mold Bomb Fogger?

There are a variety of places to buy mold bomb foggers, and here are some of them.


1. Walmart

Do you have a Walmart near you? Then this is one place you can buy mold bomb foggers.

Just go to the nearest Walmart in your area and go to the cleaning supplies section, and you can see some mold bomb fogger there. You can buy various mold bomb foggers from there, and you can pick what brand you want or feel comfortable using. 


2. Home Depot

Have a home depot near you? Then you can buy your mold bomb fogger here.

Drive your way to a home depot near you and get yourself a mold bomb fogger to get rid of that nasty mold in your home.


3. Amazon

If you don’t feel like going out or there is no Walmart or a home depot close to your area, then look no further because you can order a mold bomb fogger in the comfort of your home. Just open your gadget, go to the Amazon site, and order a mold bomb fogger straight from your device while sitting on your couch.


4. eBay

If you don’t feel comfortable ordering on Amazon, then you can order at eBay — still through your gadget and the comfort of your own home. Again, open your gadget, log in to your eBay account, purchase the mold bomb fogger of your choice, check out your order, and wait for your order to arrive.


Where To Use Mold Bomb Fogger?

You can use a mold bomb fogger in various locations inside your house, and here are some places you can use it.


In your bedroom

You can use your mold bomb fogger inside your bedroom because there might be mold in your mattress that you are not aware of having.

Don’t know how to locate molds in your mattress? Worry no more because this article will help you on how to tell if there is mold in your mattress.


In your living room

You can also use your mold bomb fogger in your living room mainly because some of your furniture might be the breeding ground of molds.

You might notice molds growing on your furniture and don’t know what causes them. Well, here is an article discussing what causes green mold on furniture.


In your kitchen

Your kitchen is the most suitable place for mold to grow because of all the pipes and vents your kitchen has. Usually, cleaning your kitchen is already a day’s work, and cleaning mold might be more work than before.

With the help of fogging, cleaning mold will not be as taxing as it usually does because all you need to clean is the floor.


Safety Precautions Of Fogging

Since you are using chemicals to clean your house with fog, you should have precautions on using mold bomb foggers.

Following the statement of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, you should follow specific precautionary methods before fogging. This method will help you, your family, and your neighbors to keep safe from harm.

Most importantly, you should always notify family members and your neighbors that you will be fogging your house. It is for them not to inhale any harsh chemicals.

You should also know that you should never fog near an ignition or heat because it will cause an explosion that will harm you and everyone around you. The risks of inhaling the chemicals are far more significant if this ever happens.



As you have finished reading this article, you know how to use mold bomb fogger, where to buy them, and the safety precautions when using them.

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