How To Use Hisense Air Conditioner Remote? 12 Awesome Controls!

Do you want to know how to use Hisense air conditioner remote? This brand has various types of air conditioners. We have researched 12 controls found in their remote, and we’ll share them with you later.

Hisense is not popular among homeowners compared to LG, Frigidaire, and many more for air conditioners. But they are well-known for their smart television.

how to use Hisense air conditioner remote

They have been manufacturing appliances for over five decades now! And we can say that their products have evolved through their features and technology. This post will teach you how to operate your Hisense air conditioner. So, let’s start!


What Are The Controls In Your Hisense AC Remote?

In this article, you’re going to familiarize yourself with the most common controls found in your remote. Knowing what the controls do and their purpose is essential to avoid damaging your unit.

So, here are the controls that could satisfy your knowledge about “how to use Hisense air conditioner remote.”


Control #1. Power button

This button is the most common and the most important for your AC to turn on/off and operate. It’s usually the biggest or the odd one out. The symbol is round with a line on the top and is usually in the color red.


Control #2. SMART

Not all ACs include the SMART button, but you can see it often on Hisense appliances. It’s also essential to keep your room’s temperature in check. It could automatically change the mode of your AC depending on the current temperature of your room.


Control #3. MODE

You may push this button as often as you like to change the operation on your air conditioner. And you can check on the display the current mode set on your AC. The most common modes include cool, heat, fan, dry, and auto modes. However, some have additional functions and features.


Control #4. Temp +-

This button allows you to adjust how cold or warm you want the air released from your AC. Press the temp + or upward button for a higher temperature but don’t make it too high because it will turn your AC into a heater. And you can press the temp (–) or downward button for colder air.


Control #5. Swing

The swing control allows you to change the direction of the airflow. It could be horizontally or vertically. Press this button to make it start changing directions, and you can leave it like that. Or you can press it again if it has reached your desired angle.


Control #6. Fan

You may control the speed of your air conditioner’s fan—alternatively, the volume of air emitted by the unit. It could be in high, low, mid, or auto mode.


Control #7. Sleep

You can use this button whenever you go to sleep at night. It regulates the temperature in your room while you were sleeping and provides you a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

This way, you don’t need to remove the blanket or cover yourself because of the temperature changes.


Control #8. Super

Use this button if you wish to set your AC to fast cooling or fast heating. You can also press this to stop the ongoing operation.


Control #9. Clock

Your AC displays the current time and will also serve as your clock. With this button, you can set the time display in your AC. You won’t lose track of time.


Control #10. Timer on/off

This button will let you set a timer for your AC to operate. If you’re trying to save money and energy, the timer button can help you. You can let your AC run for about 5 hours, and this will automatically stop once it has reached the time limit.


Control #11. Dimmer

If you press this button, all the settings and numbers will disappear from your display. But they will also appear again once you’ve pressed this button for the second time.


Control #12. I-Feel

This button enables the I-Feel mode. And it allows the device to regulate the volume and temperature of the airflow to give the best possible comfort. You may disable it by pushing the button again. It functions just like the sleep button, but you can use it at any time.


Additional Features Of Your Hisense AC Unit

Various brands have different features. So, there are still other features that we need to tackle. Hisense has unique features depending on the type of AC. You might want to know about these characteristics, and some of them might surprise you and make you want to buy again.


Feature #1. Hi-Nano

This feature provides your home with the most reliable air quality since it releases high-concentration dual ions that can eliminate dust and harmful organisms such as the virus. It can even inhibit the dangerous COVID-19 virus.


Feature #2. WiFi settings

You can connect your Hisense AC with your WiFi and control it using your phone or any gadget. Download their app to use your phone as the remote.


Feature #3. Smart eye

Other Hisense products, such as the split-air conditioner, have a smart-eye feature. It has a sensor that can detect the body temperature of the user if they’re nearby. And it can automatically adjust the AC temperature depending on what they have detected.



And that is how to use Hisense air conditioner remote. There are still other unique features found in Hisense home appliances, and you should check them out. We are glad that you enjoyed discovering more about this company which could encourage you to buy from them. Thank you for reading!

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