How To Use Hair Dryer Attachments? 4 Best Ways!

How to use hair dryer attachments? Make sure to use the right extensions that suit your hair type, whether straight or curly, and choose whether you need a diffuser, concentrator, styler, and pick.

The proper use of these hair dryer attachments will enable blow-drying hair in the appropriate way possible.

How to use hair dryer attachments

Dry or smoothen your hair, style it, and more, and get the right type that you want to achieve with a hairdryer. Also, make sure the hair is a little damp while you blow-dry it and use a low or medium type of heat setting, including heat-protecting products. There are different dryer attachment types to master using them. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Ways To Use Hair Dryer Attachments

So, how to use hair dryer attachments? Below are the ways to use each of the hairdryer attachments:


#1. Picks

Picks are suitable for creating hair volume that shorter hair demands more specific preferences, while longer hair strands require longer selections. Smooth your curly hair with those picks acting like a comb attached to a dryer as this tool untangles the hair while stretching out the curl, thus creating volume in its roots.


#2. Styler

Styler is a hairbrush and blow-dryer that saves you much energy as it uses a comb and dryer together and uses the style to detangle the hair effortlessly.


#3. Diffuser attachment

This diffuser attachment is shaped in a bowl alongside its prongs to make it suitable for curly or wavy hair. Its holes enable the air to flow continuously in the strands while the diffuser nozzle helps achieve a freeze-free and quick-drying experience; thus, your curls are intact. Its attachment pushes the air out of the dryer and broadens it to the prongs while the air continues as you dry your hair; this method is gentler as used on the hair.

Follow the steps below in using diffuser attachment:

  • Dampen your hair to free it from knots and tangles, and comb your hair wide using your finger.
  • Apply styling products such as the curl serum for extra hydration.
  • Get your curls twisted in shape likened and section the hair.
  • Set the device in low and medium heat to maintain the curly hair and avoid hair and frizz damage.
  • Dry the hair like seventy-five percent and allow it to dry for your hair to stay moistened as this keeps the curls frizz-free and intact.

It may be helpful to read about how to use a hair dryer diffuser.


#4. Concentrator

This hair dryer attachment provides you with a styling power concentrated enough to achieve a straight and sleek style. It’s flat, broad, and duckbill-looking that directs the air to flow in a dryer down to a concentrated and small area of the hair as this comes in various shapes with a wide-mouth type of nozzle that dries hair faster and easier. It features a robust and tight nozzle while creating multiple styles and lifting. The narrow nozzle provides a complete finish for frizzy and curly hair as its wide nozzle is suitable for thick and long hair for a sleek and straight style.

Follow the ways below in using a concentrator:

  • Divide the hair, set them into proportions, and spray each area using heat protector type of products.
  • Comb your hair place it in the first part of the hair and move the brush to the deepest part of the roots and to tips to ensure the hairdryer goes through the comb and directs it through the hair shaft. But then, never point the concentrator to the hair and the roots as it creates frizz.
  • Make the hair shinier than ever by going to each hair section, using a cold shot in a dryer and, beginning from the root to the tip. A cold setting seals hair’s cuticle and leaves the hair to look sleek.
  • Use the attachment slowly with a high temperature that fastens the drying process and prevents the hair from blowing.


Importance Of Using Hair Dryer Attachments

Use these hairdryer attachments mentioned to satisfy your needs and be clear if you need them because if not, you have to opt for a concentrator. This dryer attachment feat is far more suitable for controlling airflow. It helps dry hair faster than ever if you do not use it for styling, and imagine hair is blown throughout with no concentrator that narrows down the flow of air to exit the hairdryer. The hairdryer attachments will be helpful depending on the goal you want to achieve and the hair type. Hair Dryers with diffusers and concentrators are easy to use, and with a pick attachment, you’ll need to purchase them separately.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to use hair dryer attachments by making your hair first a little damp while blow-drying it. Use a low or medium heat setting, including the heat-protecting products. Dry or smoothen your hair and style it, and more to achieve hair-drying results the proper way possible! So, keep these informational tips in mind to use a hairdryer with your hair done excellently and brilliantly! Plus, realize how important hair dryer attachments are! Click on these links to read related articles; know how to choose hair dryer and the important things to look for in a hair dryer.

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