How To Use Cone Thread On Sewing Machine: 3 Best Ways

The answer to how to use cone thread on sewing machine reveals three options. You can use a bobbin, cup, or just place it on the floor. We’ll also discuss how to use a thread stand. Expect to learn everything about cone threads after reading this article. 

Speaking of which, why not learn how to set up a sewing machine? You can benefit from studying that tutorial and avoid issues during sewing machine usage.

how to use cone thread on sewing machine


How To Use Cone Thread On Sewing Machine Correctly

You have multiple ways to use a cone thread on the sewing machine. However, you must remember that it should have enough space to unwind, and the thread won’t get tangled during sewing. Additionally, the cone thread should never roll away or fall when you use it while sewing.


With a bobbin

  1. Remove the bobbin and place it in its winder
  2. Thread the sewing machine with the cone thread via the manual instructions
  3. Hold the cone and depress the foot pedal to wind the bobbin
  4. Use the bobbin instead of the spool holder to thread the machine 
  5. Start sewing

With a cup

  1. Place the cone thread in a cup  big enough for it to unwind without getting tangled
  2. Thread the machine like you’re using a spool of thread
  3. Place the cup in an area where it won’t fall or roll away
  4. Start sewing

On the floor

  1. Place the cone thread directly on the floor but behind the sewing machine
  2. Raise the thread off the ground with a structure such as a chair
  3. Thread the sewing machine as usual
  4. Start sewing

Are you still new to threading a sewing machine in general? Read our tutorial on how to thread a Singer sewing machine or browse our blog for threading more specific brands.


How Do You Use A Cone Thread Stand?

If you don’t want to place the cone thread directly on the ground, use a bobbin, or even a cup, you can also consider purchasing a cone thread stand. It’s available in sewing shops and maybe a worthy investment if you’re frequently using a cone thread with the sewing machine. Here is how to use a cone thread stand:

  1. Install the cone thread stand and place the thread cone onto it
  2. Thread the sewing machine as if you’re using a typical thread spool
  3. Start sewing

How Do You Use A Large Spool Of Thread On A Sewing Machine?

You can easily use a large spool of thread on a sewing machine using a spool holder. If you don’t want to, another solution is to transfer it to a smaller one. You only need to have the spool holder outside the machine and then fix the large thread spool onto it for the first solution. Then, you can just thread it through your sewing machine as you usually would. 

But if you don’t want to use a spool holder, you’ll simply transfer the thread from the large spool to a small one. However, you will need to stop occasionally once the smaller spool is finished. Finally, you can just have the large spool behind the sewing machine head if you have a large working space anyway. 

Can I Use Large Spools Of Thread On Sewing Machine?

You can use large spools of thread on a sewing machine. It will save you time constantly refilling the depleted spool, especially when you’re working on a large project that demands thread. Feel free also to read how a sewing machine works to understand the concepts behind its usage of thread. 

How Do You Make A Cone Thread Holder?

If you don’t want to spend and buy a separate cone thread holder, you have various DIY options for free. For example, use a mug from your house as long as it has enough space to keep the spool in place when sewing. The main thing is to use a cup-shaped item to keep the spool from falling or rolling off when using the sewing machine. 

What Causes The Bunching Of Thread Under The Fabric?

When sewing, your thread may bunch and get tangled in the material because of wrong threading, tension, or debris collecting in the sewing machine. If you’re using a large spool of thread, getting the thread bunched up can be frustrating as it slows down your sewing. Here is what you can do to solve thread bunching:

  1. Rethread the sewing machine and ensure that the thread goes through the guide correctly
  2. Check and adjust the bobbin tension accordingly
  3. Rethread the bobbin so the thread is taut and straight before sewing
  4. Check and replace the needle when needed
  5. Keep your sewing machine clean and free of debris and lint
  6. Oil the sewing machine to keep it moving smoothly

How Do I Open A Thread Roll?

Inspect the thread visually and with your fingers because the end can be noticeable with some patience. However, a quick way to open a thread roll is to buy those with a plastic spool that has a groove where the thread end is placed. Then, loosen the thread with a needle. 


And that’s it! To recap how to use cone thread on sewing machine, you can either place it on the floor, use a cup, bobbin, or a cone thread stand. It’s a relatively straightforward process, and afterward, you can thread the sewing machine as if you’re using a thread spool.

We hope this was a helpful read. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.


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