How To Use Bleach In The Washer? 4 Best Ways!

Want to know how to use bleach in the washer? There are many different types of bleach in the market to use in different ways possible to leave clothes perfectly cleaned.

Thus, it helps eliminate the damages brought by the use of detergent to the fabric clothes. Keep this one crucial point in mind while you use bleach in the washer.

how to use bleach in the washer

Even the use of detergent and bleach makes a perfect combination for stubborn stains. That is why using bleach in the washer must be followed carefully. If not, it will end up getting the washing machine ruined. Whether you want to achieve that extra white or deep clean the interior part of the washer, use bleach to achieve your goal.


Ways To Use Bleach In The Washer

Here are the ways you can use bleach in the washer.


#1. Clean the washer with bleach

Bleach makes a good and robust cleaning chemical that cuts through almost any bacteria, grime, & scum. Wear gloves before starting the cleaning chore using bleach to protect any furnishings or surfaces that the chemical can damage. Ventilate the room where you will use the bleach. Wear a face mask for your respiratory sensitivities.


#2. Clean the filter

The filter in the washer can lock in the hair, debris, and lint often left behind after every laundry cycle. A filter that is blocked up prevents the washer from working correctly. Check the washer’s manual to learn to remove the filter. Clean the filter afterward. Expect that dirty water will come out running from it. Get yourself a towel that is useful when catching up on excess water. Pull off lint and visible dirt after you remove the filter. Remove any dirt after you have run the filter under such a warm tap. Water will not ever be enough if there is any stubborn dirt or mold, so wiping it over a clean and damp cloth is better. Rinse all of the residues and bleach away before you replace the filter in the washer. Then, wipe it down using a clean cloth.


#3. Clean the gasket

The seal or gasket is in the door part of the washer, which collects mold and grime. Cleaning it out the best way possible will depend upon the machine used. Now, the seals are after preventing leaks. Be careful not to bring damage or dislodge the gasket. Take a closer look at the gasket before getting started. Turn it inside out to make it easy to clean it considerably. Begin with a dry and clean cloth and rub it through the gasket surface. Cover your finger with cloth and push it through the seal if you cannot turn the gasket inside out.

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You will see that it requires a thorough cleaning if the cloth comes with mildew or mold. Wipe the surfaces further until the fabric is clean. Better yet, use several fabrics to achieve that clean gasket. Combine a solution of 10th parts of water and 1-part of bleach. Spray it directly onto the cloth or the seal. Work your way throughout the gasket. Let the bleach lifts away any bacteria and mold that hide in the seal.


#4. Clean the hoses and drum

The hoses and drum are among the most accessible sections of the washer to clean. Place sixty milligrams of bleach in the compartment. Run the washer empty that follows a long and hot cycle. However, do not add any more cleaning products. The mixture of hot water and bleach will help sanitize the surfaces in the machine and remove foul odors. Run the washer in an empty cycle after flushing away traces of bleach that stick to those surfaces. Run this cycle with bleach, with your laundry coming out fresher and cleaner in the future. Read about how to clean washer drain hoses


Wash The Laundry With Bleach Following These Steps

Why not use bleach when washing your laundry? Just learn how to use bleach in the washer as well. Give that added boost to your laundry cycle, mainly if you are cleaning the white t-shirts that lost their vibrancy for years. But remember too that other laundry items are not safe when used with bleach.


#1. Check the label for the manufacturer’s directions

Begin by first checking the manufacturer’s label regarding directions. That way, you will know if it is bleach stable. Other garment labels may be safe when used with color-safe bleaches. Some of them may even be sensitive to them, too. Be sure about using a solution with water and a solution with bleach. Do some patch tests.

  • Put a small amount of bleach directly onto the hidden part of the garment. Let it sit there overnight.
  • Remove the paste in the morning but be careful not to move the bleach onto other parts of the item.
  • Do not soak or wash the garment in a bleach-based or bleach cleaning chemical if its color is affected already.


#2. Set the washer’s cycle

Set the washer’s cycle up in the safest heat setting. Know that bleach works well at high temperatures. However, do not go above the maximum set by the manufacturer. Add your laundry detergent to the drawer. For the front-loading type of machine, mix one cup of bleach with one liter of water. Pour it straight into its drum to be sure no clothing comes near the bleach. For the top-loading type of machine, begin the cycle and see if the device fills up already. Sprinkle a cap of bleach if the device has enough water. Then, run the washer on the usual process. Dry the laundry after. You may want to know where to rent a washer and dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know how to use bleach in the washer no matter what brands you use. But remember that bleach can be an irritant. Protect yourself as you wear gloves. Take the needed preventative measures. Also, know when to put fabric softener in the washer and how to use laundry detergent pods correctly.

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