How To Use Bed Sheet Straps? 2 Awesome Types!

Do you have any idea how to use bed sheet straps?

Attaching bed sheet straps to your mattress is just a matter of clipping and adjusting the length of the straps.

how to use bed sheet straps

Waking up with your bed sheet seemed to get off your bed first before you would probably not make your morning that wonderful.

Hey, who wants that?

Who wants the hassle of doing a maintenance job every day to keep your bed sheet that fits the mattress?

Worry not, dear friend!

What you need right now is these small but terrible – well, in a good sense – straps that can hold that naughty bed sheet of yours.

Thank God it can be installed with much less effort and comes at a low price.

So let your eyes move as your mind is being fed with some critical information regarding the inquiry above.

All you have to do now is to keep on scrolling.


Types And How You Can Use Bed Sheet Straps

To answer the question “how to use bed sheet straps?” we will first look at the two most known different types.

Are we thinking the same thing?

Yes, to determine how to use a bedsheet strap is also to determine its type.

Another question that may come into your mind would be, “will these straps do their supposed jobs?”.

Well, I say, try it!

In this section, we will discuss some types of bed sheet straps and how to use them.


Type #1. Short quad style bed sheet straps

This type is the most common and, at the same time, the cutest one.

From the name itself, it says “quad” which means, it comes in sets of four.

These straps are designed to hold the bed sheet to stay fit on the mattress by holding every corner of it.

They usually have stretchable solid and adjustable bands, with clips (usually metal) on both sides.

The design is usually that one side has a fixed end clip and the other has an adjustable end clip.


How to use it?

To attach this type of strap to your bed sheet, start first with one corner.

Measure approximately 20 inches of space from the bed corner.

With that distance, clip the fixed end of the strap to the bedsheet.

If your bed sheet strap is designed to have two different faces, make sure to let the soft one face the mattress.

See to it also that the clip had a firm grip on the bedsheet.

After this, run the strap under the mattress.

Then, clip the other end of the belt 20 inches from the other side of the mattress corner.

Adjust the adjustable side to the desired fit that you want.

Repeat these steps to the remaining corners then you are done!


Type #2. Long duo style bed sheet straps

This type of bed sheet strap is also known as a bedsheet suspender.

From the name itself, it says “duo” which means that it comes in sets of two.

These straps are also usually made of the same material as the previous one.

However, the installment process and style differ.

While the short bed sheet straps hold one corner of the bedsheet at a time, these long straps hold two corners simultaneously.

It cannot be said that one of the mentioned types so far is better than the other because both are evidently victorious in holding a bedsheet.

Still, it is you who has the right to choose which one you think might be the best for you.


How to use it?

There are also long duo-style bed sheet straps that are designed to have two different faces.

Always make sure that the soft side faces the mattress.

First, start with one corner.

This time, you have to clip the fixed end strap to the bedsheet straight to the corner of the mattress.

The more precise you clip it to the corner, the more fit your bed sheet will be, so better take that seriously.

Also, make sure that the clip grips onto the bed sheet firmly.

After which, stretch the long strap along the side of the mattress and down below.

Through this, you can clip the adjustable side of the strap to the opposite corner.

The straps will run diagonally from corner to corner under the mattress.

Hence, the finished look would form an x-like figure.

Adjust the length of the strap to the proper fit through the adjustable side.

However, these types of straps sometimes don’t come with adjustable bands.

But then, they are tightly elastic and can fit all sizes of mattresses, so no worries.

After you have clipped both sides of the strap, proceed to another corner, then do the same job you did with the first strap.

That’s it! You’re done!


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned how to use bed sheet straps.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

Your time and effort are much appreciated!

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