How To Use Aquarium Heater? 6 Easy Steps For Your Top Fin!

How to use aquarium heater? There are a few easy steps on how you can use it, depending on the kind of aquarium you have at home. Well, anyway, in this article, we’ll discuss about Top Fin and Marineland aquarium heaters.

It will help put it on any aquarium side to a filter outlet or air pump. The thing is, maximum water flow is ensured here correctly for heat distribution.

Plus, the aquarium heater does maintain stability in water temperature inside the aquarium, which is why you must keep in mind how to use the device correctly. Moreover, there are so far different choices of aquarium heater if you are searching for one. Plus, there are steps in using it in the proper way possible. Let us discuss more on this below. Keep reading!


How To Use Top Fin Aquarium Heater

What is a Top Fin aquarium heater? It’s so far one of the dependable aquarium heaters to purchase on the market. It has excellent value, high efficiency, and robust performance, making it a reliable heater. Here are the steps to follow when using this heater.


Step #1. Fixing the top heater

Use two suction cups to fix the topmost, alongside the heater.


Step #2. Submerging in the water

Submerge the submersible heater entirely in the water for it to operate. The heater is made up of quartz glass that can resist shattering; thus, it must not touch other tank surfaces.


Step #3. Resetting the temperature

A preset temperature of about 78 degrees Fahrenheit is available in the heater. So, quickly reset its temperature based on the aquarium’s needs.


Step #4. Keeping the device next to the filter’s flow or air pump

The aquarium heater has a dual-layer design for distributing heat evenly inside the tank. But then, it is ideal keeping the device next to the filter’s flow or air pump that best facilitates heat distribution.


Step #5. Waiting for a few minutes before turning it on

Enable the aquarium heater ten to fifteen minutes before it gets used to the water conditions. Afterward, turn on the device. After it reaches the temperature as desired, the device will turn off. So, you must not worry if you do not turn it off.


Step #6. Checking the water temperature

Lastly, please use a reliable thermometer when checking its water temperature. Also, do not depend much on the heater’s thermostat. I guess it’s helpful to read about why does aquarium temperature matters.


How To Use Marineland Aquarium Heater

The Marineland is an accurate, safe, reliable heater with saltwater or freshwater aquariums. It has a mounting bracket that securely attaches to the aquarium glass. It has exciting features plus it is user-friendly. It controls the temperature needed by a user. Here are the steps when using an aquarium heater.


Step #1. Fixing the suction cups and setting the device at a desirable temperature

Fix the heater’s suction cups alongside a heater and down to a dual-suction mounting bracket. Then, set the device at a desirable temperature and slide its bracket over the device. Look closely at the temperature settings through a 3-position viewing at three angles.


Step #2. Placing the device in the aquarium

The next is to put the heater inside the aquarium as you press the suction cups in the aquarium wall. It thus firmly holds the surface of the glass. Select a location with enough water that circulates and facilitates heat distribution.


Step #3. Plugging in the device

Wait for fifteen minutes before you plug in the device, allowing the heater to adjust. Never start the instrument after you insert it inside the water, or else it might crack the heater and the glass. The light glows after turning on the device; it signals the device has already begun heating the water already. The heater automatically turns off after the water temperature reaches a desirable level. It turns on after the temperature falls but covers the tank to avoid losing heat or increasing the heater’s pressure. It even inflates electricity consumption. The temperature variation can bring damage to the aquarium inhabitants.


How To Check The Condition Of The Aquarium Heater

Maintain the overall condition of the aquarium and ensure it is working correctly. The majority of aquarists are making a mistake believing the device works just fine. So, here are ways that will help you determine if the aquarium heater is working okay.


#1. Carry out the bucket test

See if the device is working fine when installing a new heater inside the aquarium. Fill it up with tap water and record the temperature before putting the heater in the water. Set its temperature, plug the device, and turn it on. Leave it for twenty-four hours, so the water heats up. Remove the heater after twenty-four hours and see if the temperature is okay. It works if the preset temperature matches the water temperature.


#2. Make use of a thermometer

Set the heater at a desirable temperature and place it next to the aquarium. Record the current temperature with an independent thermometer. Plug it, turn it on to heat it, and leave it for twenty-four hours until the water heats up thoroughly.


#3. Test using your hands

Insert your hands if you think the water temperature changes. Unplug the device or, better yet, turn off its electricity. Glide your hand in the tank and check for even heating in the water, as this is one best way how to use aquarium heater.


It’s A Wrap!

You learn how to use aquarium heater, so just decide which methods seem appropriate to use. Heat distributes properly as with using this device. It also helps maintain the stability of water in the aquarium. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to test water heater thermostat and how to adjust the water heater temperature.

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