How To Use Anti Mold Sticker? 8 Easy DIY Steps To Follow

Do you know how to use anti mold sticker? What are anti mold stickers, and are they effective?

For those who are constantly struggling to eradicate mold growths, these anti mold stickers will work wonders. Countries that have high temperatures and constant rain are ideal for mold growths to flourish.

how to use anti mold sticker

This isn’t only a problem for households, but also businesses. Continue reading to know more about anti mold stickers. 


What Is An Anti Mold Sticker?

Medical News Today claims that whether it is in cold, wet winter or warm, humid summer, activities at home can still result in dampness indoors and the occurrence of molds. It can even grow on materials such as walls, clothes, papers, toys, furniture, and so on.

Mold can become a problem for people that have weak immune systems and have respiratory issues. Not to mention that the process of removing mold is also time-consuming.

Anti mold stickers help prevent the build-up of molds, which helps eliminate the growth of molds and mildews in your stuff, reducing the risks that molds can induce. Anti mold stickers are also essential for businesses, as this could help keep the products in perfect condition.

Here are some of the benefits of an anti mold sticker:

  • Actively eliminate the growth of mold spores
  • Efficient control and absorption of moisture
  • Non-toxic and environmental-friendly
  • Reacts to high humidity by releasing an anti-microbial gas
  • It lasts for an extended period
  • Protection from damage to materials
  • Safe for usage on food
  • A broad range of application

For additional information, see this article to learn how to get rid of mold spores in the air. This article is an excellent aid in mold prevention.


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How to use an anti mold sticker?

The primary use of an anti mold sticker is to protect your packages, products, or materials from mold. You can use anti mold stickers for bags, shoes, food, textile, leathers, toys, furniture, etc.

Businesses that deal with products must consider how to deal with the possibility of mold infesting their products. This shows that anti mold stickers are essential material for household owners and those businesspersons.

Business Insider claims that almost every retailer in the world faces mold, which is a painful thorn to the retail industry’s side. Read more about this if you’re interested to know how retail’s million-dollar problem was solved.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction you can follow in using an anti mold sticker:

Step #1. Check if the sticker’s style is correct and if the packaging doesn’t have any damages.

Step #2. Open packaging by cutting the top part. There should be a mark where you can follow for cutting.

Step #3. Unzip the foil pack. 

Step #4. For more prolonged usage, you can either store it in a sealable container or use the foil packaging it comes with. In utilizing the foil packaging, zip the bag and leave only a tiny hole where you can pull the sticker; make sure to seal the zip lock tightly.

Step #5. There are different ways to attach this anti-mold sticker, such as:

  • For boxes with one hole, stick the sticker on the opposite end, while for a box with two holes, stick it in the middle. Assure that within 30 minutes, you seal it.
  • For Poly Bags, stick a sticker inside and away from the air holes. Make sure to close it quickly.

Step #6. For quality assurance, you can apply another sticker after some time has passed.

Step #7. Store it in its original packaging or on a sealed dispenser when you’re done using the sticker. Place it inside a polybag without holes and close it.

Step #8. Make sure to use it within 2-3 days; otherwise, the sticker would lose its effectiveness.

If you use anti mold stickers well, your products and materials will benefit significantly by lessening the risk that mold growth could generate. See the following advice to ensure that the effectiveness of the sticker is maximized:

  1. Use one at a time. 
  2. After the application of the sticker, please don’t leave it open for a long time.
  3. Do not leave stickers and expose them outside for a long time.
  4. Pull a sticker one at a time.
  5. Do not use the sticker outside of boxes, poly bags, etc.
  6. During rainy periods, regularly check if the moisture content on your package is high or not. If the moisture content is high, then dry it well before applying anti-mold stickers.

Good thing that you can mainly buy everything you’ll need through the internet. Online platforms like AliExpress, Alibaba, and Amazon are some of those that you can buy these anti mold stickers.


How does it work?

In an airtight environment, the ingredients inside the anti mold sticker would evaporate. It hinders and eradicates the growth of molds and mildews — these aids in securing and protecting your object from molds and bacterias.

Mold spores are everywhere; as long as there is moisture, then it will thrive quickly. Here’s an article about how fast does mold grow in which you can familiarize yourself.



Anyone who has concerns with mold in their homes, businesses, and other settings should comprehend how to restrict mold growth.

There are countless ways to prevent mold growth, such as controlling moisture using dehumidifiers and anti mold stickers. However, you should also know how to use anti mold sticker or what dehumidifiers are the best to use to maximize its uses.

There’s no need for stressing too much about dealing with molds when you can prevent them from taking root and growing. Proper actions and effective ways are the keys to helping you in eradicating and preventing molds.

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