How To Use A Wedge Pillow During Pregnancy? 7 Easy Ways!

How to use a wedge pillow during pregnancy? There are many ways to use this type of pillow when pregnant.

You can put it under your belly, under your head, or behind your back.

How to use a wedge pillow during pregnancy

Sleep is critical to sustain one’s healthy mind and body and eat a proper diet and exercise.

This is also true, especially when you are pregnant.

When pregnant, stress and fatigue should be avoided, and rest is the best solution.

There are various kinds of activities in which your body can rest, and many tools can also be used.

Finding the right position to relax in when pregnant can be challenging, especially when you go deeper into your pregnancy period.

Sitting or lying can be a challenge also as you might not get the right position for you. Luckily you can overcome the discomfort through proper body positioning.

But resting with a pillow is the easiest thing to do. You will only need a pillow or two to make you and your baby comfortable.

There are various types of pillows but have you ever tried using a wedge pillow before?


What Are Wedge Pillows?

Wedge pillows are a kind of pillow that is triangular. When you sleep, it can raise your upper half of the body. Helping you sleep easier is the central concept for this pillow.

Since wedge pillows are designed for having a good rest, it can offer many benefits as well. Not only for pregnant women but all ages also.

Wedge pillows are available in various sizes, so it is best to find one you may like. This type of pillow is available in department stores near you or even online.


Wedge Pillow Usage

So, how to use a wedge pillow during pregnancy? Here are some ways to give you an idea of how you will use one.


#1. Under the belly

Using a wedge pillow under your belly can lessen the strain you feel with your tummy. This position can hold your stomach just like when you are standing.

To do this, lie down at your side with the wedge pillow supporting your tummy. Place the pillow under your tummy with the pointed side in and wider side out.

This position is best when you are used to sleeping while turning to your side. This will help lessen the weight you feel on your stomach when you lie to your side.

#2. Under your head

Placing the wedge pillow under your head can lessen the stress your neck feels. This could reduce acid reflux and heartburn.

To do this, you will need to lie down with your tummy up and place the wedge pillow under your head—the pointed side in and the wider side out.

This position is best used when you always feel an acid may come up. Or if you are probably acidic and tend to lessen heartburn while asleep.


#3. Behind your back

In placing the pillow at your back, you could either lie down or sit right up. You could also lay on your side while lying on it.

When using the pillow at your back, just lie on top of it. It will feel comfortable because of the angle that the pillow gives.

Placing the pillow at your back while sitting up places the wide part downward and the pointy side upward.

This will give a sense of support for your back when sitting.

When I used this pillow when sitting, I could lean on it or sleep on my sides.

I felt that this position also helped me stretch out my lower back that was feeling sore with my tummy’s weight.

Lying with this on your back will give your back good spinal support. You will feel less strain and will help you straighten your back.


#4. Between your thighs

Especially once you’re pregnant, it can be impossible to have a good sleep. You can’t toss and turn just like before.

I had trouble sleeping, mostly when I was in my third trimester because I was fond of sleeping at my tummy, but I can’t when I was pregnant.

I tried many things like stacking pillows at my back or between my thighs. They all worked well, but I felt better when I discovered wedge pillows.

I placed wedge pillows between my thighs so I can squeeze my tummy while sleeping. This method helped get rest better than stacked regular pillows.


Other Benefits

Wedge pillows offer many benefits to our body. Not only during pregnancy, but it also helps in many sleep and other health issues.


#5. Acid reflux

This type of pillow could help you drain the acid away from your stomach than staying in your throat by gravity; this happens when you sleep on an inclined pillow with an angle.


#6. Neck and back pain

To keep your back in good shape, using a wedge pillow is suitable for this kind of task. Make sure that the lower end is at your back when lying down.

This position is best in keeping your spinal column in a straight line. This is also good for easing the pain your neck and back feels.


#7. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease. The optic nerves may be impaired, which may cause blindness.

Typically, the strain in your eyes triggers it. When you sleep on it, using a wedge pillow will help reduce the stress.


How To Choose One?

In choosing the wedge pillow that will satisfy you, you must consider two things: the size and the material of your pillow.



You must consider what angle you will need since the Wedge pillow comes in different sizes and various heights in choosing the size.



The materials are referred to as the fillings inside. This can be produced of fiber, foam, or a mixture of both.

Another excellent option is Latex foam; just make sure that you are not allergic to latex.



As rest is essential to pregnant women, finding ways to rest is one challenge, and we’ve provided you a way to relax. Sleeping on a pillow makes resting a breeze.

If you have been searching for a pillow that could help you with your sleep, I recommend using a wedge pillow as it offers the mentioned benefits above.

But depending on your body shape and size, this pillow may not work as well as it has with everyone.

Be sure to check the size you will need first, as it will determine the comfort it could provide.

Upon knowing how to use a wedge pillow during pregnancy, we hope we have made your work less.