How To Use A Space Heater On Carpet? 4 Best Tips!

The question shouldn’t be how to use a space heater on carpet. Instead, it would help if you were asking whether or not it’s safe to use your space heater on a carpet. This issue has been a subject of debate for several years already. If you want the truth, then many have to be considered to answer this question. 

Some people put their heater onto their carpet and think that it is safe to do this as long as they do not touch the heater directly. But considering the way electricity works, this may not be a good idea.

how to use a space heater on carpet

This may pose some shock or burn risks. My friends, let’s discuss the reasons why you should not use a space heater on a carpet. And in case you’re left with no other choices, let’s consider some tips when using the same. Read more to ensure your safety. 


Reasons Not To Use A Space Heater On Carpet

Again, it is not considered safe to use your heater on a carpet. In this section, we will be more specific by listing down why you should not place the heater on the carpet. 


#1. Safety of the children

First and foremost, it’s not safe when you have pets and children at home. So if you have kids running around, the heater should be somewhere they cannot reach. It is also not ideal if your house has low-grade carpets or wooden floors. The oxygen tank may explode, posing a fire hazard if it is close to the carpet. 


#2. Not enough ventilation

Air circulation will be insufficient if the room is not ventilated correctly. As a result, toxic fume such as carbon monoxide from incense burners, candles, or gas stoves will build up. Later on, you will notice a chemical smell due to the cleaning products used for cleaning the carpet. 


Tips To Use A Space Heater On Carpet

We mentioned several times that it is unsafe because of the chance of fire increasing. However, you can refer to the safety tips below if no other alternatives are available. So, how to use a space heater on carpet?


#1. Choose the right heater

When choosing your space heater, it should be the one that is designed to use on a carpeted floor. But ensure to place a mat or rug under the heater. Also, avoid exposing the electric cords close to the curtain because they can ignite. 


#2. Check the wires

Before you plug in the unit to the power outlet, you need to unplug anything close to the heater, including electronic appliances, incense burners, and candles. Never plug the space heater on the extension cord. Also, check the wires. Ensure that no part has a fray since it can cause fire when the heater starts to produce heat.


#3. Keep things away

If you have no other alternative but to put the heater directly onto the carpet, then ensure any close furniture is away so that there will be enough circulation. It would help if you also kept your pets and children away all the time since they may knock into the heater, causing a fire. Also, put it away from the curtains. 


#4. Check the carpet quality

If your carpets are heavy-duty and are subjected to professional cleaning and maintenance yearly, then you can out a heating source above them. Otherwise, it would not be safe. 


More Safety Tips 

A space heater can save you during the cold winter days, but some risks are associated with it. Below are more safety tips to keep in mind when using a space heater. 

  • If you are using an electric space heater, ensure that nothing blocks the airflow around the space heater. Any blockage will reduce the air needed by the heater to operate correctly. This will increase the fire hazard and the buildup of carbon monoxide in the room. 
  • Suppose you see some sparks or smoke coming from your heater vents. It should be turned off and unplugged immediately, indicating that the unit overheats and may start a fire. 
  • Just like you should not leave your stove unattended when cooking since it can lead to death or severe injury, you should also do the same with your indoor space heaters. 
  • Even if a carpet is designed with a fire retardant property, it is not that effective when fighting fires. It can burn your house down if you are not being careful. Make sure that there is enough space between the heater and combustible materials. 
  • When placing the space heater on a carpet, you should not put it against the furniture. Also, keep a distance between the unit and the wall. Otherwise, the heat will be trapped. You will feel warmer with warmth created onto the floor in such a case. However, it may lead to a fire. You may also be interested to know why the space heater plug gets hot.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that we are done discussing how to use a space heater on carpet, you sure know already that it poses some risks. But if you keep in mind all the safety tips to avoid the risks. Also, remember that it is likewise dangerous to use the space heater on any other surfaces made of combustible materials like paper or wood since it can lead to a fire. So either way, there will be risks. Just turn off the unit immediately when things seem risky. You may want to read related articles; know where to place a space heater and how much does it cost to run a space heater 1500w.

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