How To Use A Shower Chair In 5 Easy Steps

Knowing safe and helpful ways on how to use a shower chair correctly will help you and household members lessen the risk of accidental slipping whenever bathing alone.

A shower chair is one of the best medical equipment for the use of the elderly that, given their age, have mobility difficulties. However, a shower seat’s benefits also extend to patients recovering from injuries, individuals with disabilities, and even to young kids.

how to use a shower chair

A shower seat can also be portable or a fixed one. No matter who uses the shower stool, the most important thing is how they can bathe with one in the safest way possible. We included a 5-step guide on using a shower chair, and more so, tips on choosing the best seat and how to routinely clean them.


5-Step Guide On Using A Shower Chair Properly


Step #1. Alter chair’s height

Before sitting on the shower chair, you have to get the chair at its correct height. To do this, you can use a ruler or a measuring tape to estimate how tall the chair legs should go.

In measuring the supposed chair’s height, you will need the cooperation of the seat’s user himself. Then, start measuring down at the feet up to the back of the knees. This will allow you to alter the adjustable legs of the seat to a height safer and more comfortable for the chair user.

Remember that the correct height of the chair must allow the user’s feet to completely touch the floor with their feet lying flat and steady. Ensure to lock in any clamps of the chair leg to avoid it from gliding down and causing an accidental slippage.


Step #2. Place non-slip mats

Place the mats on the area where the shower chair will be standing. Putting slip-resilient mats is sure to help prevent the chair from sliding due to the slippery bathroom surfaces.

Walking in a bare bathroom flooring with wet feet can lead to unintentional falling and injuries. The best areas to place the mat should be right underneath the chair legs and beneath the user’s feet.


Step #3. Gather shower supplies in one place

To make the bathing safer and more relaxing, gather all you need to shower in one area. It should be a reachable one to prevent the bather from walking all around the shower room’s wet floor. The bather should have easy access to their showering tool and supplies, especially if they have difficulty moving and transferring from one place to another.


Step #4. Set chair in shower place

After preparing the chair, mat, and shower supplies, you’re now ready to place the bathing chair in the shower place. Take necessary precautions when setting up the shower seat.

For a bathtub, make sure that the chair is gripped onto the tub’s sidewalls. Some portable shower chairs are designed with a gripping feature, so follow this step. Ensure also that it is in a stable position so it won’t wobble.


Step #5. Sit at the center

Now that you’re set and ready for a bath, take a seat at the center of the chair. Sitting on the edge of the chair is prohibited to ensure that proper weight distribution while sitting is practiced.

Another thing to consider when using a bath seat safely is to limit hasty motions as they can result in slipping. Sit down comfortably while avoiding too many movements.


How To Choose A Shower Chair

In selecting the best shower chair, it is essential to take on a few reminders. The first thing is to regard the cost. There are costly shower seats and budget-friendly ones, where low-cost shower chairs are most likely the standard ones.

Next are the features — specifically, safety features — of the bath seat. Some are designed to provide additional protection, comfort, and convenience to the seat user, so they should be one of your top choices.

Cost won’t actually matter when safety is the priority. While low-priced shower seats are wallet-friendly, they might not offer the same features compared to expensive ones. So, choose the best one that will give you assurance of safety and ease of use.


How To Clean A Shower Chair

Basically, a shower chair should be cleaned, as in rinsed and dried, after every use. This will prevent the chair from developing molds and eventually get damaged.

Always remember to dry all the surfaces of the chair before storing and leaving it. To do this, wipe every area of the chair, from legs to crevices, and ensure to completely dry it.

Store the chair away from the actual shower place. On the other hand, cleaning the chair with chemical-induced cleaners is done at least once a month.



Following the proper ways on how to use a shower chair is sure to provide you and other household members protection from potential injuries when showering independently. It also permits physically challenged individuals to bathe alone with confidence, as well as with relaxation. Worry less as you adhere to the easy and correct steps on using a shower chair provided above.

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