How To Use A Roman Chair: 6 Effective Roman Chair Exercises

Have you been to a gym lately? You might have asked your gym instructor how to use a roman chair without even knowing it. This is an extremely useful tool that is often overlooked during rigorous exercises.

A Roman chair has two pads with two different sizes at different heights. The larger and higher pad supports your back and hip region, while the smaller pad is where you hook up your legs for leverage and other various exercises.

how to use a roman chair


Using A Roman Chair

A roman chair targets the main areas in the abdominals, the back area, and the glutes and hamstrings. Usually, one uses this chair with their  face down and heels hooked underneath the back pad. Although, positions may vary according to your target area, and this is why a roman chair is more versatile than the back benches you see in the gym.

People go to the gym to work out and get their desired physique. A roman chair will certainly be instrumental in strengthening the abs, the core, and the glutes for that perfect look.


6 Effective Roman Chair Exercises

There are several exercises and workouts you can do with a roman chair. Exercises may be hard so prepare yourselves and sweat all the way to reach your body goal.


1. Incline push-ups

Push-ups are good for the shoulders, chest, and arms. Since there is enough support on a roman chair, your arms and shoulders will get an adequate amount of exercise, but the lower chest will benefit more from the incline push-up.


2. Kneeling preacher curl

This exercise is great for your biceps. You can perform this with a dumbbell or weights to help improve your posture.


3. Back extension

This is a classic exercise done with a roman chair. It relieves lower back pain problems and helps you to have a stronger erector spinae.


4. Isometric glute hold

Isometric glute hold is a roman chair exercise for abs that also involves the glutes. It is a simple exercise, though you need to be cautious since you have to keep this position for a few minutes.


5. Crunches

You can also do crunches on a roman chair. You can use the smaller pads as a leverage, and you can also grip on a weight against your torso to further engage your core muscles.


6. Roman chair twist

This is similar to the roman chair crunches, only you have to do the twisting motions as you pull yourself up into the chair. This improves flexibility of your core muscles.


Benefits Of Roman Chair Exercises

Exercising is one activity that most people tend to avoid. There is always a notion that it is demanding and strenuous, but having enough motivation would certainly help you achieve your fitness goals.

So, why should you opt to exercise on a roman chair? Here are some of the benefits it provides:

  • It improves your core strength
  • It relieves and prevents lower back pain
  • It expands back extension endurance
  • It improves posture
  • It develops stronger core
  • It prevents injuries
  • It is convenient


DIY Roman Chair

If you have no time or access to the gym but you want to start doing roman chair exercises, you can always make one. Don’t fret about not having a roman chair; you can always create one with inexpensive materials and minimal effort.

If you have an extra space in your home, you can even design your own roman chair upon your own preferences. You can make a basic roman chair or a hyperextension roman chair. You can also have it bolted to the ground to provide you with a more secured experience.

With the use of wood (about 2×4 and 2×6), brackets, screws, and a few more tools, you can now make one. A makeshift cushion can provide the pads you need to support your back.

Depending on your needs and to your liking, you can customize your roman chair and provide add-ons like weights for you to fully benefit from it. You can start with easier exercises and progress to heavier ones when you are confident and comfortable enough using your own DIY roman chair. It will not only save you money, but it will also give you the same results.



Getting into physical fitness routines to improve your body or to simply work does not have to be expensive. If you have the means, though, get a professional trainer to help you out with your concerns, then go hit the gym and familiarize yourself on how to use a Roman chair.

If you, however, have restrictions in time and resources, a makeshift Roman chair can deliver results just the same. It’s high time that we take care of our bodies. Give yourself a treat and work on those muscles.

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