How To Use A Revlon Hair Dryer To Curl Hair? 7 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to use a Revlon hair dryer to curl hair? In seven easy steps you can, and these things you will know as you delve into this article further. 

Revlon hair dryer is famous for giving our hair a slaying and charming look without wasting much time and effort. But what if we want curls? It is not such a laborious task as you can do this by twisting the brush again and again.

how to use a Revlon hair dryer to curl hair

Hair has a lot to do with the overall look. Curls transform our silly tired look into a mesmerizing party look. But if we talk about Revlon, It does wonders in a very short time. Revlon has made its name in making the best quality, comfortable, and time-saving products. Its hair products protect hair from damage and frizziness. Moreover, the best aspect is that Revlon can do curls also, so there is no need to hold all the appliances separately. Revlon hair dryer gives a thicker look to even thinner hair with its fantastic brush. Let us discuss more on this below. Keep reading!


Steps To Use A Revlon Hair Dryer To Curl Hair

Curls with Revlon can be quite interesting if done correctly. The steps on how to use a Revlon hair dryer to curl hair are as follows.


Step #1. Washing the hair

First of all, you should ensure that you use a good shampoo and conditioner for a shiny and enchanting look. After washing the hair, dry them with a clean and soft towel. They shouldn’t be scorched but damp. Now it’s time to use the tooth comb attachment to comb hair properly. Also, see to it that there is no water dipping when you start styling.


Step #2. Applying the heat protectant

Heat protectants protect our hair from any damage during styling. When we straighten, curl, or blow-dry our hair, a high amount of heat can damage the scalp hair ends and make them thin. So to avoid such damage and if you want to sustain your hair quality, then a heat protectant is a must. Now, it’s time to apply the hair protectant; do so on the end of your curls. You can apply the serum also. After using, comb the hair again to spread the protectant evenly. 


Step #3. Heat settings

The Revlon dryer has settings warm, cool, and hot. The high heat can be damaging for thin and short hair. So it depends on the hair type and personal choice also. If you have more delicate hair, go for warm settings, but if you are in a hurry or have thick hair, you can switch between low and high settings. Find out how hot is hair dryer.


Step #4. Hair sectioning and twisting

The central section begins here. To begin, divide your hair into sections. Clip the hair in the upper section separately. Take a section of hair from the lower part of your head. Brush it and remove tangles. It’s time to twist this section of the hair. Twirl the brush onto the other half of your hair. Do the same procedure again and so on until all of the hair in the lower area is covered. It gives them a wavy look. 


Step #5. Cold shot

The cold shot is necessary to retain their salon-style look when we blow-dry. So use the cold shot on the curled strips so that the curls will last longer. 


Step #6. Using a wide tooth comb

We will use a wide-tooth comb to Lose our twisted curls one by one. You can’t use a Regular comb as it may ruin the shape of curled hair. In addition to this, You can use your fingertips to set the curls lightly. 


Step #7. Applying oils and sprays

Sometimes after we complete styling hair, we notice flyaways. Using hair spray is an excellent solution to get away from these. It adds shine and moisture to our hair. Moreover, If you have An anti-humidity hold spray, it can give you 100% results. If you want to give your skin a more sleek and Shiny look, dry oil is also a better option.


Curling Long Hair

The starting steps are the same for long hair, but after straight-ups, the procedure turns different. Take about a one-inch section for curling and twist them over and over until it looks like a long strip. When you have reached the end of the section, release it slowly and put it at one side. Continue the same procedure for the other area by alternating the direction and twisting all over the brush. Now unclip the upper section of hair to get them twisted in the same way.

Like before, take the crown hair section by section and turn them around the brush, unwrap and release. After you have finished it, it is time to separate and lose the twisted curls. Use a blow-drying on low heat and warm setting to dry the curled hair completely. You may also be interested to know how to curl hair with blow dryer brush.


It’s A Wrap!

We all need things to be more adjusted in this hustling world. At least our hairstyles appliances have been modified in one, which is the Revlon hair dryer brush. We have figured out how to use a Revlon hair dryer brush to curl hair. Now you can add a new twist to your life just by twisting your hair. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to clean the revlon hair dryer brush.

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