How To Use A Knee Pillow. Best Overall Guide

Knowing how to use a knee pillow means placing it between or under your legs or knees to achieve the best sleeping posture regardless of position. While we are familiar with using body pillows on our lower limbs, you’ll be surprised by the advantages of using a dedicated knee pillow. This pillow is precisely designed for optimal comfort.

Why use a knee pillow? As you’ll see below, placing a cushioning between or under the legs helps straighten the spine while sleeping. Those sleeping on their sides can avoid body pain when using a knee pillow in addition to other support pillows. On the other hand, the knee pillow even improves the leg circulation of those sleeping on their backs.


How To Use Knee Pillow Correctly

We must know how to maintain the best sleeping positions, and what this means is that we should always keep our spine aligned regardless if we sleep on our back, side, or stomach. If you learn how to use a knee pillow correctly, you’ll notice that there will be no deviation from the proper sleeping posture when you sleep on your side or back. However, do note that using a knee pillow as a stomach sleeper will not change anything because this position is too awkward, to begin with. 


For side sleeping

The first and most common way to use a knee pillow is between the knees or legs. You’ll notice that its size and shape make the knee pillow ergonomic for this placement. Those who place the knee pillow in this region will help support their hips and knees and even carry their thighs’ weight for maximum comfort. 

More so, you maintain a straight spine if you have a knee between the knees while relieving pressure on the ankles. Your upper leg won’t twist your back, especially if you pull your knees slightly to your chest. So more than a straight posture, you’re also less likely to experience pain in the lower back and hips. 


For back sleeping

Back sleepers can also benefit from knee pillows. Remember that you can use a pillow for your legs when sleeping, and the idea behind this is to improve circulation. The elevation will reduce pressure on the foot and also keep the whole-body level. 

A knee pillow under the knees will maintain a straight posture and also prevent discomfort. More so, good circulation can alleviate pain and swelling. You can even place the knee pillow under the legs themselves to relieve the pressure on the leg veins. 


What Is A Knee Pillow?

You can distinguish a knee pillow from other pillows because it is relatively small, and it has two notches and sometimes straps. This way, the pillow will feel comfortable and stay put between the legs, especially for side sleepers or those that turn in bed a lot. However, there are also wedge and cylindrical knee pillows for those that need to place them under the knees or legs.

You can be resourceful and use any small pillow that you can put between or under the knees. Some people even use a rolled blanket to improve their sleeping posture and relieve stress. However, it would be more supportive of using a dedicated knee pillow to better suit your position. 


What To Consider When Choosing A Knee Pillow?

A knee pillow is a useful addition to our nightly regimen to maintain the proper sleeping pressure, alleviate pressure, and prevent body pain. However, you must consider the knee pillow’s structure and materials to ensure that the pillow is the best one for you.



As mentioned previously, knee pillows come in different shapes. Consider the one that will be ergonomic for your sleeping position, either on your side or back. The knee pillow’s size and weight might also play a significant role in your body type, space in bed, and an option for portability. 

The knee pillow’s structure will also affect the support you’ll get. For example, identify if you want a thicker or thinner pillow or something softer or firmer. Try the pillow first, but a useful tip to remember is that the pillow should correlate to your size and weight. 



It’s common for knee pillows to use memory foam, but they vary in the fabric cover they use. You want a good-quality foam and a durable yet comfortable pillow cover. The materials can also affect how the pillow can relieve pressure and regulate temperature. 

A good-quality foam should respond uniquely to the user, and it should be at the right thickness and firmness for you. However, since memory foam tends to trap heat, you want a breathable fabric cover, unlike other materials. This way, you won’t feel hot while using the pillow and affect sleep quality.



Maintaining a well-aligned spine should be our priority when sleeping. You can quickly achieve this if you know how to use a knee pillow between or underneath the legs. Those who sleep on their side can place the pillow between the knees to straighten the spine and relieve pressure on the hips and lower back.

You can also achieve comfort and support while improving leg circulation by placing the knee pillow under the knees or legs. This will alleviate pain and swelling while also keep the body level. However, do note the two factors to consider to find the best and suitable knee pillow for you.