How To Use A Kenmore Elite Washer? A Few Simple Steps!  

It’s been two days since you have bought your new Kenmore elite washer, and are you still wondering how to use a Kenmore elite washer? Hang on, guys, you are at the right place. This article will instruct you about using your washer and tell you some preventive measures and critical points.

So, let’s dive in! New technology makes our lives easier and quicker, just as Kenmore Elite washer. There are many other automatic washers out there in the market, but Kenmore has its reputation for making the best appliances to make life easier. Kenmore introduced its new washer named Kenmore Elite washer.

how to use a Kenmore elite washer

It has the two best features. Want to know? Keep reading! The Kenmore company is an award-winning company, serving for more than 100 years to make the house chores easier for everyone.

Kenmore is famous for its dependable performance. Kenmore’s new elite washer is intended to keep your clothing clean while boosting the amount of washing you can get done in a single load. In addition, it will consume less water than any other automatic washer. Meanwhile, the washer cleans more laundry in a single load; it is user-friendly.   


Step By Step Guide To Use A Kenmore Elite Washer 

Below are a few steps to guide you to use a Kenmore elite washer.  So, how to use a Kenmore elite washer?


Step #1. Prepare garments for washing  

Learning to use a washer starts with the basics, such as prepping garments for washing. Preparing a laundry is very simple, remove all the foreign objects such as coins, pins, buttons, etc. and empty all the pockets of the clothes; after emptying pockets, close zippers, secure hooks, and tie strings.

Finally, remove the stains of the clothes before putting them in if required.  


Step #2. Sort your laundry  

Categorize your laundry according to the fabric material, color, and soil level. Check the product labeling for any particular criteria that may affect selection. 


Step #3. Load laundry in the washer tub

After preparing the laundry, place the laundry in the washing machine tub. Again, avoid overfilling the washing machine with excessive clothes.   


Step #4. Add detergent  

Add detergent in the detergent compartment. Would you please check the manual to see the measured amount of detergent according to the number of clothes you are washing? Avoid adding detergent directly into the tub. Instead, you can use liquid detergent or powder detergent as you desire.  It may be helpful to read how to use laundry pods in front load washer.


Step #5. Add fabric softener or bleach  

Kenmore elite washer has separate compartments for softener and bleach. It is an optional step. If you want to use fabric softener or bleach, you can add the fabric softener or bleach in their compartments. Or else you can skip this part. I suggest you read about how to use bleach in the washer.


Step #6. Power on the washer  

Shut the lid of the washer and power on your Kenmore elite washer by pressing the power button, and a display will appear, and now you can choose your desired cycle and settings.  


Step #7. Choose the desired cycle and settings  

Kenmore elite washer has various cycle options: bulky, bedding, workout loads, casual, heavy-duty, etc. These options are organized based on the kind of fabric you are washing. Set the cycle dial to the proper wash cycle. After choosing the process, adjust the temperature, water level, dry level, etc. You can also save the cycle settings for later use.  It may be helpful to know the proper wash cycle.


Step #8. Start the washer  

You have loaded the laundry, selected the desired settings, so now it’s time to start your washer. First, start the washer by pressing the start button on the control panel. After starting the washer, you will display the remaining time. If you want to delay your washer’s cycle, there is also a delay option. 


Step #9. Unload the clothes  

After the wash cycle, the washer will start alarming and automatically turn off. Begin with unplugging your washing machine and then unload the clothes. If you think your clothes are not cleaned properly or need drying, you can select the cycle again.  


Preventive Measures 

These are a few precautionary measures to follow before using a Kenmore elite washer.  

  1. Place the washer firmly on the ground to avoid excessive vibrations and noise.   
  2. Do not touch the washer with wet hands.  
  3. Plug out your washer’s power supply before unloading the clothes.  
  4. Connect the water supply hose correctly.  
  5. You should keep Kenmore elite washers away from children.  
  6. The washer should be avoided to be used with multiple connectors and extensions.  


A Few Points To Keep In Mind 

Although operating a Kenmore washer is thoroughly taught, few things to bear in mind while operating the washer. However, it would help to consider the following considerations while using a Kenmore washer.  

  • Before rinsing, the washer could prolong the washing cycle to eliminate any remaining dirt.  
  • If you ever neglect to load a specific cloth. No need to be concerned; simply hitting the stop button will allow you to open the washer’s lid.  
  • You can readily observe the cycle’s program in the control panel until the process is finished.  You may also be interested to know how to remove the control panel from the Whirlpool duet sport.


It’s A Wrap!  

Let’s wrap this article here. At this point, you must have understood how to use a Kenmore elite washer easily. Kenmore washing machines include a profusion of capabilities that aid in washing. Follow the instructional steps mentioned above and make washing time more fun and quicker! Thanks for reading!

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