How To Use A Honda Pressure Washer? 6 Easy Steps!

You may wonder how to use a Honda pressure washer. Well, my friends, you’re just in the right place; learn to use a honda washer as well as some tips on how you can maximize its use. 

I guess you have a Honda pressure washer at home, or you plan to purchase this brand in the future and want to know more about it. My friends, you’re sure to extend the life of your pressure washer over the average life span.

how to use a Honda pressure washer

Honda’s reviews as one of the strong brands in the market remain the same until today. Out of all the manufacturers of pressures washers, most people rate Honda as reliable, having good quality and performance.

Products competition over the appliance market has been a great battle towards the company, as the number of companies increases. If you have noticed, there are several brands of pressure washers available at any store. It is confusing to choose whats makes the other one better than the other. But, other people always seek the brand’s name more than the product’s capacity. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


Steps To Use A Honda Pressure Washer

Using your devices properly at home is one of the basic but essential practices you must apply as you use them. Misusing these devices will damage them and give them a shorter lifespan than the estimated years. So, maintaining your device performance will rely on the appliance engine and the maintenance you are doing.

There are two different types of Honda pressure washers. The one needs fuel to start, while you must plug the other into an electrical outlet. If you have both, I’ll be guiding you on how to use them. Other people often use the electric-powered pressure washer for indoor cleaning, but you can use them outdoor too. You only need long extension wires to run the machine. Here are the steps on how to use a Honda pressure washer (electric):


Step #1. Connect the pressure hose

The thing you must do first is to get the high-pressure hose connected to the pressure washer. You can find the inlet for the high-pressure hose on the top of the garden hose inlet. Attach it firmly.


Step #2. Attach your garden hose

If you already had a garden hose attached to the faucet, then it is ready to be connected directly. But, if you store your garden hose for a while, check the hose if it has leaks. Turn on the water and check if there are holes or tears. If it’s good to go, attach it to the garden hose inlet in the pressure washer.


Step #3. Set your spray gun

So, the next thing is the spray gun. Suppose the extension wand or lance of the spray gun is detached, attached tightly. Then, twist it to lock. Be sure to seal it tightly. 


Step #4. Connect the pressure washer to the outlet

After the hose was well attached, plug the wire into an electric outlet. If your cleaning outside and has no electric outlet there, you can use an extension wire. But, make sure that your extension wire is safe. 


Step #5. Turn on the faucet and washer

Never turn on your pressure washer before the faucet of the garden hose. It will damage your machine. Instead, turn on the tap and then power up the washer. 


Step #6. Use the gun spray

Push the trigger on the spray gun towards you, the water flows. But, if you release it, it closes. Several gun sprays offer different patterns and volumes. If you want to change the spray gun you have, you can purchase it online or at nearby stores.  Now, you can use your pressure washer. After you finish using it, you can turn off the pressure washer and the tap faucet. But, do not leave the pressure washer unattended. 


Steps To Use A Gas/Fuel Powered Honda Pressure Washer

The fuel or gas-powered pressure washer is likely the same as an electric washer. The only difference is it runs through gas, and you cannot use it in indoor cleaning. For the usage of the gas-powered pressure washer, the steps are as follows:


Step #1. Check oil tank

It is always necessary to check your fuel first. At the dipstick from the oil tank, wipe off the oil and then dip it back. If the oil is at the low level in the dipstick, you need to refill it but remember not to over refill it. 


Step #2. Set up your spray gun and high-pressure hose

As I said in the electric pressure washer, they are almost the same. Connect the extension wand tightly to the spray gun. Then, attached the high-pressure hose to the inlet. 


Step #3. Connect your garden hose

Suppose you use your garden hose daily, no need to check for any tears or holes. Attached is the garden hose tip to the garden hose inlet in the pressure washer. 


Step #4. Start the engine of the pressure washer

Some Honda pressure washers use a choke and prime bulb that runs to the carburetor, turn it on and pull the cord. Eventually, it turns on after one pull. You can adjust the throttle, depending on your use. Know how to start a pressure washer


It’s A Wrap

Reading the article now gives you the proper and basic instructions on how to use a Honda pressure washer. Unfortunately, we often disregard the step-by-step guide, which results in poor performance and needs replacements. However, if you follow these steps, you may extend the life span of your machine or pressure washers more than the expected years. It may be helpful to read about how to put soap in pressure washer and how to store pressure washer.

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