How To Use A Female Urinal In Bed? In 7 Easy Steps! 

You might be worried about getting up in bed to pee, so you want to know about “how to use a female urinal in bed?”

It is so lovely when we would want to sleep in cold weather. But then this can sometimes disturb our sleep.

how to use a female urinal in bed

Due to cold weather or temperature, we tend to urinate a little bit more than the usual times, but that’s not a problem at all.

That would only be a problem if and only if you are too tired even to stand up and go the bathroom.

This does not only apply to those who are tired but also to those who are old and couldn’t stand easily.

This applies to every girl who needs it.

We will help you know more about a female urinal and how it works.


Steps To Use A Female Urinal In Bed

There are different types of female urinals found in stores and online stores nowadays.

But there is one that you can use in bed which can store your urine inside it and you can just mind it the next day.

This is good for people who are tired of working the whole day and even the aged women.

They no longer need to get up from the bed and go to the bathroom to urinate or pee.

It takes only a female urinal and a bit of patience.

So, how to use a female urinal in bed?


Step #1. Buy a female urinal of your choice

The first step you will need is to buy your female urinal either on the market or online.

Depending on your preference and the most comfortable way, you can get one without being shy.

Also that it would depend on you on what type of female urinal you would buy, we suggest you get one that has enough space.

You need this to secure your urine, not to run through your sheets and mattress, if ever.


Step #2. Place female urinal near your bed

When you are about to sleep, make sure you place the female urinal near your bed so that you won’t have a hard time reaching it.

But then you have to observe proper hygiene and you can’t just put in on an area where you want it to be.

Before you store it, you should first sanitize it by pouring hot water to make sure it is safe to use.

You can place it in a towel inside a box or a Tupperware and put a lid to make sure it won’t get contaminated.


Step #3. Reach for it and place it on your vaginal opening

The next step would be the time where you need to use your urinal tool.

Grab it on the Tupperware and place it in your vaginal opening.

You have to be in a position you are comfortable with.

You can squat or just lay down and get an angle.

It depends on where you are most comfortable with, just make sure you direct the opening to the opening of the urinal tool.


Step #4. Urinate in the urinal tool

The next step you need to do is release all the urine you have on your body on your female urinal.

Make sure that it would not spill so do not make unnecessary movements and stay calm while urinating.

Or else you will move it in a small direction, and it might spill all over your bed.

If you are doing this for someone, especially for the elderly, please make sure they are comfortable.

Use some blankets or towels to keep them covered. Just put it in place and secure it.


Step #5. Set aside

It is also important that you have a rug near your bed. In that way, you will be able to put the urinal tool after.

You can place it there, but make sure it is on the bed’s side.

In that way, you will not hit it when you get off your bed the following morning.


Step #6. Clean it when you wake up

As for the last step, you have to pour it down the toilet the next morning, making sure that it won’t stay longer.

And then maybe you can have a separate tool to clean it with soap and brush or a sponge.

It depends on you. You can decide on what you want—a piece of advice for you to use liquid soap.

These kinds of soaps are very gentle and safe to use, so you better opt for this one.

Clean it well and rinse it after. Let it dry on the sides, or use a towel or paper towel that you want.


Step #7. Sterilize it and put it back in the Tupperware

Then boil water and start pouring it on your urinal tool.

Then again, let it dry and place it back on the Tupperware.

Put it beside your bed again.



We have answered the question that bothered your mind “How to use a female urinal in bed?”

You can now learn how to think of the ways to use it properly.

Anyway, if you want it to be easier, adults can always wear a diaper to bed.

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